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There is one fleeting moment in magic we all strive for, that makes all the effort in practice worthwhile - and that's the instant that makes the audience gasp.

With the Silky Trilogy Justin Miller has managed to stretch that moment - and make it last an entire performance.

The Silky Trilogy is a collection of effects based around Justin Miller's Silky Change, an insanely visual, simple change that you will find yourself performing in practice on a daily basis - because it's just such a fun, deceptive move.

In this download:

 • The Silky Change - The basic move that these routines are based on. The Silky Change allows for a face-up change under another card. Think Erdnase Change... but without touching the deck...

 • J-to-A - A Three Phase Routine changing four Jokers to Aces, with absolutely incredible visuals.

 Phase One: A face-up Joker beneath three face-down Jokers in a vertical spread changes with barely a wave of the hand. This is Silky at its best.
 Phase Two: With one Ace found, a face-up Joker is sandwiched between the other two face-down jokers. Touching the Ace held by the spectator changes the sandwiched Joker again.
 Phase Three: The Jaw-dropper. The faces of the two remaining Jokers are barely touched together and in an explosion of color, the final two Aces stare back at the Audience. You will be asked to do this one over and over again.

 • Replay - A four phase routine that takes the concept of the two card transposition to a whole new level. In increasing levels of impossible, the cards continue to transpose - from the standard spectator/magician transposition to a Face-Up/Face-Down instant swap in the hands - all the way through to destruction, restoration and transposition.

With more sleights, ideas and phases than it seems conceivable to fit into 30 minutes of thorough teaching, the Silky Trilogy will have you delivering hours of 'moments of true astonishment' to your audiences.

Add it to your repertoire now.

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  1. by Apostolos Papadopoulos

    Aug 2016

    I learned the trick pretty much by my own. I fell in love with it so much, so I buyed it to learn every single little move that makes it from advanced to perfect. This is so visual so easy to learn and has always great reactions. What they dont show in the trailer is that you also get a second 4-phase routine trick added to the trilogy. Definetly worth buying and adds so much to your arsenal!

  2. by aviv massad

    Dec 2015

    great move that you can put into your own routine.
    also, two fantastic tricks, and even if you don't like one of them the thing is, that they are so powerful that you can perform only one and have great reactions.
    there for, I would recommend this download to any one who likes to have great reactions.

  3. by Cristian Ponce

    Aug 2015

    JM is probably one of my favorite magicians. The way he takes the time to explains these things angles, pov etc. just awesome effect is so smooth and easy with a bit of practice clean effect.

  4. by Jonah Glunt

    Jun 2014

    This download will be the one that you perform for your friends, and then they constantly ask you to perform it again. The moves and routines in this download are so insanely visual that you will have your audience flipping out in no time. The reactions he shows in the trailer are the same reactions I get when performing this, and I'm only 14. The routines in here can be challenging at first, but you get them down quickly. And once you have them down, you'll get addicted to performing them, I guarantee. Buy this now, it's worth at least $30 and you only have to pay $9.

  5. by Jean Macedo

    Apr 2014

    JM is one great magician, and he greatly inspires me to do magic as he does. Stylish, precise, stealthy, and at the same time, pretty fun. However, in this video, Silky Trilogy, explanations could have been waaaaay more detailed. I think Justin could have taken a little more time to go over more tips and tricks on the sleights, and also explain better what NOT to do while performing. He's clearly tired on the video, and also confirms that by saying that he actually is! My sugestion is: get deeper ito the effects that are taught. Of course, most of those who buy such effects are intermediate to advanced in magic and card sleights, but you guys have also to consider the beginner to intermediate students. I myself had some hard times understanding some details of the tricks, so it would be nice to have more in depth instructions, specially on common mistakes and how to avoid them.
    But anyways, awesome tricks, fully capable of boosting a magician's repertoire. Thanks JM, and Ellusionist for such opportunity to bring more magic to my life.

  6. by Shaan Sarkar

    Feb 2014

    Amazing effect! Easy to learn, clean effect and great reactions! It is totally worth it, thank you JM. I really appreciate your routines.

  7. by Max Samel-Garloff

    Feb 2014

    Wow what a great routine! So easy to do. It does take some practice but, what trick doesn't? For perspective I still practice my fans. This is my new favorite routine because it really does get the best reactions .

