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Available in Corona or Root Beer Designs.

Bending Metal is one thing - but what if you could bend glass?

Molten allows you to do just that. A beer bottle taken from a spectator becomes pliable and bends to your will with just a rub of your fingers - right in front of their eyes.

NOTE: The teaching video is available as a download only, the Molten bottle will be shipped to you.

Full Overview

• Available in Corona or Root Beer Designs
• Download the teaching video instantly
• Taught by Morgan Strebler from the set of Liquid Metal 2

Morgan Strebler, the metal-bending master of Liquid Metal 2, has put the same attention to detail and common-sense handling into Molten: Every move makes sense, every subtlety sells the effect and creates a beautiful, amazing picture in front of their faces.

Each gimmick is hand-tooled and uniquely crafted so there's nothing to hide. When you're done, the bottle can be inspected -- just imagine the looks on their faces when they pick up that bottle, tap their fingers against it expecting soft plastic - only to find it's cold, hard GLASS.

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