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Get the MOST out of Pure Smoke, with Greg Wilson.

The Pure Smoke training guide overflows with ideas and routines... Comedic, serious, dramatic, sleight of hand and self working effects, devised by the one and only Sir Gregory Wilson.

Full Overview

People have been raving over the sleek black system since we introduced it at MagicLive in Vegas in 2011. Pure Smoke has won praise and acclaim from some of the world best magical minds such as David Copperfield, Cyril Takayama, Nathan Burton, Jeff McBride, Jon Pendragon, Michael Weber, Bill Malone, Mathieu Bich, Eric Jones, Daniel Garcia, Calen Morelli... the list goes on and on.

Containing ideas from Greg Wilson, David Regal, Michael Weber, Mark Elsdon, Michael Rubinstein and many others, this is the only guide on the market, packed full of routines, tricks and juicy advice taught by a top-of-the-food-chain working master.

On The DVD

• Performance Advice
• When, Where & How to Use


• What Not To Do;
• Restaurants
• Gas Station
• Airports
• Hospital
• Bedroom

• Final Thoughts


• My Little Friend
• Brain Freeze
• One Sip at a Time
• Jimi Hendrix
• Concentrate... Not so much
• Invisible Cigarette
• Palmreading
• On The Cloud
• Chemistry
• Second Hand Smoke
•Cigarette in Coat
• Re-lit
• Boy Scout
• Superhero Freezing

Flash Freeze
Freeze water held in your hand into a solid ice cube

Coin Fuse
A three-phase routine that has you magnetizing quarters together in mid-air and then welding them together in your fist.

Smoked Glass
Pull the cigarette smoke blown by a spectator through a pane of glass

Holy Shirt
Take the wrinkles out of a crumpled bill with the ancient art of hand-ironing and leave the spectator with an origami marvel.

Money Laundering
Dry Clean a tattered, stained, wrinkled bill between your hands into a minty-fresh crisp new bill with the magic of money laundering.

iPhone Alarm
Play a game of 'Guess the Ringtone' with a spectator's iPhone... until it all goes horribly wrong.

Weather Control
Make it Rain. Create a storm from your bare hands.

Match, Smoke & 2 Glasses
Smoke transposes from a lit match in one glass, appearing in a second glass.

Steam Transpose
Take steam from a hot coffee and produce it from an empty coffee cup.

Three Card Monte
'Two Empty, One Full' It's monte where the spectator can't help but choose the cup that 'used to be full.'

"After my show I was mobbed by the magicians wanting to know how I created the smoke..." - Jonathan Pendragon, World-renowned Professional Magician

"This is it. THIS is the type of smoke I've waited my whole life for." - Eric Jones, Top Pro

Why it Works

The reason Pure Smoke works so well is because your audience is not just witnessing a card effect or coin effect, they are being taken to a world that until recently was only available in the movies. No longer are you a person who knows some card effects, but now you are taking them to a world where apparently ANYTHING can happen.

The Pure Smoke system is a major upgrade over virtually every smoke delivery system on the market for good reason: It's more compact, easy to use, economic and the smoke it delivers is mystical and mysterious — it looks like it's straight out of a computer-animated fantasy, and Greg Wilson shows you how to make the absolute most out of the system with the tricks, tips and routines on this DVD .

Don't Run Out of Smoke

When you first buy your Pure Smoke system you will use one box of cartridges in practicing and having fun— you may want to stock up on Pure Smoke refills now.

Patent Pending: #501466987


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Customer Reviews

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  1. by User z

    Feb 18, 2014

    Worst purchase since ever. Sorry I am NOT happy with this at all...
    For 30+ bucks omg.. I expected something nice..


  2. by Jonathon Fisher

    Nov 4, 2013

    As said above. If you own Pure Smoke then this is a must buy!

  3. by Oliver Sørensen

    Aug 22, 2013

    -BUY THIS- It's well explained by Greg, and all of his ideas is mind blowing good!!! It's worth it!

  4. by Jacob Schapira

    May 26, 2013

    If you have pure smoke then this is a must have effect

  5. by Matt Adams

    Dec 12, 2012

    There are some really cool ideas on this DVD. But can have those same cool ideas by reading the table of contents. :) Yep, Gregory Wilson does a good job explaining everything, but I felt this DVD was overpriced (hence the 3 stars). But you'll likely find some good routines to use with Pure Smoke.

  6. by Dean Whitlock

    Nov 4, 2012

    getting the DVD in the PureSmoke bundle was the way to get the disc. watch the DVD with the following in mind: this is not a definite "How to Use PureSmoke" this is a definitive "this is how a master magician (in my book, one of the best) improvises and thinks about how to use this holy %$#@ powerful utility to make anything you do as a magician more effective. it's the thought process. it's instruction on how to do magic--in this case, the subject is PureSmoke. get it. learn it. perform it.

  7. by dominic martin

    Nov 3, 2012

    I got this in a package and it's well worth it. It's full of great ideas and Greg Wilson is extremely funny. A must have extra for any pure smoke owner. My only problem is that it doesn't teach you how to use it and I would have liked a section similar to the page on the site that teaches you how to use the device.

  8. by Darren Zhou

    Jul 27, 2012

    Overall, the video is about an hour long in length. Inside the video is multiple ideas/routines that is possible with Pure Smoke. There is a few gems in there and also a few that isn't so great. Bit of a Hit and Miss. I would've given it 4 stars, but given the fact this DVD alone costs $35, I can't say it's money well spent.

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