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Predict the future. We all want to do it. Yet, no one can.

Until NOW.

With Premonition from, you will be able to predict what freely thought of card a spectator is about to tell you 2 full days prior to that event.

Full Overview

This is how it will go down:

Tell her that you are going to try to read their mind BEFORE they guess any card in a deck. Now you either pick a card out of the deck or write down a fake prediction. (Do not show this to them, keep it to yourself)

Now you ask her to merely think of ANY card in the deck (except the jokers of course). Ask her if you have forced any card into their mind by weird suggestion, ask her if she freely thought of the card on her very own. (She will always say yes). Ask her if she has her card locked in their head.

Now look as if you're ready to reveal your prediction when you ask her, "What was your card?"

When she tells you her card, look very surprised and perplexed. Put away your written prediction and say "Wait a minute, this is SO weird. Did you say your card was ________?" (This is where you can make up any story you wish) After she answers, tell her that you were sitting in a coffee shop yesterday and had a blast of energy hit you, almost like a very powerful premonition. It was so strong that you had to call your own phone and leave a message as to track the date of the call. You don't know why or how it works, but every time you have one of these premonitions it almost ALWAYS comes true.

You immediately pull out your iPhone. Now you say, "Here let me unlock my phone." You hand her the phone and ask her to open your voicemail. You tell her to scroll through the voicemails until you find [your name] on a message left yesterday.

Tell her to play and listen to the message for proof. She will hear your voice and your message describing your premonition and their selected card.

Enjoy the moment, it will be a powerful one.

Fact List

• Easy to do and easy to learn with clear taught instructions
• Easy setup that you only have to do once then the trick is ready forever.
• Any thought of card becomes your premonition. Just think of the thousands of way you can perform this.
• No voice recognition
• No wireless communication
• Compatible with ALL iPhones
• They'll never guess how it's possible
• Even great for stage and street magic
• No cards, no coins needed. if you have an iPhone you have everything you need
• Easily Customizable

You can get started right now! You don’t need any props or cards. Get "Premonition by" in the App Store now.

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