Silver Ellusionist Luggage Tag


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Make a statement. Travel in Style.

The Silver Ellusionist Luggage Tag adds a touch of class to your next journey, ensuring heads turn when you pick up your bag at the carousel.

Made from 8 Gauge Stainless Steel with the Ellusionist Logo Laser-Etched into the face, this tag is built to withstand the handling of even the gruffest baggage handlers. The back of the tag conceals a business card slot – so your details are at hand if ever your bag is lost – or if someone asks you for your number after noticing your ballin’ style. You’re welcome.

- Solid Steel Construction
- Identify your luggage fast
- Easy to Remove to change bags

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Bill Bateman

    Nov 2014

    I wanted to wait to review this until after a flight to Chicago. I had questions. Would the tag stay on? Would it hold up? Would it be not only visible but tragically hip?
    Yes,yes and yes.
    I could spot my bag coming down the chute and it stood out among the masking tape, teddy bears and a recently decapitated Garfield that others used to mark their bags. So worth the cost. At this price get two.

  2. by Jerry Lester

    Apr 2013

    Looks to be good quality. I haven't actually traveled with the tag in use, so I can't comment on how well it will hold up at this point. Very cool tag though. It is worth the price.

  3. by Richard Lee

    Dec 2012

    This Is Great. Looks nice and tough cable that won't come off even with a strong pull.

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