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A classic grift from the streets of New York gets a touch of English Finesse from new Ellusionist artist, Ollie Mealing.

A spectator's selection, handled at the fingertips, is fairly sandwiched between two jokers. When the spectator is asked to point to the location of the selection - it is shown to have moved. In cleaner and cleaner phases the selection transposes positions each time - only to be found... in a startling kicker.

Difficulty: Beginner
Run-time: 24 minutes
Format: Download

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Harry Baughan

    Feb 2014

    Ollie does an excellent job of teaching this. Plenty of detail for beginners and with a little practice easy to learn. Highly recommend this.

  2. by Jason Morales

    Jan 2014

    Over all good routine there are a couple of points that it gets a little fidgety. Will take some time to get this down.

  3. by Aidan McShane

    Nov 2013

    The routine is explained in depth, and is rather simple to perform. This is a very smooth and enjoyable trick with a baffling ending. Definitely worth a purchase.

  4. by Federico Caruso

    Nov 2013

    Well explained, nice effect, after enough practice it will worth the money for sure.

  5. by Daniel Howard

    Oct 2013

    Really great routine to show. It was not too difficult to learn and was explained well. I first thought I was gonna get caught when I performed this routine but to my surprise it worked out just great.

  6. by ZackwasHere

    Oct 2013

    Such a great powerful effect! never had a monte before, but this blew me away. the slights are self working, and even fool myself doing it! works fantastic and easy easy to learn. you'll be performing it by the end of the video! Another must have from E and OM

  7. by ZackwasHere

    Oct 2013

    This is a must buy! a great lil monte, easy to learn, you'll be performing it within the hour! i use it as a bar trick also!

  8. by Harry Goodall

    Sep 2013

    Very easy to learn and worth every penny for sure.

  9. by gary roe

    Sep 2013

    Worth every penny the best Monte I've ever learned

  10. by Joseph Shaw

    Sep 2013

    I found it to be a very good download. Ollie explained everything in good detail. I have been buying from Ellusionist for many years and have always had a great experience.

  11. by Abraham Sanchez

    Aug 2013

    Really great routine. Like any good effect, it will take practice, but with this routine it's not so much because it's difficult but instead just to have a smooth performance.

  12. by Eddy Schulz

    Aug 2013

    This cardtrick is really easy to learn and is almost Failsafe. I must say that Ollie is over explaining some stages of the illusion and gives unnessesary instructions.

  13. by Derek Buitron

    Aug 2013

    This Is A Simple Quick Easy Routine. The Teaching Is Pretty Solid, This To Me Is Not A Five Star trick, But Worth The Buy And Worth The Practice. A Great Effect For The Bar.

  14. by Jānis Priedītis

    Aug 2013

    A really simple variation of three card monte, which leaves the spectator confused every time.
    This trick, even though extremely easy, remains as one of my favourites, and Ollie Mealing is excellent with it.
    No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, this simple effect is a great addition to your arsenal of magic tricks.

  15. by David Preston

    Aug 2013

    I really like this download, Ollie is a great teacher and goes over all the moves in detail. the tricks are great and clean AA+

  16. by gary roe

    Aug 2013

    Excellent, easy to learn and fits right in with my working set. Ollie is a genious. This is a must have.

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