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Justin Miller re-emerges with power on Ellusionist.

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Divorce is A-List worker material at its finest. Battle tested in thousands of live performances, the dynamic routine hits in multiple phases, each stronger than the one before.

You won't find any ring move more effective or visually amazing than the PULL-THROUGH.... you will stop people IN THEIR TRACKS when you perform it.

Finally you won't be forced to pull out your deck when someone asks to see a trick, leave that for later. Gather your crowd with something really visual. Divorce them, using their own ring.

  • No ring is gimmicked in this routine even though spectator may think they are
  • Relatively easy to perform with some practice
  • Battle tested in thousands of live performances
  • The routine is meant to be performed with ALL EYES BURNING YOUR HANDS
  • You won't believe how this looks when you start performing the moves in the mirror
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    1. by Elizabeth Horner

      Apr 2016

      Wonderful tutorial. Within just 15 minutes of watching you can feel confident in your ability to perform this jaw-dropping routine from the brilliant mind of Justin Miller. It provides clear instruction and wonderful detail.

    2. by jackson f

      Jan 2016

      Get this now!!! The pull through just requires 5 minutes of practice to get it looking great. Just wanted to give a tip: use a ring that fits you good. I would use your own ring to do the effect and pass it around for inspection afterwards. Then use a spectators rung fit the transposition.

    3. by james mitchell

      Dec 2015

      I have all of the bold DVD's by Justin and let me tell you. They are the best. He explains everything in detail. I also have Divorce. People ask me all the time to perform Divorce and when I add Blood Link too it, amazing reactions I get. Can't wait to see what else you have coming out. I have only been doing magic a few years and people think I've been doing this my life. Thanks for the great products. Love the reactions every time. Whether I'm in a restaurant or in the mall. I walk up to people and BAM! They love it.

    4. by Eric Zaks

      Jul 2015

      I am surprised how cheap this effective routine costs. Justin Miller teaches you so clearly that you will be able to do what he does in days. Divorce will definitely improve your magic abilities and I hope you make the right decision buying this routine.

    5. by Justin Miller

      Jul 2015

      I wanted to come on here and say a HUGE THANK YOU! To ALL of you!114 reviews on ONE effect is PLATINUM level in this art and It could not have been reached without ALL of you! I knew I had something very special when I created DIVORCE..I just did not know how special until you guys showed up:)
      Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.
      Justin Miller

    6. by Jonah Egold

      Jun 2015

      Crazy good material.
      I use it all the time, it is so easy to carry on you since it consist of no gimmicks and just one ring.
      One of the moves on here is so simple to do and mind blowing and one of the stronger effects!
      The ring to shoulder is nothing new but is as good as coin to shoulder.
      Combining simple sleights and easy moves is all you need to get this done! I highly recommend this!

    7. by Tucker Urick

      Mar 2015

      Absolutely great ring routine, i took a while to review this because i really wanted to learn it through and perform it for a variety of audiences. that being said it is an absolutely stunning routine, some of the moves are tricky to get but Justin does a perfect job of explaining everything. He's calm, collected and goes through each and every point down to the smallest detail. If you want to expand your magic to include not only cards but now rings? Buy this, buy it now.

    8. by Leon Dolama

      Feb 2015

      This is the best go-to effect, instead of going in to your pockets and pull out a deck of cards. Instead you take off your ring pull it trough your finger and so MUCH more and you are clean.
      I use this all the time thank you so much Justin for creating this awesome piece of magic.

      Sorry for my English i am from Sweden :)

    9. by Jordan Dyk

      Jun 2014

      This is my go-to effect whenever I tell someone I'm a magician and they ask me to show them something. It's a great hook which can lead into you showing the spectator(s) card tricks, coin tricks, etc. It's a routine that establishes your credibility as a magician without using the trademark cards or coins. What is even better is that the spectator(s) actively participate which is what magic is all about.

