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Gorgeous and ethereal, the Tundra marks the next deck in the elite Artifice franchise.

It looks like a dream and handles like a dream. Smooth, icy white. The deck features colorless court cards and "stripped down" Artifice Ace of Spades.

Feel Tundra...... the deck comes to life in your hands and *almost* performs for you.

Order your brick today.

-Metallic Line Art to Enhance the Deck Design

-Carefully Chosen Finish for Durability and Perfect Handling
-Printed in the USA by the US Playing Card Company

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Michael Brazell

    Oct 2015

    I'm giving this product five stars because it's earned it. While I have used many decks for card games, tarot readings and for cardistry, this deck really stands out from the rest.
    These cards really do last, I've been working hem very rigorously for the past two weeks and seeing very little performance change. If a solid deck for the long run is what you are after, then buy this deck.

  2. by Sam Banister

    Aug 2015

    Man, This deck is amazing. I love the feel. Great for small groups and large groups.

  3. by Max Bolles

    Jun 2015

    Amazing deck. It looks sleek and the custom pips are amazing. The color combos in the royalties make the cards stunning. Not to mention they handle great. BUY THESE CARDS!!!

  4. by Hunter

    Jul 2014

    Just Got my Artiface Tundra Deck and it is amazing! Works very well for magic and cardistry and it handles amazingly. Comes with a double backer and a joker reveal for some great tricks. Overall, the Tundra is instantly one of my top 5 decks of cards

  5. by Nick Young

    Jul 2014

    The cards are awesome, this we know. I can't say enough about how much I love the designs and colors of the Artifice line, other than I am a fool for taking my time with the red V1s. I digress.

    I ordered 14 decks (split between purple and Tundra Artifice) to make playing card rose favors for my upcoming wedding (some will also make their way into all the bouquets). Not even entirely my idea.... my fiancee (I've made several for her, before, with other cards) insisted, and they go with our color scheme.

    We couldn't be happier that they made it with the amount of time we have to work with to do those and so many other things for the big day, and they were extremely well packaged, therefore, remaining safe and dry until I arrived home to bring the box inside (UPS did their part to preserve the shipping box, also).

    These will be an epic addition to the wedding. Thanks to all at Ellusionist for making these bad boys available!

  6. by Thomas Satalino

    Jun 2014

    Best cards for cardistry and magic. These cards are robust and strong, and have a perfect finish that lasts. I dropped these cards thousands of times and got grime and dirt all over them yet they still performed better than any other deck i have.

  7. by Emmet Tso

    May 2014

    The whole Artifice series is just beautiful. The Tundra is my personal favorite. The minimalist back design is beautiful and the ghost style of the pips is unique.

    Whenever anyone asks what kind of deck to buy, i would recommend this deck to them. Just an awesome and well made deck for magic and flourishes alike.

  8. by Anand Tyagi

    May 2014

    I am a big fan of the artifice series since the beginning. This edition brings a new sense to the series because of it's lack of familiar color filled in on the back. The white back with the always elegant back design sets the standards high for other decks. However, while I love the new color choice (or lackthereof) I am not the biggest fan of the ghost deck like faces. I have never bought a ghost deck because I greatly dislike that splash of color on the face of the deck while the rest of the deck is all black and white. I would prefer the deck to have normal artifice faces with the color of the court cards altered to be appropriate to the deck. So while I love the new choice of back, I am not a big fan of the faces.

  9. by Tyler Lashley

    Apr 2014

    The feel is nice and the deck looks good. However I have six other decks that seem to be of just as good quality and are also more durable. There is one pro to this is that it is a very smooth deck and pairs great with the other artifice decks for color changing decks.

  10. by Terry Ady

    Apr 2014

    Perfectly designed, silky smooth and they look amazing!

  11. by Sonoma Clai

    Apr 2014

    I liked them so much, I went back and bought a brick!

  12. by Alex Quiñones

    Apr 2014

    This artifice version is my favorite of all, it flourishes so smoothly it fans and spreads so easily, and I love the clear icy white looks of this awesome design great for magic or for collectors.

  13. by Manuel C-B

    Apr 2014

    These cards are amazing the Ace of spades is by far the best Ace of any deck anywhere. The only thing that was not spectacular was the Joker. On the computer the Joker looks epic and the smoke around him looks visually striking but on the card it is what it can be. But it is still beyond cool.

  14. by Andrew

    Mar 2014

    The color is great and adds dimension to my routines, especially when a lot of my other decks are dark colors. I love the white, the design, everything.

  15. by Bill Bateman

    Jan 2014

    I have gotten in to using lighter colors in cards, and the Tundra are great. I like the design and the handling. Art work is great and a cool Joker. The rest has been said right here. Read on Mac Duff. :-)

  16. by Michael Warren

    Jan 2014

    I like these cards a lot. They feel great, and look cool, fan well, DL easily, and dribble well.

    They are my new "go-to" deck of choice.

  17. by Thomas Baker

    Jan 2014

    Absolutely outstanding deck. Fans like butter. The red cards are absolutely amazing. The colors on the corner really pop out at you. Love the colors, love the design, love the gloss.

    Well done Ellusionist.

  18. by Stephen Blum

    Jan 2014

    Equally as amazing as the other Artifice deck, with the added bonus of being beautifully simple. The beautiful design makes me want to try to make this deck last as long as possible. Unlike my emerald deck which is pretty beaten up.

  19. by Mark Blancken

    Jan 2014

    This is an all around AMAZING deck of cards! The design is amazing and they feel even better. The colorless and borderless court cards are very visual yet subtle. If you are even considering buying a deck of cards it should be this one!

  20. by William Chow

    Jan 2014

    this deck represents so much stuff, its white like heaven, an angle, snow, everything. Black deck are amazing to conceal hidden gimmicks but this is probably one of my favourite white decks ellusionist has put out on the website currently. perfect for everrything and is visually appealing.

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