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The Most Visual Coin Through Glass We've Ever Seen

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Coins have passed through everything, hands, tables, pockets, metal boxes and of course drinking glasses.

What they haven't done is pass through visually and in slow motion. Alex Ward has done exactly that. He's created the fairest, cleanest and most visual coin through glass we've ever seen.

A coin is placed in the mouth of a glass, you can see it sitting there. Then visually, and oh so slowly, it is pulled down through the side wall of the glass. Words really don't do this beautiful effect justice. You have to watch the trailer of Alex doing this.

Best of all, it is all done with a normal glass and a normal coin.

Think about that, normal glass, normal, coin, you place the coin in the glass and slowly, visually pull it through the side wall of the glass. It looks like real magic. Seriously, watch the trailer right now.

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  1. by Rolly

    Jan 2014

    A surprisingly simple effect that is surprisingly simple to master with not so surprising astonishing reactions.

  2. by Mitchell Moore

    Jul 2013

    Good job Alex. I hope to see more things you come out with :) This is a really good coin through glass trick, even with the glasses I currently have, which are not good for this type of trick, worked really well.

    -Mitchell Moore

  3. by Jeremy MacInnes

    Jun 2013

    This is the cleanest and most visual coin through glass I've ever seen!

  4. by James Gal

    Jun 2013

    One of the best coin through glass routines ive ever seen, its so clean and definitly worth buying

  5. by George Papadopoulos

    Jun 2013

    This is the cleanest Coin in Glass ive ever seen! Worth its money.

  6. by Tim Sikora

    May 2013

    The explanation covered various techniques and nuances to maximize the brilliance of the trick. However, it is disappointing to learn it is not as improptu in nature as suggested.

  7. by Jacob Schapira

    May 2013

    Absolutely incredible

  8. by geoflyer15

    May 2013

    I love the coin in glass plot. I thought this would give me a perfect kicker ending. I was a bit disappointed with the effect and explanation thereof.

    First, you should know it is shot in England, using English currency and products to make the gimmick found in (I assume) England. The design of the coin does matter as I have been trying to do it with a U.S. quarter with mixed results.

    The explanation is done in an interview style, hitting on some key points, but missing out on several others. I have tried as I might to duplicate the outcomes, but with varied success.

    Good luck trying to do this "impromptu" in a restaurant, bar or club. Given the method (secret) by the time you are ready to perform it, it is a crap shoot as to whether or not it will work.

    Sadly, I believe it to be a great effect that looks amazing on video. (I paid full price before it was reduced just days later). But in real time performance, there are too many variables that could cause failure. (not to mention angle problems and sight line issues)

    I like the idea, and the production is spot on. Just not very practical for working magicians for continued use on a nightly basis.

  9. by Henry Portillo

    May 2013

    its an alright trick pretty simple to be honest but his tips about angles and how to perform are what really is worth the price.

  10. by daniel lam

    May 2013

    the effect looks amazing on camera. when i saw the first few minutes of the video and saw the method i didnt exactly feel comfortable with performing this as it is a little angle sensitive. but alex does go really in depth with the trick talking through the subtleties and angles which i appreciated. this would be a great effect when performing for a few people but u would definitely have to be careful if performing for larger groups

  11. by anonymous

    Apr 2013

    well-produced dvd with nice subtles but over-priced, over-hyped, and falsely advertised.

  12. by Andrew

    Apr 2013

    Really neat trick and very visual BUT the explanation isn't the best. You'd think in a 45 minute video that you'd get a lot of info on technique. I'm not one of those snobs who talks crap just for the sake of talking crap. They do great on the sleight of hand explanations for the coin, but they barely give any info on hand placement when "inserting" the coin "into" the glass. I wanted to know how to position my fingers and an easy way to make the coin "stay" and to properly slide the coin without it hitting an edge and falling. I want to make it realistic. I don't want to get too into it since I could spoil it, but I wish they had more on where the hands go which is probably the biggest part of the trick. Anyway I think there could be some improvements but for 9 bucks this isn't a bad deal.

  13. by jonathan chong

    Apr 2013

    Was pretty amazed at the amount of subtleties and extra info given in the download to make the trick work.

    The method is simple yet deceiving in its own way! Excellent work on it!

    However, one thing to note from the trailer is that you cant exactly have audiences looking into the glass from its open end. Other than that, its a great trick that would always get people's mind blown~

  14. by Beau Challis

    Apr 2013

    this trick is pretty sick, however not ideal for street performance as its angles are terrible. also it is a little oversold in the trailer, there is one point where it is basically false advertising. HOWEVER still includes loads of great ideas on switches, palms and method and the trick does blow peoples minds it just looks ridiculous. For $9 cant go wrong.

  15. by david leiper

    Apr 2013

    CTG by Alex Ward is an extremely visual effect whereby a coin is puled though the side of a glass. The method is simple (a big plus in my mind) and the effect itself looks fantastic.

    There are some angle restrictions but this could easily be performed to a group of people in front of you.

    The quality of teaching is good and I like the relaxed style of the presenters (although that James Corden is not nearly so funny since he lost all the weight!- joke)

    In short a delightfully simple and very visual effect that will be put straight to use by me. For that, this is great value.

  16. by Marc Spelmann

    Apr 2013

    A genuinely lovely optical illusion that is actually workable in the real world. Organic in nature and totally convincing.

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