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Sharp knives, bending metal, mental extraction, spontaneous combustion, torched money; does it get any better?

Nathan Kranzo finally releases his best kept secret effects in this 2-hour, packed DVD. Using everything from matches to cards, to money, to blades, these are his top tricks that pay the bills, baby.

Full Overview

Nate sent a series of videos to us and we instantly fell in love with the magic in them. Everything he showed us was his personal best-kept secrets for his working repertoire. And now we know why they were so well guarded.

Fact List

• 8 ferocious effects and sleights taught by Nathan Kranzo.
• Perfect for beginners and advanced magicians.
• Simple but powerful tricks every magician should know.
• Over two hours long-- Download it or get the DVD (or both).
• Multiple performances on the streets...real footage captured in the moment.
• Multiple sections on the vital aspects of performances and tips for routining.
• Shatters the conventional wisdom that magic that puts money in your pocket has to be hard. Not true.

In The Box

Devils' Peek This is a real worker. No more crazy peek devices, impression pads or special pens. Just someone's thought. You have them write down ANYTHING and peek the information in the smoothest manner with NO gimmicks. No folds, tears or any of that whacky stuff.

Chi Break A powerful effect that happens "in their hands". A match that they choose from a pile of matches breaks in THEIR hands.

Easy Canasta This effect has become a sort of HOLY GRAIL over the last few years. A shuffled deck has three cards selected and placed in three different pockets by you and your spectator. You predict the EXACT CARDS in the EXACT pockets that you and your SPECTATOR placed them in. YOU NEVER GO NEAR THE SPECTATOR.

Spent A great visual quickie that can be performed with any borrowed pack of matches. You pull a match from a matchbook and squeeze it in your fist. It immediately starts to burn and SMOKE pours from your fist. Uses no chemicals or fancy gaffs. Match is shown burnt up and spent.

Spent Transpo This takes the same effect from SPENT above and puts it into THEIR hands. A match placed in their hand changes places with a burning match in YOUR hand. Great magic that happens in their own fist.

Voodoo Bill A strong piece of "in their hands" magic. A signed card FOLDS itself as if by Voodoo, then a borrowed bill begins to BURN inside the hand of a spectator. The burning energy transfers from the card to the bill in their hand. No one is harmed but they will be astonished.

There is no Spoon Building on other famous spoon benders like Uri Geller, Ben Harris, Banacheck and Richard Osterlind.....Kranzo takes spoon bending to a new level. A borrowed spoon slowly bends as it comes in contact with a spectator's hand. It continues to bend, and then bends some more. Finally the metal of the spoon becomes TWISTED while inside of their fist. The "hands off" phase Kranzo teaches here is worth the price of the DVD.

Stiletto Dangerous and sexy doesn't usually come in the form of a card effect. This one has it all. Any card can be selected. It can be signed by everyone in the room. The cards are fairly shuffled. A stilleto switch blade is produced. Asking them to concentrate on their card you STAB the knife into the deck! The knife sinks into the deck impaling the cards. A perfect cut that reveals the selected card.

BONUS: Credit Card Vanish The PERFECT opener for the bar or club...or anytime your just paying your tab. Any borrowed credit card or drivers license can be vanished BARE HANDED. Both hands are seen completely empty. This one will fool the $#!% out of you.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Magic Orthodoxy

    Jul 2016

    Not to be confused with "mentalism" Nathan's tricks are "mental" meaning that they are CRAZY! Spoon bending and a deck stab. You get 8 solid effects for one low price - not to mention the Kranzilla is your teacher! Devil's Peek is worth the entire DVD. Get yours before they're gone

  2. by Jarod Rischpater

    Jul 2013

    I absolutely love most of these effects in the dvd. Though a bit cumbersome to perform, the matchstick tricks are still ingenious. Nate has always been one of my favorites.

  3. by George Keramidis

    Jun 2013

    Plain awesomeness by one of the best magicians around the world! Get this DVD and no one is going to forget your performance to them!

  4. by Etude O'Neel-Judy

    Jan 2013

    This DVD really does have some great effects, and a few of them are just plain BRLLIANT! However the two matchstick tricks found on the DVD are INCREDIBLY disappointing. So much so that even though those outstanding effects are there, coupled with the fact that the filming and explanations leave a little to be desired, I would have to give this DVD 3 stars overall.

