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Morgan pushes the boundary of metal bending by introducing a never before seen routine that doesn’t just bend metal, but allows the metal to destroy itself and break apart into the spectator’s hands.

Or watch as your spectator manipulates a shadow on the wall while psychically altering the metal.

Also includes full, revised cut of Liquid Metal 1.

Full Overview

Morgan Strebler’s original Liquid Metal is one of the best reviewed and highest selling magic products across the internet. He has performed for a long list of A-listers, including Ben Stiller, Tom Hanks, Quentin Tarantino, Paris Hilton, Tara Reid, Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan.

"THE final word in metal bending routines. " - Dan Sperry, World Renowned Pro

The style of psychokinetic magic in Liquid Metal 2 is bold and visionary: Using the power of the mind, you can bend forks and spoons in a way that no one has ever witnessed in history. Morgan even uses the power of shadows to manipulate the properties of hard steel.

Fact List

You'll learn Strebler's best kept secrets and more:

• Multiple Phases
• Tine Bends
• Tine Twists
• Tine Breaks
• Neck Breaks
• Shadow Bends
• Shadow Breaks
• Fork Destruction
Types of forks to use
• Q & A
• Troubleshooting and Tricks
• Routining
• Performance TIPS
• Included full, revised cut of Liquid Metal 1
• Live performances and more...

"If Liquid Metal rocked the metal bending world, LM2 is going to demolish it." - Keith Barry, World Renowned Pro

Perform this anywhere. Fully surrounded, on stage, on the street, in a bar. There are no viewing restrictions to consider and the setup is easy and quick.

If you thought bending metal with your mind was impossible, welcome to the next stage of evolution that we call Liquid Metal 2.

Suggested Fork Type

Stock up on the forks Morgan suggests are the best forks to use while performing Liquid Metal 2.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by michael blau

    Jun 2013


  2. by George Keramidis

    Jun 2013

    Mentalism in its best!

  3. by sean bennett

    May 2013

    great trick very visual

  4. by Joel Luna

    Mar 2013

    This is a great Metal bending dvd. It takes a while to build the finger strength and to do the moves at a precise time but its worth it in the end

  5. by Lucas Cull

    May 2012

    I love liquid metal 2, it's amazing and even includes a revise up of liquid metal 1. The only problem I do have with it is the moves are quite, in my opinion rushed and don't give me a very in depth view of the moves. Still worth buying though!

  6. by Sean R

    Jan 2012

    Great DVD, gives you all the information and more! Never done metal bending before but after five minutes I was already great. Really worth the buy.

  7. by Justin

    Dec 2011

    I was so excited about this release. I have used LM1 for years and was anxious to see how the original could be improved. Turns out it cant. The majority of this dvd is a reteaching of Liquid metal one. The few new pieces added into this dvd to account for the "2" in the title add nothing to what is a fantastic original routine. The "total destruction" phase is the weekest addition to the routine essential giving the method away while performing, and while the shadow bends are a neat concept,they pale in comparison to the striking visual piece that is liquid metal one. If you have the first, enjoy a wonderful piece in metal bending art, and skip this "liquid metal 2".

  8. by Patrick Allen

    Dec 2011

    Im new to metal bending but I have to say I'm not impressed at all. Video quality is definitely not high quality like E has put out. There are no over the shoulder camera angles . I feel the teaching could have gone more in depth to pulling this off. Jason B. didn't even seem impressed while being filmed. I will put time in to learning this but I do not recommend this video at all.

  9. by Thomas Bremer

    Dec 2011

    I have been a fan of Liquid metal 1 for years. I'm glad Liquid 1 was retaught on here as Morgan added a few subtitles to the routine which actually make it easier.

    But the best part is the destruction of the fork. I had to perform this for my girlfriend who has seen me to Liquid 1 a dozen times and she gasped when the tines started falling off and corkscrewed. She said, "Okay, whats going on here??!"

    Awesome routine. Too cheap if you ask me.

  10. by Chris Greenshaw

    Dec 2011

    I haven't been much into metal bending because it seemed out of placeSo, I watched all of the download. The run time wasn't very long but the information was fantastic. live performances and everything. Gave me a very good feel of how to perform this. I know I shouldn't have done it, but I went to my local shopping mall, went to the food court, and started performing with the forks I got here on E.

    I was a God among men.

    I will perform this everywhere, one of the best things I bought all year. Thanks Morgan!

  11. by Garrett Dome

    Dec 2011

    I never felt that strongly about buying Liquid Metal, but Liquid Metal 2 blew my mind. It takes the concepts of the first video but expands the idea to make it more practical and amazing. This looks spectacular and is going in my act.

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