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Anyone can find a card with their hands - but finding a card with your feet - that's impressive.

A SIGNED, freely chosen card is lost in the deck, before the deck is spread out on the ground in front of your spectators. Running your foot over the top of the cards you stop when you feel you have the right one. You SLAM your foot home on the cards, and step back triumphantly.

SLOWLY, in full view, you slip off your shoe - with your other foot - keeping your hands away from it at all times. The spectator can now remove the card themselves to find it is their chosen, signed card.

Forget sleight of hand, sleight of foot is where it's at.

Difficulty: Beginner
Run-time: 19 minutes
Format: Download

Full Overview

Adam Rose has made a name for himself with Stomp. Part penetration, part card to impossible location - all incredible magic.

• Totally Impromptu - If you wear shoes, you can perform Stomp
• Shot in Stunning HD
• Tried and True Performance Advice
• Troubleshooting for ALL Contingencies
• Real World Live Performances

Special Thanks to Rob Greenlee and Justin Miller for their ideas on this effect.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Brayan Torres

    Feb 2014

    This magic trick is really neat!
    Can produce some great reactions. I like to do it when I wear my cool Nike SB What the Dunks. And I tell people they have magical powers.
    I recommend this trick to anybody who is a fan of impromptu card tricks (I am one of them).
    I've seen variations of this trick, but this is the best one in my opinion.

  2. by Frank Brandolino

    Jan 2014

    Moves are great, effect is great, teaching is great, explanation is fantastic. Get it. It's a no brainer.

  3. by Jordan Walsh

    Jul 2013

    great trick! i love card to shoe or any impossible location and it's impromptu and it is a signed card! amazing!

  4. by Justin Ramos

    Jul 2013

    Amazing!!!! Very easy to learn and makes a huge impact!!!!!! I have had people ask me to take off my shoes so they can look for a hole!!! Great effect!

  5. by michael theberge

    Jul 2013

    Adam does an amazing job explaining the steps, as well as many of the possible problems you may encounter and how to overcome them. Very impressed with his teaching, trick, and hopefully he adds more videos to ellusionist.

  6. by michael blau

    May 2013

    Great reveal and trick ever if you are an impromptu magician.
    5/5. Just get it what are you waiting for.

  7. by Paul Donaldson

    May 2013

    Great trick which gets amazing reactions and is pretty easy to perform. However, realistically you can never perform this trick to the same person twice, no matter how far apart you do them. still definitely recommend it tho.

  8. by Hudson Hufham

    Apr 2013

    Looks hard at first, but isn't really. Very fun and baffling effect.

  9. by Joel Luna

    Jan 2013

    Personal favorite of mine. Best impromptu Card2Shoe and it looks great when you finish your ACR with it. Stomp it out people

  10. by jon bird

    Sep 2012

    I just downloaded this and within the hour i had it down. Although instantly after seeing the uncut video you see the trick and know it straight away, the spectator wont know a thing. Very clean easy trick, limited to 180 degree audience, all in all a good buy!

  11. by Quentin Wren

    Aug 2012

    I had stopped practicing magic for about a year,my school schedule was getting busy, and what now, recently I've had more time, and I came back to magic,this was the first trick I bought since coming back, and it has been the most fun and one of the easiest tricks ever, I put in about a days worth of practice,showed it to my girlfriend,and she freaked out, its such an amazing trick and so simple,I love this trick. Props to Adam Rose! :)

  12. by Ryan Kenny

    Jul 2012

    Congrats on an amzing trick which can be done anywhere to anyone at anytime its a very simple idea but has maximum effect, i would recommend this to anyone and a very good tutorial as everything explained its amazing

    BUY IT :)

  13. by Ryan H

    Apr 2012


    After you get it you will say DUH! But even though the move feels obvious, no one will catch it. I performed it completely surrounded and NO ONE saw what was coming.

    This is my favorite ending for my ambitious card routine.

    It is simple, effective, and easy to learn.

  14. by Benjamin

    Mar 2012

    Everyone should definitely get this.
    It's an amazing effect for a very low price.
    It's easy to perform, and the spectator's reaction is awesome. GET IT!

  15. by Tanoodej Anutarakul

    Feb 2012

    The revelation of a card in shoe has been done many times before. More often, with some kind of gimmick, or sleight of hand that is not so...'hands-off.' What I love about Adam's take on this revelation are: the 'hands-off' approach (the structure of the routine leaves the method almost untraceable to the audience), the routine is free flowing and practical, and hey....there's no prep involved!
    Also, if you are a fan of routines/tricks that lets you relax and enjoy the routine that you are performing without having to worry about the 'method'. Guess what? This is one of them! With Stomp, you can relax and take the audience to the climax dramatically.
    Adam is a great teacher. He covers all details that are important, and provides useful tips to accomplish this cool routine. The video quality is great. The Ellusionist team always does a superb job ;) (A small shout-out to Jason, Peter, and Eric) All in all folks...., ADD TO CART RIGHT MEOW!!

  16. by john stessel

    Feb 2012

    I saw this back when adam was creating it.. to put this simply this is the best impromptu card to shoe that I have ever come across.. Simple, Visual, AMAZING. I love this and use this all the time! 5 stars Adam. P.S. Adam is one of the most creative magicians I know, watch out for him!

  17. by Chandler Maglish

    Feb 2012

    BEAUTIFUL! Adam Rose is a personal friend of mine, and he always has something new! Most of his effects are very very good. This effect is no different! It's totally practical no set up or anything! There are a ton of card to shoe tricks out there, but none as good and clean as this. The card isn't folded or anything funky like that, it is flat for the SPECTATOR to pick up, it's so CLEAN!! This is a personal favorite of mine I like it a lot and I can't wait to get performing it! Thanks Adam for putting this out on the market it's wonderful! :)

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