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Available in Corona or Root Beer Designs.

Bending Metal is one thing - but what if you could bend glass?

Molten allows you to do just that. A beer bottle taken from a spectator becomes pliable and bends to your will with just a rub of your fingers - right in front of their eyes.

NOTE: The teaching video is available as a download only, the Molten bottle will be shipped to you.

Full Overview

• Available in Corona or Root Beer Designs
• Download the teaching video instantly
• Taught by Morgan Strebler from the set of Liquid Metal 2

Morgan Strebler, the metal-bending master of Liquid Metal 2, has put the same attention to detail and common-sense handling into Molten: Every move makes sense, every subtlety sells the effect and creates a beautiful, amazing picture in front of their faces.

Each gimmick is hand-tooled and uniquely crafted so there's nothing to hide. When you're done, the bottle can be inspected -- just imagine the looks on their faces when they pick up that bottle, tap their fingers against it expecting soft plastic - only to find it's cold, hard GLASS.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Louis Komodromou

    Mar 2013

    Such a sick trick for the price of what they are asking it was a no brainer so I picked up both bottles I also ended up mastering the trick in less that a day because of the well put together of the downloadable video.

  2. by Hudson Hufham

    Jan 2013

    I'll go ahead and clear up the fact that, YES, you can perform the trick as many times as you want to. You can hand it out for examination too. For me, I just couldn't see myself using this, but if you want to take this to the streets I think it could be a real worker for you if you present it in the right way. Good idea, just not for me. (Also I would get the Corona bottle because not many people walk around with the type of root beer bottle you get) Although you can still perform the effect without borrowing another bottle.

  3. by Matthew Jones

    Sep 2012

    I love this effect and it's got me some good reactions since I got it, only problem is that because this is in limited supply and costs a ton of money to buy the bottles I can't give the bottle away as a souvenir, so doing the 1st Method is out of the question because you won't be able to give it away at the end.

    I know for a fact that most people would want to keep it considering you borrowed the bottle from them. I talked to Morgan on Facebook and there's no way he'll ever tell anyone the way he does it.

    So this is one of those effects you might only be able to do for magicians because they wouldn't care if they could keep it or not.

    Other than that it is a great effect. If you don't mind not giving it out as a souvenir then you should definitely buy this one, but the Root Beer Bottle version is a Root Beer Bottle that I know is not made in Canada.

    So if you live in Canada you might not want to get this one. Unless of course you don't use the 1st Method then it could work. Also I don't know if I got inferior versions of the gimmicks but in the video Morgan's Bottles have severe bends in them.

    Mines are good, just not as severely bent like his is. I'll talk to him again on Facebook sometime and find out.

    If you've read this all the way through I congratulate you, I always go really in depth with my reviews and like people to know if it truly is worth your time and give you the pros and cons of each effect.



    PS. The reason I rated it 4 Stars is because of the fact that you can't give it out after doing the routine.

  4. by King

    Aug 2012

    This is basically David Penn's Refraction (wine glass bending illusion), and you can get that for less money, and Penn teaches you how to make the gimmick. Still, a sick trick indeed.

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