  5. by Jonathan Holst

    Jan 2013

    This is a good tool to get you started with a good handful of mentalism tricks. Kranzo is a masterful teacher and gives you a thorough look into the tricks. Some may not suit your style, but for the price you are getting more than your money's worth by buying these. Highly recommend, would definitely buy again.

  6. by Jake Magee

    Jan 2012

    9 effects, 9 amazing routines. "Devil's Peek" is a very creative and super sneaky peek, "Stiletto" satisfies even the most blade crazy magician's desires, and "Voodoo Bill" alone is worth $20 or more. Easy to learn, just one gimmick that's small, easy to handle, and super easy to conceal. Best of all, easy for even Beginners! Freaked out those who have caught me lots of times before.

  7. by Sam Schacht

    Dec 2011

    First off I would like to say if you are just starting magic and want something you can do right away GET THIS DVD!!! I don't think you can get much easier effects than this to start with. I also wanted to say with the voodoo bill you may want to get Rich Ferguson's "Serial Biller" DVD to add a little more impossibility to this trick. It is not a must, but its something to think about. He also has a few different handlings with money that you may like more than the one shown on this DVD. Again this is not a must the teaching for all the tricks are done well on this DVD you WILL understand how each effect works. It is just something to think about. You could also add Rich Ferguson's "Tagged DVD" with this effect and I think that would make this voodoo bill thing just blow peoples minds beyond belief!!! Rich Ferguson's "Tagged" and Serial Biller" DVD is here on Ellusionist if you are interested in my idea. ENJOY!!!

  8. by Dovan Butler

    Dec 2011

    Okay so for one thing I want to start out by saying that five of the tricks on this DVD are real winners. The teaching is thorough, well explained and fun and Nate himself is brilliant. However, out of 8 tricks, 3 are wasted of match tricks that really carry no wow at all because of the prop. This was a severe disappointment as was the poor filming and video quality. I recommend this DVD to anyone who wants five very different, powerful tricks that use a wide range of props, from spoons to cards, business cards to knifes. But if your wallet is tight and you want the most tricks for your buck I would advise you look for something else.

  9. by Aaron Madden

    Nov 2011

    This is the best collaboration of effects that I have gotten in a while. The only trick I didn't like was spent(because I have pure smoke). Although other reviewers have said they didn't like the Chi Break I have gotten some pretty big reactions from it. My favorites are Stilleto, Easy Canasta,Devils Peek, and Voodoo Bill. Thumbs up Ellusionist and Nathan Kranzo.

  10. by pierre-a gagné

    Nov 2011

    I have enjoy this video: Nate Kranzo is a very cool magician and a good teacher,but
    the video's quality is not the Ellusionist's standard that we usually get from them:
    4 stars for Nate,2 for the video!!!

  11. by David Shipley

    Nov 2011

    Boondock Mental is a DVD that different people are going to like for different reasons.

    I liked four of the routines for different reasons. Devils’ Peak has a wonderful method, Easy Canasta will be an amazing effect with the right patter, Voodoo Bill is a great visual effect and There is No Spoon routine is really well thought out metal bending routine.

    I love the way Kranzo thinks. Kranzo has an amazing ability to take complicated effects and simplify the handling by using some brilliant thinking. I saw him lecture at Marc DeSouza’s a couple of months ago and just loved some of his material like Diction, Two Fly/Three Fly and his work with a Mene Tekel Deck. You see a lot of that type of thinking in this DVD. As a result of simplifying the handling of his effects, Kranzo has made these effects truly worker.

    I think a lot of magicians are going to like the impossibility of the effects and the fact that the effects all are very visual magic that occurs in the spectator’s hands. Although I like to build my effects with strong patter, these effects are so strong and so visual you don’t have to say much at all. I can also see these effects going into a walk around or table hopping performer’s arsenal. They are simple, quick and strong.

    Devils' Peek

    I love the method here. It won’t fool a magician, but it will astonish your spectators. I can see myself using this method. However, I think that the provided presentation falls short in two areas. First, there is no justification for the cover move. I can’t be more specific without hinting at the method. I think this could be remedied by adding some patter or by using the effect for two spectators. Second, the effect as performed comes across as a “stunt” where you can think of the word they wrote down on your business card. Kranzo suggests using a name of a person and then jokes at the end about calling the person to see if they felt anything. I think that presentation leaves the spectator wondering how did he do that. This method can be used for more powerful presentations than that. The effect will require you to make a trip to the office supply store to get envelopes to put the prediction into.

