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Justin Miller re-emerges with power on Ellusionist.

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We deliberately included a full length performance so you can see the possibilities of easy banter with the routine. Justin is the master of this kind of lead in.

The moves are extremely simple in Aftershock but the impact plays BIG. A torn, signed playing card restores itself in a FLASH. It happens so quickly that often you will get stunned silence until the trick sinks in.

Add Aftershock to your repertoire. It will pay for itself with a million reactions.

  • Easy set up
  • Can be performed surrounded
  • Battle tested in thousands of live performances
  • The move is meant to be performed with ALL EYES ON YOUR HANDS
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    1. by jackson f

      Feb 2016

      It is an amazing trick but it can be a bit noisy before you rip the card. I suggest using Rubber Cement instead of what he suggests.

    2. by Joe MacF

      Aug 2015

      This will require a little misdirection at the 'business moment' of the effect, but the sheer impact makes it worth perfecting that moment.
      Plays less well in front of a camera than some effects, but in real use it will floor a small audience. If you enjoy this kind of effect check out Descent and Vibration, they're both awesome.

    3. by Randall Smith

      May 2014

      After a few years of leaving the art alone I decided to get back in because of Justin Miller's work. I have purchased several of his instructional videos now and have to say his work with this effect is outstanding. There are a few subtleties that would allow this to be done with next to no setup, so keep that in mind after you purchase this. I look forward to more.

    4. by nkosinebantu

      Apr 2014

      straight forward, simple.....amazing.....it's always the simple ones that seem to amaze the most :)

    5. by Aaron Ace

      Mar 2014

      One Word... WOW! This trick is incredible. Hard hitting, Visual, Mind Blowing, and Simple to Perform. I must admit, it is an off beat effect where the audience sometimes do not know how to respond so you may not be satisfied with the reaction, but trust me, they will respond later, hence the name Aftershock. This is a must have in any repertoire. Buy this now!

    6. by Ethan Magic

      Mar 2014

      Great trick highly recommended. The gimmick is really easy.

    7. by Shubhan Shukla

      Jan 2014

      AMAZING!!! just hands down amazing trick, and for the price... you cannot get anything better! :)LOVE IT!

    8. by Shubhan Shukla

      Jan 2014

      Okay!!! Damn best trick ever! Really surprises and amazes people and its not slow or boring to watch! It'll leave a memory I guess you can say and for the price... You cannot get anything better!

    9. by Russ Parson

      Nov 2013

      This is my favorite trick to preform. I end with this trick, I think I will always end with this trick. When a friend of someone who saw me asks "Oh you saw a magician, eh? What kinda stuff did he do?" This is what I want them to say.

      I preformed this for my boss at work, and now she carries her signed card from this trick around in her wallet. I've caught her telling people about this trick.

      It's my showstopper.

    10. by Jonathon Fisher

      Nov 2013

      This trick will get some of the best reactions possible from a magic effect if performed right! Justin Miller is a Legend!!!

    11. by Dawson Boyle

      Oct 2013

      This trick is the most visual trick i have ever performed, and never leaves your spectator without a reaction it can also be performed surrounded by people and the gimmick is extremely cheap to make. For the 10 dollar price tag its totally worth it! thanks Justin Miller once again another amazing trick!

    12. by Hyrum Dunford

      Sep 2013

      This is definitely one of JM's greatest downloads. The sleights/moves are easy enough for even beginner card magicians to learn and the gimmick takes about 3 minutes to make. I'm not usually a fan of gimmick card magic but with the stunned reactions this effect gets you, its definitely worth buying, especially for the low cost.

    13. by Hunter Drago

      Sep 2013

      I've never been a fan of torn and restored cards. However, this affect was powerful enough to change my mind. The only reason I took a star off is that the gimmick is knack to make at first.

    14. by justin oneill

      Aug 2013

      love it... i recommend aftershock.. its solid and a permanent trick for my arsenal.. KEEP EM COMMING JUSTIN!!!

    15. by mike t

      Aug 2013

      Great trick. If you build the gimmick exactly how JM tells you to it's really smooth and unnoticeable, and gets great reactions. I didn't at first(I couldn't find an item at walgreens, so I improvised), and of course it didn't work out as planned.

    16. by Quincy N.

      Aug 2013

      This trick is amazing. I get great reactions every time. I never really was a T&R fan but this trick right here is the one that made me a fan! It's well worth the price to make this gimmick. One suggestion I would make is to make more than one gimmick so you don't have to spend the time to make another one later and can do the same trick to different spectator's in the same day. Definitely using this for the rest of my life! Clean, visual, and very effective. If I could, I would give this a 10/5!

    17. by Ben Falcon

      Jul 2013

      Whenever I do this trick the audience is always in stunned silence for a few seconds until they realize what just happened. And then they absolutely freak out. Definitely worth the cost.

    18. by Justin Gilbert

      Jul 2013

      One of the best card restorations there is. JM has an incredible mind and really works hard for these tricks. Great buy.

    19. by Thomas Devine

      Jul 2013

      Th reactions you get with this are simply UNIQUE. The best T&R ever!

    20. by Struan Wilson

      Jul 2013

      Possibly my most performed routine. Bloody hell, it's good.

      I've made some small modifications, of course, but Mr Miller has excellent ideas, and his patter is very good. This one has the potential to be a real shocker.

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