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The team was in Hollywood recently shooting a project and whether it was at our house or out on the street I watched DM perform this many times.

It truly is the first thing he pulls out when someone wants to see an effect.

The routine flows beautifully from one phase to the next and big, BIG reactions. I'm glad you have the opportunity to learn this from such a master. Remember that you may know a few moves that you see in the trailer but the key to such dynamic reactions is the psychology BEHIND the moves. This is what Daniel teaches so well and what you'll be getting when you purchase Card to Pocket.

----- Brad Christian.


Daniel stands on the shoulders of giants to present the Madison Card to Pocket routine.

This is not only Daniel's 'goto' effect - it's both his opener and closer when he does perform it, simply because it's so powerful that nothing else can follow it.

A multiphase, modular routine, Daniel's teaching focuses on the psychology and framing of the effect to deliver a punch-to-the-throat performance each and every time. Much time is also spent on the nuances of the sleights used to address common mistakes in the card to pocket you may already perform.

Daniel leads his spectators on an unexpected journey with this routine, changing the way the card - or cards - appear each time, creating a cleaner and more impossible appearance with each phase.

Never again be at a loss when someone says 'show me something'. Shut them up with Madison's CTP.

Difficulty: Beginner.
Run Time: 19 minutes.
Format: Download.

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  1. by Kiet Tran

    May 2016

    The greatest trick I ever perform to anybody nice one DM!! Everybody should buy it!!!

  2. by Doug VanZandt

    Mar 2016

    I absolutely love this routine.

    Powerful, fun, and totally deceptive. If you can joke around and have fun with your spectators, you are going to turn their brains to mash potatoes. With so much heat on your hands and pocket its comical that you can do it over, and over.


  3. by Juan Fonseca

    Feb 2016

    This is a simple, straight forward eye candy. Even tho I knew how it was done, I had to get it to learn Daniel's thinking about it and it was totally worth it.

  4. by FRANK MEZA

    Sep 2015

    After perfecting the simple moves I have to say that this is now my favorite illusion to perform. Can be done any where with any deck. Angles aren't really a problem depending on where you stand but it's better to perform for only a few people at a time. The reactions I've been getting are priceless. This is a must!!

  5. by Gene Robbins

    Dec 2014

    I have had this effect for over a year, but it wasn't until this past Thanksgiving weekend that I really seriously studied the video. I'm still a beginner with cards but not only does Mr. Madison teach the sleights incredibly well and detailed, but he also gives a lot of tips on the performance of the effect. Right now this is probably the hardest hitting effect in my routine. I could definitely see it becoming my "Go To" effect.

  6. by Harry Newman-Plotnick

    Nov 2014

    This is a stellar trick. First, the explanation is really great and DM walks you through every step and audience management and angles and whatnot in just the right amount of depth. Second, the routine itself is really cool and fun to perform. Third, he's not lying when he says this is the only trick you have to do. It really hits that hard. Definitely get it.

  7. by Jordan Dyk

    Jun 2014

    This is now my favorite trick to perform because it truly can be performed anywhere, anytime. None of the sleight of hand is very difficult and most of the trick relies on your presentation and misdirection. As with many of DM's effects, CTP gives the magician room to grow and develop his/her own style of performance.

  8. by Josh Bowerman

    Apr 2014

    This was a great purchase. The little subtleties and psychology behind the effects were a huge help. Tonight was the first time I've got to try it out on someone and it hit big.

  9. by Dylan Gordon

    Mar 2014

    At first I didn't believe that Madison would perform only this trick to people but after learning I totally understand why. It's an easy trick that gets AMAZING reaction when performed correctly. Many complain about the angle sensitivity but that is easily overcome with some simple misdirection.

  10. by Michael Morrow

    Mar 2014

    Card to pocket is my goto trick when I have a borrowed deck, Or want to hit someone hard without any set up. Quick, Simple, Powerful. Like all true magic tricks should be. No fancy gimmicks, Just pure sleight of hand. The moves, simple, the psychology, genius. My favorite on the spot trick to use.

  11. by Noah K.

    Mar 2014

    This trick is absolutely fantastic, it is very visual and it always gets great reactions from spectators. I recommend having a bit of experience before going after this trick though, the sleights are fairly angle sensitive and will take a bit or practice. Confidence and finesse is crucial to making this trick look as smooth as it should. But if you want a trick to do that is exciting for you and your spectator then by all means buy Card to Pocket. Daniel Madison has created a great routine and it is well worth the 10 dollars.

  12. by Richard Brealey

    Mar 2014

    A great impromptu trick, a little bit difficult to get the hang of but well worth the time and money.

  13. by Ben Chambers

    Dec 2013

    Card to Pocket is a great routine by Daniel Madison. I found that it's not as easy to excecute as Madison advertises, but with the right group of people the effect is extremely powerful.

  14. by Ivan

    Dec 2013

    I have had mixed feelings about this effect. When i first saw the preview i was simply blown away and immediately purchased it. It seemed so clean and perfect that i simply couldn't resist. When i started to learn the effect i was very disappointed by how clumsy and super angle sensitive all of the sleights seemed. If you move your wrist a bit higher or lower the card is instantly in the open, take to long while putting the card away and people become suspicious. I regretted buying this effect and almost stopped practicing it entirely. Once, when i was in a busy Starbucks i whipped out my trusty Monarchs and after a while by mistake started to perform this trick. The reactions i got were phenomenal. Barely trying, while performing for 5 people i managed to completely blow them away. Since then, i allways perform this trick and i must say that with practice, the angle sensitivity of the sleights become brushed away. You will always get supreme reactions and it's so simple. I have performed this while surrounded by a crowd of people 180 degrees around me and nobody caught anything. This is well worth the buy. 5 stars.

  15. by Aidan McShane

    Dec 2013

    This is a fun, baffling routine that is taught well. Daniel Madison spends an appropriate amount of time explaining the routine. It is not too difficult, you will have it after a bit of practice. Buy it.

  16. by Giacomo Lommi

    Dec 2013

    Great 3 phase impromptu routine that establishes yourself as a magician. Great for an opener. Each phase is stronger and less expectable than the last one.
    The only thing i could say is that you are going to use a move more than once, so you can't perform it surrounded.
    One of the best effects that you can find on Ellusionist for this price.
    If i could, I would rate it 4,5.

  17. by Jamie Taliaferro

    Dec 2013

    This is the closest to a guaranteed reaction you can get from people. The moves are simple, albeit requiring a bit of practice, and the teaching is concise, but very helpful.

  18. by Ty Hill

    Dec 2013

    This is a must have routine, even if you don't use the routine itself what is taught is invaluable to any magician who uses sleight of hand. Like much of Mr. Madison's routines it takes practice and at points there may be a little frustration.. But after you figure it out and how it works with yourself it all comes together. This is a must have

  19. by Tony Mcilwraith

    Nov 2013

    I found this trick really good and the reactions i got from spectators was unbelievable. Daniel teaches it so well and in a matter of minutes watching the video you are ready to perform.

  20. by ritchie lawton

    Nov 2013

    This trick is amazing. Usually the only trick I have to do for anyone on the street to leave them with their minds blown away. There are many more possibilities that you can perform after learning this trick to make it your own. The trick has an amazing effect and usually leaves them wanting more. Great opening or closing act! Daniel Madison is a genius with this idea. And to make it even better the price is really cheap for everything you learn in the video.

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