    One of the subtleties that Kranzo leaves out is if you are revealing a name, don’t get it exactly correct right off. If it is Will, say it as “William or Bill… no that’s not quite it… it is Will.” Kranzo does this in the performance but doesn’t touch on it in the explanation.

    Chi Break

    This was a cool trick. I love the method used in having the spectator select the “correct” matches. However, one of the moves has no justification and there is little in terms of presentation provided for this effect. I can see other magicians liking it and using it because it is a strong effect that happens in the spectator’s hands. I’ve filed the selection method away to use in another effect, but I don’t see myself performing this effect. There is some minimal set-up involved to perform this effect.

    Easy Canasta

    So I watching the DVD liking the ideas but not finding anything that I would use and then BAM, Kranzo hits me with this. A couple of minutes into the explanation I had my “this is so freaking devious” grin on. I had a hunch for part of the method, but the other part floored me. This is classic Kranzo. It is an amazing effect for the spectator but as a magician the thinking is just freaking brilliant. I like the idea of talking about mirroring somebody’s actions but would take it a lot further – mirrors are powerful objects and could really provide a strong presentation for the effect. In my opinion, this is the best effect on the DVD. It requires some minimal set-up but the performance is almost foolproof.

    Spent / Spent Transpo

    Both are pretty cool tricks, but not something I would perform. I like the idea of producing smoke in your hands from unlit matches but I can’t see how it would fit into my presentation style. The thinking behind these two tricks is amazing and I can see how they will get great reactions in a walk around or table-hopping situation. There is some set up involved and you will need a gimmick which you should already have.

    Voodoo Bill

    I really liked this one. The magic is very strong and the thinking is classic Kranzo. I like how this effect has two phases and where the second phase is substantially stronger than the first. The magic happens in their hands with a borrowed signed bill. The routine is really, really well thought out with all of the secret moves happening as part of natural movements. Kranzo also give you a lot of subtleties on how to perform this routine. Some set up and sleight of hand required.

    There is no Spoon

    This is very well developed routine. Again, the thinking excellent as is the justification and timing of certain moves works naturally with the built in misdirection of the effect. If you want to learn spoon bending, then this routine is worth the price of the DVD. It is a three phase routine where the spectator ends up with an amazing souvenir. I think the explanation of this routine was the best on the DVD. I haven’t done spoon bending before, but this routine has me seriously thinking about it. There is no set up required. The first phase requires IET. Spoons not included.


    Another strong effect with a brilliant method. I can see myself developing this into something with a different presentation. I would be interested to see if you could have the spectator stab the deck with the knife. However, I would want to use this with some stronger patter to justify using a knife to find a card. I suspect that most people would be content with the shock of pulling out a knife and stabbing the deck. There is some pre-show work required to build a gimmick but the gimmick can be reused multiple times.

    BONUS: Credit Card Vanish

    Again, this a great handling of the vanish and is a clean visual vanish. For me, I’m not sure where I would use the vanish in a performance, but I suspect it would be a cool trick to do when paying a bill.

    Overall Impressions

    The teaching on the DVD is very thorough, almost too thorough. For me, all the details seemed to be overkill, but to a beginning performer the DVD covers everything you need to know.

    I think this DVD will appeal to people at different levels. It is good that it has a variety of effects on a single DVD. For those that want some short visual tricks that can be performed without a lot of patter you will love this DVD. For those that like to see brilliant thinking – it is on the DVD. If you need effects for a walk around or table hopping routine, this is a must have DVD.

  12. by Arvind Jayashankar

    Nov 2011

    I always enjoy Nate's work, he's a fun guy and I've also had a video session with him. His products are no nonsense, real world tested effects - and that's true because if you see this guy's schedule he's always on the move, performing and lecturing around the U.S.

    Boondock Mental is a DVD with 8 effects of his. I wouldn't say they are pure mentalism effects, but also have magic and mystery infused into them. This review won't have an effect by effect breakdown as that's already been done. Nate's style is goofy and funny; it's fun to watch him perform and you get to see this before the explanations of each effect. The explanations are well done, detailed and he goes over the technique and thinking behind each one.

