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World renowned Professional Eric Jones takes you through a detailed presentation of 8 hard hitting pieces of commanding coin work.

Taking the basics you learned in METAL 1, and applying them to highly workable routines. From table magic to in the hands & close up, it doesn't get more personal than this

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When you order the Metal 1,2 & 3 DVD's together, get a FREE set of 4 of our custom Artifact Coins (half dollar size). $28 Value.
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This is a master class in sleight of hand coin routines at their finest. If you have a foundation in coin magic, your next step on the journey is Metal 2.

What's on the DVD

• Imagination - Produce and vanish a coin from thin air while showing your hands completely open the whole time. (Multi handlings)

• Impossible Production - No coins to perform with? Easy. Just grab 4 regular coins out of thin air and get to work. Incredible way to start a routine.

• Dean Dill's No Extras - A beautiful coin matrix that shows coins teleporting from one location to another with just your hands, easy to learn and perform.

• Jones C/S - Make a regular silver and copper coin trade locations in your hands while your spectator is holding your wrists.

• Pocket Miser - Learn to extract a ridiculous amount of coins from the air with just your hands and regular coins.

• Coin on Shoulder - A easy and fun routine to perform for a sitting spectator where a coin repeatedly appears on their shoulder.

• G.O.D.H.A.N.D. - An impossible coin vanish and production for a sitting spectator. They see both side of hands, fingers open, and nowhere to hide.

• Body Loading Sequence - Taking GODHAND even further, Eric shows a full rotuine where the coin jumps all over the spectators body, in and out of pockets.

• Pacing
• Blocking
• Redirection
• Becoming Creative
• The Real World
• Looking Natural
• Comfort Zone
• Getting Caught

Including over an hour of detailed instruction and over the shoulder explanations as well as bonus sit-down performance tips going over every detail to help make YOU a better performer, from start-to finish.

Are you ready to propel your coin magic into the next stage?
Then, it's time to get gaffed up in Metal 3.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Josh Bowerman

    Apr 2014

    I'm still working through metal one, but had to go ahead and get this one too. These routines are awesome. Just getting to watch Eric Jones perform the routine and getting to see his presentation is so helpful. This is a great product.

  2. by David Borland

    Sep 2013

    There is so much good stuff on this DVD that it's unreal. The body loading sequence is one of the best I've seen and Eric's instruction are as clear and brilliant as ever. I have to say that I am really falling in love with pocket meiser also.

  3. by Josh Burch

    Aug 2013

    Eric is an excellent coin magician and teacher. I really enjoyed this DVD and will be using a couple of the routines in my own coin work.

    I really liked the magic on the DVD and the style it was shot in. I especially liked the interviews with Eric and the live performances. I would like to see more live performances actually. If I could I'd give this 4 1/2 stars.

  4. by Carl Karlsson

    Aug 2013

    Really enjoyed this DVD, but i would make sure to buy Metal 1 before this one if you are a beginner. Overall its a must buy for a coin magician

  5. by George Keramidis

    Jun 2013

    This is the ultimate guide for coin magicians

  6. by Jamie Roach

    May 2013

    Wanna be a coin magician? What u waiting for and buy this

  7. by Larry Beckwith

    May 2013

    Good coin magic taught well. I really enjoyed metal 2 and will also get the others.

  8. by Eric Bailey

    May 2013

    I picked this up off of Eric Jones himself at a convention in May. He is one of the best educators around. These videos are really high quality, and he is so detailed that you never feel lost in the magic. I recommend them all.

  9. by Kyle Hedrick

    May 2013

    Great ideas as always. Love Dean Dills No Extras and Pocket Miser. Everything is taught well and explained in great detail

  10. by ALejandro Garcia

    May 2013

    I think that Eric Jones is a great magician and a great teacher, the moves are not hard, that depend of you... if you practice you can do it. The other thing is that what you learn in metal is very practical... i didn't have a coin routine in my show, now i got one, and that is thanks to Eric and Ellusionist. i really enjoy METAL 1 2 and 3

  11. by Angelo santucci

    Mar 2013

    love this video i watch a little everyday to help me learn more and more

  12. by Nicholas Carlson

    Mar 2013

    So I am brand new to coin magic and not very good at all. I purchased the three pack and I am so glad I did. This set of DVDs will take you from beginner to Magician! Highly recommend.

  13. by Oren Alkalay

    Feb 2013

    Eric Jones is by far the greatest magic teacher out there.
    Metal 1 and 2 are excellent and i cant stop practicing now.
    I am addicted to coin magic now because of Eric Jones

  14. by Scott

    Jan 2013

    Coin magic is so visual. I have found it very difficult to get a sense of the whole picture of what a move should look like from Bobo, and while the book is still a pivotal resource, Eric's dvds (particularly Metal 1) open it up to you. The routines in here are excellent, and the series of commentary on routining, timing, and other components of theory help to build on the initial work of Metal 1.

  15. by Matt Adams

    Dec 2012

    LOVE Eric Jones and his teaching. Awesome DVD on coin magic. I am a card pro and this made me feel like a coin pro. Haha. Highly recommended.

  16. by Gio Prachniak

    Dec 2011

    An amazing tool in understanding coin magic and the elements of performing, I highly recommend Metal 2. From a budding hobbiest to a working performer, the Metal series will help you grow into an outstanding coin magician! Eric's teaching is crystal clear, the tips he gives are so practical for real world circumstances, and as always the performaces are flawless. If you want to be a great coin magician and "GET GOOD", this is definatley for you! Every generation has it's best artist and conjurer, our generation has the privilege of having Eric Jones.

  17. by Jon Novotny

    Dec 2011

    Absolutely stellar and something everyone should have in their collection. Having met Eric at MagicLive this year, I can also testify to that he is one of the friendliest people I have met in this industry. I did not fancy Pocket Miser much but his body loading stuff is something I will use from now on.

  18. by Chris Bailey

    Dec 2011

    Metal 2 is one of the best buys I've ever done. Amazing material, the production quality is beyond great and Eric Jones is a great teacher. He covers everything from multiple angles and I can almost guarantee you will improve your magic tenfold with this DVD.

  19. by Randall Wallace

    Dec 2011

    while i still think that everyone should start out with bobo's coin book metal 2 is a great companion as you actually get to see the moves and sleights. eric teaches subtleties adn variations and really goes into every detail. great dvd

  20. by Stephen

    Dec 2011

    This dvd is awesome! Hands down the best dvd in coin magic I have ever seen. Eric's Coin on Shoulder and G.O.D.H.A.N.D are genius - buy this dvd!

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