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Rare Playing Card Artwork From Ellusionist Private Reserves

In order to own the truly rare, you must return in history to where the genre originated.

This is it.

From 1800s to ShadowMasters, Black Tigers to Bicycle Ghost - these are the Ellusionist designs that started the custom playing card phenomenon.

The "USPC by Ellusionist" collection contains well known American playing card brands - such as Tally Ho and Bicycle - that have received Ellusionist custom treatment.

Of Special Note in this collection is the Viper Circle Back. As of release, we have only 50 of these Sheets remaining in our reserves- never to be printed again. Now is your chance to own this rare artwork at an amazing price.

Full Overview

It's been nearly four years since we last offered uncut sheets on our website. At that time, we were selling them for between $150 and $250 a sheet. We only have limited numbers of each design left - some as few as 25 sheets, some never to be printed again.

As part of our 2012 Holiday Giveaway Celebrations, we are again releasing these from our private reserves - and at these reduced prices - they're not going to last long.

These are genuine playing card sheets - pulled off the presses at the United States Playing Card Company before they had a chance to be cut and packaged in boxes. They will ship separately from the rest of your order via USPS, carefully rolled in hard protective mailing tubes.

Please note; Ships unframed. Whilst every precaution is taken to safely pack these, some minor scuffs, scratches or creases may occur at the extreme edges of the sheets. As these blemishes are unavoidable - and generally covered during the mounting process, Ellusionist will not accept returns for these items. That said - if there is damage that makes the sheet unusable, we will gladly replace it for you.

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  1. by William Bateman

    Apr 2013

    Very Nice! You look at the pictures, but seeing the actual product does it justice. I started with a simple set of Blue Masters. They are going to be framed so I can alternate faces and backs and will look GREAT on the wall.Bigger than I thought too. Now when I can get a sheet of the new Tundra's?

  2. by sarah wilson

    Dec 2012

    To offer these at such a TERRIFIC price was HUGE! We purchased several and framed and turned an ordinary room into an awesome room ; - ) THANKS!!!

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