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Our new Vintage Deck StraitJacket protects your deck FROM ITSELF.

This crazy accessory, a tribute to the escape artists who push the limits of ability, features canvas sleeves, aged leather and tarnished brass.

In our own brainstorming sessions with these deck straightjackets (which look like something out of the 1920's), some of the basic routines we've come up with include;

  • •   Numerous Invisible Deck Routines
  • •   Signed Card Appears inside the box in the jacket
  • •   Spectators chosen Card is the only card that escaped the jacket
  • •   Incredible Rising Card Routine
  • •   Card for Card Transposition ('Metamorphosis')
  • •   Triumph (or Reverse-Triumph) Routine

However the potential for routines with this device is limitless. The Vintage Deck Jacket is not just a great looking accessory. It's a myriad of routines and conversation piece in stylish packaging.

Try to restrain yourself... Pick one up today.

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  1. by Ágoston Péter

    Jul 2016

    Lovely product! One star minus, because it could be a few millimeter longer so it could protect both ends of the deck.

  2. by J D

    Jul 2016

    The product is great but there are no instructions to the different effects this gimmick can do. So little disappointed with that.

  3. by John Wofford

    May 2015

    I can't say how much I love this little straight jacket. I often start my shows by escaping out of one and then pull this out of my pocket and shift into tricks. Anytime I whip this little guy out when just performing card tricks everyone wants to get a closer look at it. I pretty much don't go anywhere without one or two on me now.

  4. by Dant

    Mar 2015

    Quality product at a great price. Able to tell a wonderful story using an invisible deck. This jacket enhanced the story that I told. I purchased two of these deck jackets. Highly recommend. Dan

  5. by Sir Robert

    Jan 2015

    I am very disappointed with this product. You have no idea how many hours it took for me to put on my sister and actually get it tightened. Granted she is early 20's and there was much pain and anguish .. but in the end it was worth it.
    I will get another to see how they look on a deck of cards.
    I need to go now .. she is screaming in pain ... duct tape here I come!

  6. by Grant Cloud

    Apr 2014

    This product is a great conversation starter! I always get comments on how awesome it looks. It not only looks good, but it protects your cards too!

  7. by Terry Ady

    Apr 2014

    This may not be a protective card clip but it is by far the most amazing looking thing you can wrap your cards in. I always keep my favorite cards inside of the jacket.

  8. by fred kirchner

    Mar 2014

    this is a very well made product as is always the case with ellusionist,just the novelty of it has a lot of potential to make a card effect more interesting..and isn"t that what it is all about..thank you folks

  9. by Richard Brealey

    Mar 2014

    A really fun idea, fits the part if you're doing any routine. It's made beautifully and looks really cool. The only problem is that it doesn't protect the cards, which isn't it's intention anyway.

  10. by Robert

    Jan 2014

    Exactly what I expected. Very nice quality and perfect for every trick where you don't have to touch the deck !!

  11. by Eric Stegman

    Jan 2014

    Love the case, every time i pull it out i say now these cards are crazy. people love it

  12. by Hayden S

    Jan 2014

    When I ordered this I thought it would be nice for a couple of tricks but it actually protects my deck a bit. I take my cards to school and I have a pocket for them in my backpack but the boxes usually get messed up. This has prevented that from happening. I love this product!

  13. by James Mac Arthur

    Jan 2014

    Very cool idea. It looks cool and has a ton of applications. Just buy one, you won't regret it.

  14. by Nicolas Delgadillo

    Jan 2014

    don't listen to anyone else. this is not tricky to open, its very easy. this deck jacket looks so cool and its very unique to have. imagine what people will think when you pull your deck of cards out of this. it has a vintage feel and it looks like a miniature straightjacket. this is

  15. by Eric Bailey

    Jan 2014

    Not at all protective, but I don't think that was ever the intention. This is so great for really SELLING the "mentalism" aspect of an ACAAN or the invisible deck. Great fun! The boxes stick a little in the corners but its no big deal. Nice!

  16. by Dean Whitlock

    Jan 2014

    definitely an ingenious work for starting conversation! i wasn't sure i wanted to get one, thinking "what would i ever do with it?" now that i have it, there are countless things to do. it's great for showing the deck as "inaccessible"

  17. by Karl Johnson

    Dec 2013

    This is the coolest! I have several of these now. I use them in a routine where a deck of cards is in a wooden card box, and in the straight jacket. The participant removes the deck from the box and the straight jacket and removes a specific card that is haunted by someone deceased who was mentally ill (their free choice). I already know which card is haunted. If they select the correct card, then this effect will work. If they don't, then it won't work and who's fault will that be? Of course, the participant. The card is later revealed in a very eerie way.
    I highly recommend this.

  18. by Tim

    Dec 2013

    looks great and has a genuine vintage feel, however knacky to open and less practical than a card clip.

  19. by Matthew Whittaker

    Dec 2013

    This is a fun little thing that adds to certain tricks. I like being able to put my deck inside of a straight jacket making impossible seemingly more impossible!

  20. by Henry Mc

    Dec 2013

    Great little thing i dropped a star because it didn't come with any tutorial for the tricks and it is a bit annoying to get on and off otherwise great product :)

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