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Phil DaCosta blitzes the streets of Toronto with 'Confinement,' the cleanest signed card to impossible location we've ever seen.

A signed card is lost in the deck, and having been unable to retrieve it, the magician forfeits all that he has in his pockets to the spectator. A business card, a wristband, a sharpie - and a sealed pack of gum.

As the spectator makes to walk away with his prize, the magician stops him, asking for a stick of gum. With a look of INCREDULITY, the spectator tears off the cellophane, opening the pack - and there, sitting amongst the sticks, is the SIGNED card.

Difficulty: Beginner
Run-time: 44 minutes
Format: Download

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  1. by Roger Otis

    Mar 2014

    My first review, as I think this trick really deserve it. I am new at magic and don't like complicated sleight of hands. I was able to perform this in front of about 15 people the very first time I did it, with no real practice, about two hours after I bought it and the reactions were great.

    I like the second way of doing it better. It is cleaner. I modified the performance to make it even cleaner, being able to have an actual card corner that people can check before I make it disapear into the pack of gum.

    This looks impossible to the spectator, who is trying to think of ways I've could have done it, but always with something that makes his hypothesis fail.

    You need to be meticulous to make the gimmick. I did not have everything needed to complete it, but was able to improvise with something else I had available at home, and it was probably as good as the product used by Phil Dacosta. I ruined the first gimmick, but that had to be expected. The second one was perfect, in about 5 minutes, start to finish.

    The explanations in the video are very good and with enough details and tips to help with the performance.

    This is a reputation maker trick. Well done. I am very happy that I bought this, Worth the 12 bucks.

  2. by Richard Brealey

    Mar 2014

    The trick does require a set-up, It doesn't take too long however it might put some people off. To me it makes no difference as it's a really powerful effect and it's easy to perform.

  3. by Hugh Andrew

    Jan 2014

    Amazing effect and easy to learn & perform. However, in Australia, the supplies for the gimmick are a little hard to come by. But definitely a must buy!!

  4. by Gaviel Rodriguez

    Dec 2013

    Uses an amazing gimmick that is quite difficult, but still reasonable, to make to give an outstanding effect.

  5. by Oswaldo Villa

    Dec 2013

    Amazing reactions, wonderful effect. Preparations takes 5-10mins depending on how your attention to detail is, but totally worth it hands down!! A lot of people complain about finding some of the extra stuff you need to get, specially one in specific but I didn't get the exact same thing, I bought something similar and it works perfectly fine for me. If it wasn't for the hazard of trying to figure out what to use for a substitute of that article to be able to make the gimmick I would give it 5 stars. BRILLIANT!!

  6. by Jonathon Fisher

    Nov 2013

    This is one of the best reactions that I have ever had from any effect that I've purchased from E.

    Beware one of the items needed for making the gimmick can be quite hard to get a hold of in some countries. But with a little bit of thought you can improvise.

  7. by luke preece

    Oct 2013

    a very clean and visual effect, I have loved preforming it, but is a really big set-up involved and you need a few other things e.g chewing gum so not much more if i said would reveal this amazing effect, its a must buy so thanks to the brain of PHIL DACOSTA

  8. by michael t

    Sep 2013

    For some reason I always skipped over this trick. Then I happened to say "Let me check this out". I was missing out big time. This is such an amazing effect. You actually learn 2 types of this, but I think the 1st(the one in the trailer) has a bigger impact. I've read the reviews and some people complain about not being able to find something they need to make the gimmick at local stores. I searched it on ebay, and a whopping $4.30 later it'll be at my house in 3 days. Get this trick and don't pass it up like I did for so long.

  9. by Jordan Walsh

    Jul 2013

    Love It! 2 effects taught in the download i personally prefer the 2nd effect and it's only $12 add to cart!

  10. by kc navarro

    Jun 2013

    This effect is cleverly set up and gets great reactions. you will definitely enjoy performing this.

  11. by sean bennett

    May 2013

    amazing trick very visual

  12. by Luke Conti

    May 2013

    Its a great effect, stuns all! The only downside is that it requires a new pack of gum, and some other equipment that is somewhat difficult to get your hands on. It isn't very difficult, but it produces great reactions. I gave it a 4 out of five because the things required to do it are a bit of a pain to gather, and they are also sometimes expensive. But overall, great effect!

  13. by owen dremak

    May 2013

    Confinement is a beautiful effect! it gets amazing reactions. The only problem for me is, its way to suspicious when their shuffling and if they catch what your doing, your in trouble.

  14. by Paul Donaldson

    Apr 2013

    A great effect, the teaching was at times a tad patronising but it got the point across clearly! Bit complex the first few times you try it but worth it in the end!

  15. by Eric Bailey

    Apr 2013

    This is probably my favorite trick for under $20 on Ellusionist! The reactions you will receive are really stunning. I had a lady tear up after this. The education provided (including Eric Jones' input) is really top notch. The gimmick can be produced in about...10 minutes...and you WILL need a new pack of gum for each trick...but it is well worth it. The alternate routine provided is just as stunning if not better than the one in the demo video. I would recommend this to all. It is beginner level. You should be able to tackle this one in about 25 minutes of practice.

  16. by Chris

    Apr 2013

    This is a truly amazing effect! Even though it may look a bit tricky to make, soon you'll be able to do it without even thinking about it. I even used a modified version of this trick to ask my date to prom XD.

    Honestly though, completely worth it and any materials that are difficult to find, just order online, no big deal. Very satisfied with this :D

  17. by David Troutman

    Apr 2013

    Great effect! Blows people away! Awesome! You've got to get this!

  18. by J.U.

    Mar 2013

    Great product, a bit of prep,...but the WOW factor is WELL worth it. Having read some of the other reviews,...my thought is, if it was easy, EVERYONE would be doing it. This illusion separates you from the crowd.

  19. by jackson

    Feb 2013

    the video is good and the trick is clever but the gimmick is too much work to make. and you have a buy a pack of gum every time you do the trick. this trick is amazing .....IF you want to do all the work and prep that comes with it. i personaly have not even attempted at making this gimmick.thay also need you to buy products that are hard to find in the us.

    [Ellusionist's Reply: Jackson, the products required to construct the gimmick are available from most stores - everything from Art & Craft stores to CVS and Walmart. As it's a Signed Card to SEALED pack of gum, the fact that a new pack of gum is required for each performance is right there in the name of the product. The gimmick can be made in less than 2 minutes - and for an effect this good, we think it's worth the effort. Try it before dismissing it.]

  20. by Joel Luna

    Jan 2013

    Amazing effect! I like it when they walk away with the gum without saying anything about where the card is. The're instinct will be to open up the pack and as they walked away and they opened it i literally hard them scream off the top of their lungs.
    Props to Phil

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