    I see a couple of effects and techniques that I will be using very soon. The peak idea is something I loved. It's bold, simple and can be adapted even to playing cards. There are no complicated setups, tears, and funny moves. There is a very cool triple prediction that will surely blow the socks off of laymen and some magicians alike. More than the technique, I was impressed with the revelation and the whole idea of using the pockets, etc. The handling is something I'm trying to incorporate into an existing effect I do to strengthen it. Similarly, I can see the card stab effect as something I would combine with a haunted pack routine.

    Voodoo card is my favorite of the lot. I learned something very similar during my video session with Nate and I'm glad (and also a little sad) to see he shared this. Again, there are many ways to adapt this and it's up to you to think about it.

    The video is packed with a good variety for everyone's liking so there are cards, matches, information retrieval, and some PK.

    In the end, this is definitely a video I'd recommend to people interested in typical Kranzo style magic. There are some great ideas that you can take further, use in so much of your other magic and excellent tips on presenting these. Make sure you don't miss the sharpie technique (use it in your anniversary waltz). I might be using just 2 effects directly but importantly I'll definitely be using the rest indirectly.

    Women will love this DVD; they will swoon after seeing Kranzo in high-def in case they haven't seen him in real.

  13. by Christopher Thisse

    Nov 2011

    Boondock Mental Review

    Devil's Peek - Very easy, very convincing. I will be using this in a show I'm lined up for in May. It's very simple, and every motion is completely natural. It's also expandable. The video has it done with business cards, but you could easily do it with index cards for stage work.

    Chi Break - Not my style, but a good effect. I like the simple, straight forward nature of the effect. It's got good audience interaction and a lot of potential for different presentations. The method is simple and devious.

    Easy Canasta - This one could be really played up as a miracle. I've done similar effects (Marc Spellmann's 20/20 Glimpse is similar, though totally different mechanics) and gotten great reactions from it. This is nice because it has that synergistic feel to it, and it's pretty much fool proof. You do have to be careful not to over convince in the beginning, though. The cards can all be shuffled all day, but no one wants to watch that.

    Spent - I thought this one (with the corresponding transpo) was a bit weak. It may be that I know too much, but the methods seemed very transparent to me. I didn't find them very interesting or engaging. I don't have much to say about them, they just didn't do it for me at all.

    Voodoo Bill - I saw the method to this one immediately, but I still like it. It's a simple method, which allows the performer to focus on the presentation, which I really like. I usually dislike it when effects have two endings, since I usually feel that the second ending is hampered by the first or vise versa. However, in this case, I think the second ending gives a good solid finale to the effect.

    There is no Spoon - I'm not a metal bending expert. This may be old hat material, but it's the first one I've really watched and I really like it. All the motions are covered and the bends look good to me. He talks about variations that can be done for one person or for crowds. I'm considering this one for stage work as well, if I can come up with a way to present it that properly fits my character.

    Stiletto - Another one that I can see myself doing. I've seen a bunch of card stabs. Some of them impromptu, some of them not. This involves a bit of a gimmick, but it's very simple to make and makes the effect fool proof. I'm also a fan of having multiple methods of doing the same effect, and using the different methods to cancel each other out at different times. I will probably be using this method for parlor type stages. Again, all I need to do is come up with a presentation that fits my character.

    Bonus Credit Card Vanish - A devious method. I can't see myself doing this one as it just doesn't fit my style, but as an impromptu vanish and reproduction it is quite nice.

    Overall, I like that Kranzo has obviously been doing these effects for a long time. Whenever applicable he talks about minor variations for smaller or larger audiences, how to adjust for environmental factors, etc. Everything is clear and concise, and he doesn't repeat stuff too often (a pet peeve of mine). He shows you how to do the effect, he goes over some variations and words of warning about what could go wrong while performing. For $30 this is a steal, as I'm guessing everyone that gets it will be able to find at least three effects that they could use. I know I'm looking at two or three that will probably be going into a stage show I'm doing next year.

    So, overall I'd give it about an 8/10, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking to find a variety of effects to add to their repertoire.

  14. by Brandon Porterfield

    Nov 2011

    8 effects developed over years of performances. The teaching, and production is fantastic. You will learn some very powerful magic, but there are one or two not so great effects which makes the DVD a bit expensive in my opinion. For my full review please go to the forum.

  15. by Mike Anderson

    Nov 2011

    Nathan delivers eight wonderful pieces of magic in this DVD. It is very well delivered in its teachings and leaves you in great hands to amaze. To read my full review please follow this link which found in the forums.

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