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Shot in Ellusionist's Toronto studio on the shores of Lake Ontario, 'Control' is Ollie Mealing's magnum opus of original card controls, used throughout his startling magic performances.

Powerful enough to stand on their own, these controls may be presented from something as simple as a color-change to a performance as complex as showcasing the magician's mastery of the cards in his hands.

In this video, Ollie Mealing presents 11 of his very best. This is Ollie Mealing: Control.

Full Overview

"Magnificent. So rare to be fooled and delighted". -Derren Brown

"Ollie creates an unbelievable world and leaves the audience agog with wonder. " -Tania Harrison

A highlight on the UK Festival circuit, Ollie Mealing had kept his genius relatively hidden from magicians until last year, where he began to release his Card Magic series on YouTube, playing with the mind of his spectator like a master-puppeteer in each mind-boggling video. When Daniel Madison brought Ollie to our attention in October of last year, we instantly sat up and took notice.

Before he was whisked away to work on Derren Brown's 'Infamous' tour, we brought Ollie across the pond to teach us 11 original controls - fluid, imperceptible movements that demonstrate his complete and utter command over the order, placement and position of any card he chooses.

Ollie is as in tune with the considered movement of an individual card as a concert pianist is with each key he touches. In this video he teaches the movements, subtleties and handlings to be as adept at each control as it is possible to be.

A Card is peeked in the middle of the pack and the deck squared. With a quick fan, the selected card is now positioned at the bottom of the pack.

The deck is spread and a card down-jogged. The deck is closed and it's only at the last minute that the jogged-card is pushed flush. The top card can immediately be shown to be the selection.

Behind Bars
A card is selected from the pack and the deck fanned to allow reinsertion. The deck is cleanly squared, and the selection is now ready to be bottom-palmed off for later use.

The cards are dribbled into the hand and a selection fairly chosen. The dribble is completed on top of the selection, the deck spread lengthways, and re-squared. Where an instant before it was in the middle of the spread, the chosen card has somehow made it's way to the bottom of the pack.

The cards are riffled off the fingers until the spectator indicates a choice. The spectator is shown the selection one last time before the deck is squared. Once again, it's moved its way to the bottom of the deck.

A selection and control wrapped up in a tumbling flourish. A chosen card is shown fairly in the spread and inserted into the centre of a fan. With the lose of the fan, the card is now on the bottom of the deck.

A must for any ACR where a table is close by. The deck is spread showing the selection in the middle of the pack before the spread is closed. The card's just done what every good ambitious card should do.

A packet flipping control that's simple, direct and utterly impossible. The selection is fairly shown in the middle of the deck, but is back on top when the cut is completed. You'll fool even yourself with this one.

A tabled cut shows a card in the middle of the deck. The card is riffled shuffled into the pack, remaining out-jogged until the two packets are squared. The deck can be instantly flipped to show the card has moved to the bottom of the deck.

Time Will Tell
We're going to have to find a way to work this into every trick we do. The deck is cut, leaving one card balanced on the thumb. The card pirouettes as the other half of the deck is spread on the table. The spread is completed with the chosen card in the middle. On squaring the pack, the spun card has shifted to the bottom of the deck.

As clean as any control can be. Poison is like a spread pass without the need for a pass. The deck is spread, a card shown, and the spread closed. The chosen card is now on top of the deck. This move will have spectators looking for the duplicate still in the middle of the pack.

Bonus: Synchronicity
An amazing four ace control that… Wait - it's a bonus. You'll find out when you see it.

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  1. by JOe nguyen

    Aug 2016

    take time to practice but still good product

  2. by thomas mullen

    Jun 2016

    _Very_ inventive effects, and a steal at eight bucks. That being said, the product could have been much better:

    1. The DVD tells us who edited, who did the theme music, etc., but says nothing about the actual _content_. Even on this product page I see nothing about the difficulty level, which is considerable.
    2. The production seems hurried and underproduced. The effect is demonstrated and then there are a couple of demonstrations of how it works. No graphics or (especially) voiceover to walk you through them. I'd like to compare this with Brad's magisterial ambitious card DVD (to me a gold standard), which thoroughly explores the psychology, technique, and presentation of the effect, with examples of the effect shown along with commentary. And this was, what, ten years back?

    So, A for ingenious content, and C (at best) for educational skill. D for the DVD cover. I'm stunned that Brad is listed as the executive producer!

  3. by Johnathan Wong

    Jun 2016

    Control by Ollie Mealing is great, its a unique take on the usual controls out in the market and definitely a must have to expand your arsenal. However, i hope Ollie Mealing could have spoke in the tutorial as to why and how some hand placements were there, not hard to follow but just some speaking would have been great. Overall the content is good and i would recommend it.

  4. by johan rzymski

    May 2015

    Quality for Ollie Mealing. This is a must for everyone to add some more controls to any trick. I've added some of these to some of the most easiest simplest tricks that you learn as a beginner and made them look amazing to the spectator. Well worth every penny and a must for every cardist.