  8. by Vito Vinci

    Feb 2014

    This is by far my favourite purchase off of Ellusionist! JM is flawless in his routine and teaches how to perform all the moves in great detail. The silky change is by far my favourite change to perform and works wonders when performing ACR. He teaches full routines that will drop the jaw of anyone. This is a must buy!

  9. by Nick Michael

    Feb 2014

    If you want to step your card magic, this is the exactly what you need. Thanks JM

  10. by Richard

    Jan 2014

    it is unreal how good JM is at what he does with a little practice this looks and feels so smooth. it is incredibly fun to practice. My personal favorite is J to A, but i have also perfomed the others and gotten amazing reactions. Best change i have come across in a long time.

  11. by Ben

    Jan 2014

    The instant I watched the performance, my jaw hit the floor. Watching the tutorial, even the camera man still jumps at how stunning this effect is. For $9 this is a must buy for any aspiring card magician - an absolutely brilliant effect, combined with Justin Miller's brilliant teaching makes buying this possibly one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    Can't wait to perfect this and perform on the street!

  12. by Frank Brandolino

    Jan 2014

    By far one of my favorite purchases from ellusionist, and I've made a lot of them! This download is simply amazing. JM teaches 2 whole routines, as well as the silky change which is absolutely beautiful. The "J to A" routine is out of this world. I use the routine constantly and always get great reactions with it. This could easily be sold for double the price and it would still be a great buy. Do yourself a favor, and add to cart!

  13. by Juan Morales

    Dec 2013

    I have to say, I use these routines almost daily, great stuff from JM.

    J to A has to be one of my favourite routines, I use it almost every time I do magic, the reactions I get with blank faces and the always common "Wait, how the hell did you do that?" after the first ace changes is worth the $9, which is a steal for something this good, with quality teaching by Justin.

    The Silky Change itself I've incorporated in other tricks, working wonders! Replay I'm still currently toying around with, being slightly knacky, but looks amazing overall, I don't normally rip and sign cards, but even without the torn and restore portion, the effect is amazing.

    This is an amazing buy, takes some practice but you will enjoy it, in the mirror it looks wonderful.

    Justin is by far one of the best teachers out there, keep it up.

  14. by Aidan McShane

    Nov 2013

    This is a steal for only $9. It includes three parts, one of which is the Silky Change. This change is probably the most visual change I've ever seen. It is easy, angle-proof and beautiful. The change alone is worth as much money as the whole download itself. J to A and Replay are both great, baffling routines that both utilise the change. This is well worth a purchase.

  15. by Gabriel Auerbach

    Nov 2013

    Great effect. Still working on J to A. If done well, it's impossible to see any slights. Very smooth. Miller is just great. The trick requires a lot of practice, and then some. Well worth learning it.

  16. by Jonathon Fisher

    Nov 2013

    Expect to practice this for a while before you will be able to perform it.

    Still no matter how many times I watch this trailer I am amazed by how fluid JM is when performing this.

    I would rate Justin Miller as one of the BEST when it comes to teaching card magic.

  17. by Jeff Bradley

    Oct 2013

    i absolutely love this routine! i've been working on it for a couple weeks now and unfortunately had been away from the craft for many years. i quickly found that i needed to brush up on many of the fundamentals first before i could really dig in. but, i've spent a couple hours a day brushing up and working on this routine and have now started working in front of a mirror and quite frankly, it flips me out to see it happening...even in my own hands! kudos to JM and the Ellusionist crew for providing fantastic products, customer support and most importantly...inspiration! you have a fan and customer for life here.

  18. by george lee

    Oct 2013

    great product. I love it. J to A is fantastic. silky change is good and I will be adding it to my personal routine. I will perform parts of replay but other parts I do not have enough cards to perform it over and over again. I foung replay a bit more difficult than J to A but the money is worth it.

  19. by josh

    Oct 2013

    justin is an amazing teacher and for $9 this is money well spent, the illusion is breathtaking to everyone who sees it! I highly recommend it!

  20. by olly oregan

    Oct 2013

    simply amazing routines
    i got the first routine down in a couple of hours and will soon start learning the other
    i really love this effect and it is an amazing purchase!
    if you buy it you wont regret it

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