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Something changes when you pick up a deck of truly incredible playing cards. Cards that not only push the boundaries, but destroy them entirely. Infinity does that many times over.

There is a visceral energy that flows through anyone who comes in contact with Infinity, an energy that inspired its own cinematic story. An inescapable energy that takes over.

If you choose to stare into Infinity, do not be surprised when Infinity stares back.

Full Overview

One of the most ambitious decks of cards in Ellusionist history, we set out to create the most unique deck of playing cards ever created.

The tuck box of the Infinity deck overflows with a richness of design that US Playing card originally said, "Cannot be accomplished." So, we went to work directly with their pressmen, their special effects experts, research & development departments, working in unison to finally land upon a creation that is worthy of notoriety in the world of playing cards. It is important to note that only First Edition Infinity Decks had the embossed tuck boxes. The decks available now are 2nd Editions and the box is NOT embossed.

More beautiful than we could have possibly imagined, the entire Ellusionist and US Playing Card Co. teams are unanimous in wondering if it's possible to raise the bar beyond this work.

We hope that you will be stricken the same way we were when we first open our first sample decks.

Fact List

• Performance Coating Finish - engineered by Ellusionist & USPCC
• Custom Indexes and Court Cards
• Designed by Lee McKenzie and Jason Brumbalow
• Aesthetically Crafted Borders, for ease of use in performance.
• Metallic Silver and Gold Inks used throughout the deck.
• Full custom court cards, Ace, Pips and face cards.
• A newly-designed joker equipped with a blatant yet invisible reveal.

Infinity pushed our own designers, as well as engineers, technicians and artists at USPCC to the absolute edge - proving these cards worthy of the name Infinity.

More Info

Trailer Cinematography by Peter McKinnon
Video card display and artistry by Shade.
Story & theme by Jason Brumbalow & Peter McKinnon.


Please note, as of November 2012 the box is no longer embossed or treated with gold foil. The first editions are the only decks with these features.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by J Alen S

    Oct 2015

    This is my favorite deck. In the light the ink in the center graphic morphs. The ace of spades is beautifully done. The finish and cushion are excellent. Fantastic job on this deck.

  2. by Jordan Werner

    Feb 2015

    I got this pack actually thinking it would be the pack I'd like least amongst the ones I purchased. Quite the opposite in fact. It's the best of the packs I bought. The court cards are exquisitely done. The metallic inks really make them pop during fans and tricks, and the cards slide smoothly against each other without slipping all over the place. These are fantastic cards and an incredible addition to anyone's collection.

  3. by LJ

    Apr 2014

    I play poker games with the decks I buy. This is a quality deck. The card stock and finish is really good. It handles really well and slides across the table well. The metallic details pop and the court cards are very nicely drawn. It's a shame that the re-issue no longer has embossing on the tuck box. And I wish that the border on the card backs were thinner. It's kind of too thick and takes away from the beautiful design.

  4. by Andrew Kell

    Mar 2014

    I love it. I've got it as a gift for 3 deck bundle. And I did'nt actually liked it at the picture. But I thought then it's fine as a gift. I've got it yesterday and it is truly incredible. Fan just by their own. So simple and smooth. I love it. I really love it.

  5. by Max Samel-Garloff

    Mar 2014

    I got these cards as my extra deck with the three card bundle. I never cared for them in the photos and thought they looked messy. I now have the cards in my hands and let me tell you the photos don't give them justice. I love the jokers because they tend to draw in spectators with a design that is basically the size of the cards. I also really like the font of the cards.

  6. by Neal Kharawala

    Jan 2014

    The infinity deck is just simply amazing. The title suits the deck perfectly because it is as if i'm staring into a deck of infinite possibilities. The finish on the deck is very attractive. The hint of gold and mesh of dark green and black gives it that vibe that the deck is capable of so many things. It handles like a charm and I would definitely buy a couple more of these just to keep.

  7. by Thomas Wong

    Jan 2014

    Great deck of cards. Best of all, with this deck you can do your tricks and say, INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!!

  8. by Carson Greiman

    Jan 2014

    This deck has an awesome box design. The card stock is thicker which I like. The cards fan and handle beautifully. I wish there were more reveilles

  9. by Tim

    Dec 2013

    love the back design, love the ace of spades, love the jokers, love the handling. not flawless, but still an amazing deck of cards

  10. by Ben Schroeder

    Dec 2013

    I’m just starting out but really love these cards keep practicing with them but now I’m back because my bulldog thinks she wants to be an illusionist too, she is better than me at this point cause she made them disappear I’m sure they will show up again but I think I’ll just order a new deck, lol guess I need more.

  11. by Leif Stenlund

    Nov 2013

    I have the older version, with embossed and goldfoiled box. the embossing and gold is slightly off, maybe that is why they discontinued those features. Nevertheless, this is one of my favourite decks. The courts are simply awesome, refined and elegant, yet instantly recognizable. I really love the pips and the border on the courts. The back is also very nice with a very subtle one way. I really like this back, but... If I had one wish fulfilled I'd choose these courts and pips, with a back similar to Artifice.

  12. by Matt Martinez

    Oct 2013

    I've gone back and forth with this deck and what I think of it, When I saw the trailer and watched deck reviews I loved this deck. Once I got it the customized pips didn't look all that great to me at first. And really took away from the deck. But after playing with it for a while, the pips are actually really stylish, and audience members like the pips a lot. So they grew on me. The gold on all of the court cards looks fantastic. The box is super sexy. The only thing that stops me from giving this a 5, is the white border on the cards. It seems really wide and dulls the colors on the back of the cards.

  13. by Nick Konyavsky

    Oct 2013

    Beautiful, elegant, a true master piece to have in your collection !

  14. by Dominic Lara-Detitto

    Sep 2013

    Probably my favorite Ellusionist deck. The design on both the back and front are simply excellent and, of course, they feel great even after days and days of use.

  15. by Gustaw K

    Sep 2013

    Buy it. Now. Beautiful design, Incredible finish, Long lasting fanning ability... What more do you want? Stop Reading, and place an order.

  16. by Curtis Stabler

    Sep 2013

    This deck is truly unique and very beautiful. The deck box is the best looking one i have ever seen. The cards are a little thicker and heavier than i personally prefer but, they have held up longer than probably any deck i have ever had.

  17. by Corey Werber

    Aug 2013

    I got these cards for a gift and they are great. The box is embossed and the cards are smooth. They handle really well and I am really happy with them. They are really unique and I would suggest buying them.

  18. by Yu-Chung Chang

    Jul 2013

    Great box! Never thought there could be that much detail on a playing card box. The deck is smooth as silk and crisp! Every cards pips, and the court card are a work of art! I suggest you grab your own Infinity deck now!

  19. by Davor Seferovic

    Jul 2013

    Great pack of cards the stock feels great and the design of cards is amazing, this is a must have just to experience the cards.

  20. by Kyle Armstrong

    Jul 2013

    One of the best decks I've worked with. The artwork is amazingly mesmerizing. Flourishes are a delight to do. The reveal has been a great addition to my routine (I've actually had people move away from me in horror after the reveal!).

    One of E's best decks.

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