  5. by katum litchford

    Mar 2014

    I am in love with this DVD,it has the perfect flare touches that i love to add to even my simple tricks so seeing this DVD i knew i had to get it for sure. but overall it is my favourite purchase from any magic website. and is a wonderful basis for those who have some card handling abilities and its real slick with the ladies.

  6. by Cyrus Todd

    Jan 2014

    I would honestly pay the whole price just for the 4 card control, this is amazing, a must have for all card workers who like to use a bit of flare in their routines.

  7. by Eric Bailey

    Jan 2014

    GREAT, refreshing, fun, classy, slick card controls. Some are practical... Some aren't. This DVD is beautifully done. Very artistic, flourishy, cardistry feel. There is no sound on the verbal explanations...but the camera angles are good. I rather enjoyed trying to puzzle through some of these without all the voice over.

  8. by Brandon Pearce

    Dec 2013

    Ollie Mealing's control is a beautiful video full of extraordinary cinematography peppered in here and there. The controls in this video are mostly useful but only in certain situations. The moves are difficult as it is but the no talking makes it more so. While this video could have been great even spectacular, this video has faded into the background of unimpressive videos which go unwatched. Done right this video could have been the best video for controls out there. However there is no sense in mourning a video for what it could have been. So it is with a sad and empty heart that I give this video 2/5*s.

  9. by Maxim Viel

    Nov 2013

    A great buy, for great value. The controls found within this download are truly invisible and undetectable. The naturalness of some of the controls allows them to be incorporated into any card trick. The fact that these controls only control the single card instead of a pack of cards like a pass is also a big thumbs up. Although most of them do require quite some practice and dexterity, anything good is going to. Overall these controls will keep you busy for a while and are going to smoothen up your card handling. If I had to point out one con, it would be that there is no audio, but the different angles really do compensate. Five starts without a doubt. If you are looking to learn some smooth and working controls, this is definitely what you want to get.

  10. by Frankie Smith

    Sep 2013

    Some amazing controls that are fresh and not just your typical type of controls. A couple are a little hard but most are easy and just take a little practice.

  11. by Curtis Stabler

    Sep 2013

    All the controls are very unique. Most of them are easy there are a few more challenging ones. No talking or tips makes it a little harder to learn. I had fun learning them but i haven't really found a use for any of them yet. I think i just prefer more natural movements They just all have a little too much flourish for my preference.

  12. by Joseph Ramsay

    Aug 2013

    This is amazing! This is no funny business, no history, just the tutorials. And each one is fantastic! Some are covert, some are flourishy. and I'm excited to master each one of them!

  13. by Tristan Wine

    Aug 2013

    These are some great controls! I must admit that this DVD blew away my expectations. All are original, flow well, and look flourishy (if that's a word). My personal favorite is 'Behind Bars', and 'Tumble' follows as close second.

    My only issue is that a few of the controls aren't angle-proof, and are easily messed up, even a the right angle.

    I like eight of the eleven, and think that those eight are worth it (The bonus ace control too! (It's awesome!)). Five stars!

  14. by Josh Burch

    Aug 2013

    This is a solid DVD with some great material. If you are a move money or a flourisher who does magic this is a must have. There are 5 or 6 Dan and Dave style Controls that are fun to practice, they might be angle sensitive, bold and tough to do. There are one or two that are nearly self working which is nice, for the most part they require you to handle the deck in a slightly stylized way or use a table. These controls for the most part are about as difficult as a side steal or turnover pass, given the proper practice it's hard to imagine not taking something away from this DVD.

  15. by Connor Clarke

    Aug 2013

    Effective and revolutionary controls, very smooth and trustworthy if practiced in depth. Biggest downfall is no audio, he doesn't talk whatsoever so it makes practice abit harder.

  16. by Tyler Roberts

    Jul 2013

    this was a great video, it requires patience and time however. what I did was watched it once without a deck of cards, and just picked the one I thought would be good to start on, and once i nailed that one after a couple days of practice i learned another one, and so on. this dvd will keep me occupied for probably a year. well done ollie

  17. by Ryan H.

    Jul 2013

    Just what the doctor ordered...

    These moves are bold, in your face but I have yet to get caught. "RELOAD" happens so fast that they don't even think you have had enough time to do anything.

    You WILL have to practice the controls over and over so they look natural and fluid BUT it is completely worth it.

  18. by Jack Roberts

    Jul 2013

    I won't lie all these tricks are absolutely amazing!!! The only reason I give it 4 four starts is because the man does not talk or give any tips!

  19. by Samuel Sorenson

    Jul 2013

    This is a great purchase for as many controls as you get. The controls are hard to learn when you have the download form because you don't have rewind like on a dvd. I wish there was verbal, but even so it is shown pretty well. These moves do not seem practical though, unless you like looking amazing! Which I like.

  20. by Channing Perkins

    Jul 2013

    Amazing, easy to learn, smooth controls that when done correctly never fail. Definitely recommend this for any magician. Great to incorporate to an ambitious card routine.

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