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If Erdnase was a deck of cards, he’d be the Artifice deck. Understated yet remarkable, Artifice is the consummate gentleman at the card table, albeit with an ace up his purple sleeve.

Trust everyone, but cut the cards.

Full Overview

Think about the most exquisite, luxurious lounges you've ever been in; those oak-paneled New England rooms that have hosted generations of movers and shakers. Everything stands out and blends in at the same time. All the touches give it a glow that makes everything feel naturally beautiful.

That's what the latest edition of the Artifice deck accomplishes. The Purple Artifice doesn't need to scream, because it radiates quality; featuring a classy design, resplendent without saying a word. 

It's just the right amount of flash.

With true metallic line-art, performance coating finish, the Purple Artifice has been produced using the same technological advancements at USPCC, originally created specifically for the printing of the First Edition Artifice deck. Yet purple, the color of royalty, adds a level of detail to the deck that gives it a top-of-the-line aura.

The experienced card worker knows that moves and sleights should always be quiet, in the background. Yet he also knows that a hint of quality says much more than any words he could think up. Rocking a purple Artifice deck is the card-table equivalent of speaking softly, but carrying a big stick.

Fast List

• Exclusive Performance Coating provides exceptional handling
• True-metallic silver line art

• Prime casino-grade stock for control and durability
• Built-in reveal on jokers
• Printed at the US Playing Card Company, with the highest quality control available
• Latin Script on box reads 'Ars Est Celare Artem'

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Leandre P. Cyr

    Oct 2016

    This is more of a cardist's review of the deck than a magician's, so please keep this in mind.

    Whatever one may think of this deck, there is at least one sure thing with it: it will make a lasting impression, because it looks absolutely amazing.

    Now the Purple Artifice might be a good deck for any magician, but they present some complications for cardists, and more specifically their texture. It's a little bit too slippery, too "plastic" for good card manipulation, which makes them a not-so-great choice if you're looking for cards that will look impressive in movement.

    Apart from that, they're excellent cards and will last a decent amount of time, buy them accordingly to your needs.

  2. by Richard Yager

    Aug 2016

    Class. As smooth as whisky, subtle as a breeze. This is one of the first decks I ever bought, and it's the deck I keep coming back to.

  3. by devon hudson

    Jul 2016

    The deck really speaks to me and this is the deck for me.

  4. by Berto Ortiz

    Aug 2015

    Another great deck, looks amazing and unique I love the finish of all the Artifice deck.

  5. by Joseph

    Aug 2015

    All I can say is wow these cards have a phenomenal stock and a smooth finish allowing for the beautiful fans. I've had these for about a month or so and apart from being a little dirty the performance is still up to scratch.

  6. by alan david trejo

    May 2014

    this deck is amazing, the design is very elegant the purple is awesome love this deck and the ace of spades is so cool thanks ellusionist!

  7. by Terry Ady

    Apr 2014

    Very unique deck of cards, they stand out above all of the other artifice decks in the most amazing way. They have a beautiful deep purple to them that really stands out! Another piece of artwork from E.

  8. by Alex Quiñones

    Apr 2014

    Awesome deck of cards! I was so impressed of the huge amount of detail on this deck, the not only look fantastic but they fan and spread really well, sometimes they might get a little bit sticky because of the amounts of ink, but just let them sit for a couple of hours in a cool dark place and they will glide like air again. This is my favorite color of the artifice deck nice!

  9. by Grant Cloud

    Mar 2014

    In my opinion these are the best cards on Ellusionist! They are beautiful, they hold up great, and make performing sleights easy! Get these cards right now!

  10. by Thomas Robles

    Feb 2014

    This is one of 3 favorite decks to use. These cards move and feel like air. Its perfect for loop tricks and everyone i've shown this deck to has fallen in love with the design they've bought one themselves.
    If your looking for a great deck, no more looking, buy one of these.

  11. by dylan bryant

    Feb 2014

    I get great reactions from these cards, especially when I plan my costume around them. the dark prestige surrounding these cards sets the stage for sublime magical effects.

    the handling is smooth and silky. out of the box they have a reflexive rebounding bendability that lends well to cardistry and flourishing. the performance finish fans perfectly, and has an almost "too slick" feeling that took a while to get used to.

    the major "con" of this deck is the lack of border on the back of the cards. I would have preferred to see these cards as a all black deck, as the heavy contrast makes it almost impossible to reverse a card unnoticed. the included db card seems almost waisted, and I would almost rather have gotten another type of gaff or just a dupe.

    overall, I love these cards, but I will be buying them in blue and green from now on.

  12. by Micah Megill

    Feb 2014

    These are my favorite cards ever. From the back design to the handling. Every thing about this deck is my favorite all the card look gorgeous in every way. I love the black border instead of the white.For me this is the best deck of cards ever made.

  13. by Alex

    Dec 2013

    These are great cards BUT!!!! Be forewarned that these are the first version, which have an all-black border on the back and a white face. This makes reversed card tricks nigh on impossible, as the contrast makes the reversed card stick out like a sore thumb. If you plan on doing any 'magic' with them, go with the V2's. If, on the other hand, you're like me and prefer cardistry, these are great.

  14. by Benny Wen

    Dec 2013

    One of my favourite decks of all times. I fell in love with this deck when I first started magic because of its metallic ink on a purple...simply awe mazing. I only wish that the face was black too! If you are in love with purple or metallic effect, get these or simply any artifice! You won't be disappointed

  15. by Gaviel Rodriguez

    Nov 2013

    Like almost all cards bought on Ellusionist, these have an excellent finish and feel.

    Unlike the regular Artifice decks (Blue/Green), purple maintains the black border, giving to it's more mysterious feel than the other two.

  16. by Jared Chastain

    Nov 2013

    This deck is one of my favorites. Love the design one of my personal favorites. I was absolutely dying just wanting to get this deck with five others and I just want to say to Ellusionist- thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

  17. by David Flickinger

    Nov 2013

    I personally love this deck so does everyone else and my experience with the deck is amazing, i love the reactions everybody looks at each other and just laughs i cant wait to learn more tricks with this deck!!!

  18. by cardtricksfortheages

    Oct 2013

    These look better than the bordered Artifice decks, but they will chip like any other black deck. However, the aesthetic design of this deck is spectacular, and the ace of spades is probably my favorite of all time.

  19. by Michael Theos

    Oct 2013

    Nicest Artifice deck I own. These cards are fantastic, the feel and the look of them is second to none but the highest quality cards. I especially love that the back design extends all the way to the edge without the white border of the other Artifice cards.

  20. by Joshua Gilbert

    Oct 2013

    I love these cards I got some about 4 weeks ago and they still feel new like I open a new pack every day

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