    10. by Andrew Kwang

      Mar 2014

      Just bought this trick, and I have to say its really good. Yes, I did just buy this recently, and I'll need to practice for a while before I'll actually perform it, but I liked the tutorial a lot, it was a bit vague on a couple parts but I was able to catch on. It's not all that difficult, but I'd suggest that you get a light-weight ring if you want to perform Divorce rather than a heavy metallic ring.

    11. by Jaret

      Feb 2014

      This is a great tutorial for a great routine. If you like ring magic or just want a great effect, this is a wonderful product.

    12. by Valentin

      Feb 2014

      This is one of the best tricks I have ever seen. First doesn't use the usual magic tools, second extremely visual and third if you perform it good you'll gonna get the reactions you want.

    13. by Paul Reynolds

      Feb 2014

      awesome effect that's not hard to learn. been using it since i downloaded it. blowing people away is easy with this powerful magic!

    14. by Jake Trowbridge

      Jan 2014

      The perfect set of techniques to pick up if you are looking to expand your repertoire. Awesomely visual and wonderfully impromptu.

    15. by Jon Mills

      Jan 2014

      For anyone who is new to magic, listen up...

      First you can't beat the price. It's a no-brainer! $9 is a drop. So no faults there.

      Second, when you practice this it really is visually amazing but it does require a bit of practice. The ring through the finger doesn't. You can nail that in about 1hour or less.

      Third, there are a few moves you need to go through to make it all work, and one that relies HEAVILY upon the ring your using being fairly big. I don't mean the ring falls off your finger when you put your hand down size. But you need a ring that you can PUSH back across your knuckle with one thumb. Watch video to see what i mean. So I am going to go buy a ring that is a little bit bigger than my current ring as my current ring really fits snug and requires hard pulling to get it across my knuckle. Once I have a decent ring this is going to be amazing. That's the only reason I give this 4 stars is because it does rely on a certain size ring to make it easier to hold and push over the knuckle.

      Beyond that, it's a wonderful trick that you can do anywhere at anytime with anyone and once you have mastered it, you are going to freak people out. ;)

      Well done Justin, you are the friggin man to come up with this stuff

    16. by Frank Brandolino

      Jan 2014

      After reading the reviews, I had to see for myself and I was not disappointed. Just another fantastic routine from Justin Miller. No surprise there. GET THIS DOWNLOAD. You won't be sorry.

    17. by BASSEM NAIFAR

      Jan 2014

      Stop reading reviews, whatever JM brings out just buy it you won't regret it.

    18. by Jason Hoag

      Jan 2014

      This is one of the best products I've gotten so far. Justin is a great teacher and is easy to follow. The price perfect and the moves he shows are very useful and insanely visual.

      Also this is one of the most practicle routines I've done. I'm never without cards but not everyone wants you to pull out cards every time and when you can do something like this with a ring its a real jawdropper.

    19. by Jerry Jimenez

      Dec 2013

      One of the most well thought out ring routines that I've seen in a while. Flows very well and its just one surprise after the other leaving your spectators speechless. While practicing each part of this routine individually, I did the pull-through and my wife flipped! She kept telling me.. "there's no way! I saw it but there is no way!" Great impromptu routine. 5 stars without a doubt. Three words, ADD TO CART

    20. by Tim de Vos

      Dec 2013

      This is an absolute worker. I am amazed by the simplicity and of course the price! Now the reason it's so cheap is because he doesn't go into allot of detail, the download is 20 min long, but the slights that are used are pretty basic. If you're a beginner don't worry, just rewind a couple of times ;). I have spent so much money on seemingly great and impossible magic tricks but the ones you end up using the most are the ones that require none or very little set up. This routine is completely impromptu, and since the effects are so visual and short (and don't involve cards;) ) it's a great opening routine. If you do other ring magic like I do, you might not use every effect, I will use the slap on finger ring, the ring through finger and the transpo, I won't use the ring on shoulder. I believe Justin when he says he's using this everyday. Thank you Justin Miller.

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