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The first of its kind, Halo integrates a state-of-the-art optic system within a handsome black wristband, allowing you to make a statement at the touch of a hidden button.

A masculine showpiece, the Halo system features the Ellusionist logo in trademark red asking you to do nothing but trust the instinct.

Go out. Get Noticed. Be Powered by the Halo.

• Thick, masculine wristband
• Super-cool distressed container
• Available in S, M, and L
• Lights up via embedded fiber optic system
• Comes with two batteries
• Durable clasp, hidden "ON" button

General Sizing Ideas

Small - perfect for the average 15 year old
Medium - most of the staff wears medium... Brad, Mike, Jake, Pete, Daniel
Large - something a little bigger.

Want to be sure? Download the Exact sizing chart.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Jason Hutton

    Feb 2015

    This is a awesome wrist band. The fiber optic light looks amazing in the dark. Like everyone else said the original battery will be dead but you do get another one. I would suggest that you do what I did and purchase the 5 pack replacement batteries as you will eventually need them anyway.

  2. by James Mac Arthur

    Jan 2015

    Not exactly what I was expecting. It is very thick and bulky looking. The design is cool, but for me being smaller it doesn't look the best when worn. The case is actually my favorite part. And the fact that it lights up is also very cool.

  3. by Aaron Nicholson

    Dec 2014

    Same issue as everyone else, dead pre-installed battery. But overall a nice looking wristband.

  4. by JaeYoon Jung

    Feb 2014

    It's awesome! It looks like Robocop's head.

  5. by SmileFor9

    Feb 2014

    Where can I begin, Ellusionist makes an awesome product. I've purchased numerous items from them & have had no issues!

    Now, on to the Halo. It's wicked looking & comes in a distressed tin that looks really beat. Sizes run large so the small fit me perfectly (I'm a short guy 5'4"). I unpacked it, slapped it on my wrist, pressed the button & nothing. I immediately installed the "second battery" & got it up and running. My only complaint is that this item is advertised as "Coming with 2 batteries" which technically it does. What they aren't saying is that one of the batteries is flat useless. I was helpfully informed by Customer Support that the tin includes an extra battery to replace a dead battery.

    Overall great product & great company. I'd have felt better if it didn't come with "2 batteries" but instead came with one battery you had to install.

    4 stars due to the battery issue.

  6. by Jake Trowbridge

    Jan 2014

    The bracelet itself is excellent. The fiber effect is great and the potential for use as a conversation starter is undeniable. The battery that came pre-installed was dead, fortunately they include a spare. Very cool overall.

  7. by William Chow

    Jan 2014

    received this as part of the holiday giveaway, the trust your instinct quote is very motivational for me :) also in a dark room, this band looks very appealing and nice.

  8. by Anthony Morales

    Dec 2013

    Got this really sweet wristband as a gift with my purchase and it just looks awesome. Perfect for any occasion and to keep your audience's eyes and their suspicions on something else ( The wristband has to be where the magic is!). One word of advice with picking your size, if you are someone who is naturally skinny/short like me (5ft-8in 138lb) consider getting the small size. The medium seems a little big on me but none the less fits nicely.

  9. by ian garcia

    Nov 2013

    I just received this as a 1st tier gift from the holiday guaranteed prizes from spending $75+. Just got it and I'm loving it already. Although the battery that came preinstalled in the Halo was dead, not really a big deal to me. I just replaced it with the extra battery that came in the container, and it worked fine. Great wrist band overall

  10. by Brady Grove

    Oct 2013

    First things first. This band is awesome! It is very flexible and appealing to the eye. The Ellusionist symbol serves as the center piece for the whole band. The words "Trust the Instinct" provided some extra inspiration for you. A lot of people have been complaining that the light is not bright enough. ATTENTION: This light is not meant to be brighter than the sun. It is supposed to be a subtle glow given off by the band when you are in a dark environment. Team Ellusionist, correct me if I'm wrong. I do not believe they wanted it to be extremely bright because, well, that's just tacky. The subtle light plays much better to an audience. It looks like its glowing but at the same time might not be. Its hard to explain but it is really cool what they did here. This is a great product. Great quality. Great customer service. Great company. Enough said.

  11. by Gokce Gezener

    Oct 2013

    Great product. No problem with my halo. just works fine.

  12. by Amos

    Oct 2013

    Awesome product, and I myself find it quite cool. The first question I had was what the product would be like, in terms of material. It's flexible, which was what I was hoping for, though the picture may make it look like it's hard plastic, it is not. The only real problem I had with this product was the wrist size (completely my fault for buying it a bit too big), and the battery. Like a few others, the band had a battery in it, and an extra one. Sadly, the battery in it had no juice left when I got it, making me think it was broken, until I replaced it with the "extra" one. One possibility, was that the band was left on while it shipped. Just saying, but it'd be better to have a battery that worked, than two with one not working. Better to give what you say, than raising hopes while not fulfilling them. Still love the band though.

  13. by zak Werdegar

    Aug 2013

    This is by far the coolest bracelet I've ever owned or seen!! The light up glow feature looks awesome in a dark environment. The only thing that I don't really like about it is that if it shakes really hard then it could turn on without you knowing and drain the battery. But then again, it comes with an extra!

  14. by The other Guy

    Aug 2013

    I purchased two. They both work just fine and last long enough. And you don't have to be in a pitch black room to see light; I tried it once while driving at night and the light was fairly visible.

    However they are a little oversized in my opinion. The 'S' size wears like a 'M'...Maybe it's just me.

    I recommend it.

  15. by Tyler Roberts

    Aug 2013

    Had trouble with my first one, so I contacted ellusionist and they sent me a new one with minimal questions asked. Now that I have one that works its easily a five star product, and it looks great (especially with the spade or club ring)

  16. by Mitchell Moore

    Jul 2013

    This band actually worked perfectly for me, I have not had to replace the battery yet, it fits comfortable, it lights well on both sides. Maybe I got lucky :P But all in all, I do love it, had it on one night while out and everyone else loved it too. I imagine it would be really good too for distractions in the evening :)

  17. by Abraham Sanchez

    Jul 2013

    I do believe I had reviewed this already and gave it 2 stars, reason was that I simply thought it was a good looking bracelet but did not perform as expected. Turns out I had a faulty one, I replaced it and now that I have a full working one, I love it, looks great, get lots of compliments, and it's actually brighter than I expected.

  18. by Daniel Vijay

    Jul 2013

    First spectator I performed to with this thing on said "Wait, is your wristband magic too? It's freaking glowing!". This wristband makes you look alot more proffesional but the only downside is that the clasp is a bit difficult to put on by yourself. The battery life is quite good but I left mine on for a whole night accidentally and its glowing is very feeble but lucky I have a replacement battery! Just get it

  19. by Matthew Whittaker

    Jul 2013

    It is a light so make sure it is dark when using. Looks really cool. Mine came with a battery dead so it is a good thing they give you a replacement right away. I love it when people give my wristband a 2nd look and ask me, "is that glowing?"

  20. by Kyle Hedrick

    May 2013

    I dont understand the negative reviews! Ive had mine for almost 3 weeks and it still works fine. Its meant to be used at night or in a somewhat dark room. I wear it every day, especially when I perform

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