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The Artifice Black Club is the first deck of its kind - the Ace of Clubs taking its rightful place as the embellished Ace instead of the spade.

An enhanced back centrepiece distinguishes this deck as something special in the Artifice line, setting it apart from the Purple, Blue and Green design, whilst retaining the signature Artifice aesthetics.

The Joker wears a mask - retaining the classic palmed-ace reveal - but revealing nothing more. He gets in, gets out and leaves no trace of his deception.

With true metallic line art, custom court cards, ace and jokers and an unsurpassed richness to the black inverted faces - this is one collectible deck you're going to have trouble keeping sealed.

Join the Club and get yours now.

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  1. by Justin Sholler

    Dec 2015

    It is really hard to describe this deck. The feel of them in your hands is amazing, the finish will keep the cards able to perform again and again, the stock feels different in the best way, and the design is so elegant and subtle that the deck has easily made it into my top 5 favorites! FANTASTIC WORK ELLUSIONIST ! Well recommended, and great gift if you know anyone who loves cards and cannot access these.

  2. by Benny Wen

    Feb 2014

    You know you belong to a great organization when you pull out these killer Artifice cards. I own all the Artifice cards ever produced and between the Gold Artifice and this one, I must say the black club exclusive artifice definitely bring about a shroud of mystery to your magic career

  3. by Jake Trowbridge

    Jan 2014

    An awesomely exclusive deck that has an incredible mystique about it. From the moment you see the tuck box you know it's all about the dark and the sleek. One of the greatest set of Jokers to ever have been designed. Sure to impress anyone.

  4. by Brandon Blankenship

    Jan 2014

    So absolutely stunning. Adds subtlety to any routine and brings an air of mystery upon opening the tuck. Great job guys.

  5. by Thomas Wong

    Jan 2014

    Why are these cards so amazing? Well. To start off, they're exclusive to Black Club members, so that makes them rare already. They are Artifice cards, so that makes them amazing in general. The faces, the royal cards, and the pips are all so very modern and sleek. If I could buy more then 2, I would buy a flat. 144 decks of cards. If I could. I would. But since I can't, I'll be sad. These are awesome.

  6. by William Chow

    Jan 2014

    ok. having owned artifice black playing cards now, i have completed the artifice set of every colour and i have to say, the artifice black is the sexiest and most visually appealing compared to the other artifice deck. this is something special, perfect for impressing that special someone or client. great back design and handles really nice. every blackclub member must take advantage of this and purchase this!

  7. by Joël Simoens

    Nov 2013

    It was like a dream to open them and spread them for the first time. An amazing feeling from an amazing deck with great artwork.

  8. by gary roe

    Sep 2013

    This is my display deck. I use this one for competition and interviews and it has never failed me. Easily the finest deck I've ever handled.

  9. by Matthew Greene

    Aug 2013

    Masterly flawless.. mysterious & elegant, it handles like a charm. Complimenting its clean & fluid design from start to finish. This deck is a subtle presence.. it gives off a feeling of power. Though does not step further.. dark & shadowed it is the pinnacle of its predecessors. Set apart with a dignified version of the embellished crest. Nior enriched Artifice.. professional, clean cut deck. It leaves a pristine cordial & lasting impression. Highest grade quality it is the top of its game. It sets the bar claims the stakes.. refined & sophisticated.. absolutely superb & immaculate. This deck is beyond compare. Perfection.

  10. by Alberto Hernández

    Aug 2013

    When I got Mine I was just unable to control myself and opened them right away... What I found inside the box... was just incredible and beautiful .... The box itself is amazing, a solely piece of art... The Deck is a completely and precious eye-catcher, you can feel the power it gives you inside your veins, you feel them flow as an extension of your Hands, as a BC member I recognize how special this cards are for me.

  11. by michael theberge

    Aug 2013

    The cards themselves look and feel great. The only downfall to them is the lack of any red for the diamonds and hearts. This makes card changes a little less breathtaking to the spectator. Aside from that 1 flaw I think they're amazing.

  12. by Tyler Roberts

    Jul 2013

    these are my favorite playing cards. They are mysterious and elegant, like a combo of madison dealers and shadow masters. It doesnt hurt either that my favorite card is the ace of clubs, and they chose that as the embellished ace instead of the ace of spades. I hope they do this with another deck in the future, and I am sad I can only get 2 per year.

  13. by Matthew Whittaker

    Jul 2013

    The continuation of the Artifice deck is the best decision ever. I do think the lack of red on the pips can be confusing for some people, but this deck is great and goes well with the BC card clip!

  14. by Daniel Vijay

    Jul 2013

    Got it a week ago and I really could not handle the excitement so I opened it up straight away and was blown away by it. The back design though different stills retains the artifice deceptiveness but with added aura. This is simply ethereal. If you are looking for one reason to join the black club this is it man!!

  15. by Charles ZERAH

    Jun 2013

    I finally got the courage to open one of my Black Artifice decks.... first reaction :WHOOOOA
    They feel smoother than any other deck i have ever felt, i wish more decks had this finish, whatever it is.
    Extremely fancy and durable, i just love the shades of black on this deck !

  16. by Trent Vanaria

    May 2013

    I actually have not used the Black Artifice deck. I enjoy the superior design. However, the deck is far to rare for every day. I will only use them if a special event calls for the glory.

  17. by Destiny Masters

    May 2013

    Without a doubt, the best black deck I've ever held in my hands, from the elegant box design, to the signature performance coating, to the simplified yet beautifully stunning design of the cards. You must own and hold this deck, to understand the meaning of the word artifice.

  18. by Chance Nye

    May 2013

    Without a doubt, the best artifice deck in the artifice series, line up, whatever you'd prefer. The best black deck I've ever held in my hands, let me rephrase that, it is number 1 on my top decks list. Amazing. Everything about this deck is incredibly amazing, from the design of the box, to the signature performance coating that makes every artifice deck handle like no other deck, to the elegantly simplified, yet stunning design of the cards. Give it a 5 out of 5. You have to see this deck in person to truly experience the meaning of artifice.

  19. by Hudson Hufham

    May 2013

    Definitely some of the most amazing cards I have seen.

  20. by David Troutman

    Apr 2013

    Artiifice Black....WOW....awesome cards! Blows poeple away before they even see the magic!

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