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When you order the SHIFT Paperclip today, we'll include an extra SHIFT Paperclip in your package. (A $55 Value, included FREE.)

A bent piece of wire, held gingerly at the fingertips, slowly begins to contort, bending like it has a life of its own. Shifting the wire to present a better view, it continues to bend up and in on itself, slowly taking shape to form the large loop of a bent paperclip.

The wire is then placed in the outstretched hand of a spectator and covered, the spectator shrieking as the wire continues to move in closed hand. When it is removed, a perfectly formed paperclip remains.

The Shift Self-Bending Paperclip is the first 'extra-light' version from our incredibly successful SHIFT line, taking natural looking items - like a fork or key - and supercharging them with psychokinetic energy to bend at your will.

Developed in conjunction with Taiwan Ben, the Shift Paperclip is the perfect item to bring out in an intimate setting with just one or two spectators, but plays big enough to entertain an entire room.

Including teaching from Adam Wilber - Ellusionist's own 'hardest working magician', and additional concepts from Michael Weber, plus an EXTRA Shift Paperclip included in your package at no cost, the words 'Packs Small, Plays Big' have never been more meaningful.

Pick up the newest Shift Device Now.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by James Mac Arthur

    Jan 2015

    I will admit that I was a little disappointed with this one. The effect is very visual and magical looking, and 100% self working. The set up is what isn't so pleasant. It is not something you could do just anywhere and it requires a bit of work and time. It's a very cool effect but the preparation ruined it for me.

  2. by Michael Kriss

    May 2014

    I'm a Comedy magician, in a country where English is not prevalently spoken, magic and slap stick works great. I love this trick because in between my amazing Jonathan, style of magic and humor. I throw this little wild card in there and get amazing reactions! Since I do comedy magic the setup is part of my joke, it's clean and fair, and nobody sees it coming! I give it 5 stars because it makes an amateur a pro! Excellent ellusionist.

  3. by Triston

    Dec 2013

    This is a great effect, and gets great reactions. I love it, but it does take a little preparation, so I cant just do it whenever I want, but other than that, it is amazing.

  4. by George Sanders

    Nov 2013

    INCREDIBLE! The only reason i give it four instead of five stars is that it doesn't fold into a PERFECT paperclip, but WHO CARES, IT MOVES ON IT'S OWN?!?!?! Preperations a little difficult, though, but once again the reactions are WEIRD!

  5. by mystic tom

    Nov 2013

    I really like this effect, i have shift (key) and I like it as well but this is nice because you can look like you picked it up from the floor or basket like it was thrown away and do it for the person and get a great reaction

  6. by Dr Henry Librus

    Oct 2013

    Very good for close-up demonstration on metal bending. I propose to prepare also a closed paper clip that open like the sended one 'and by any switching method to go to the opened clip and making him to be close as a true paper clip.

  7. by Tim

    Oct 2013

    The shift Paper Clip is powerful stuff-
    I have used it and amazed onlookers every time .
    The real closer is putting it in their clasped hands so they feel it move ..Creepy is a common response ....Its good value

  8. by Robin Riggs

    Oct 2013

    The Shift Paperclip is great! But it would be cooler if it started out shaped as a paper clip, and then unbent.

  9. by Jonathan Todd

    Oct 2013

    Hate to not give 5 stars but the clip just starts bending back within seconds. Temp for the change in a normal air conditioned room is just too high. Are others out there who have bought the product experiencing this issue too? I have the fork and the key. Fork stays straight best. Key never is really flat - always has a bit of bend in it. All the products bend too fast.

  10. by wflonta

    Oct 2013

    This is an amazing product!! If you are familiar with the Shift line of products, then you know this has potential to make you the talk of the party. For sure a reputation maker. After playing/practicing with this for a while yesterday, I decided to use it today at work. I was able to borrow a paperclip and bend it in front of the spectator, then pulled the old switcheroo and bam, she was flipping out.

    I suggest playing with a magnet in your back pocket if you want to pull a switch!! Hang the original out of your pocket ready to go (so it can be grabbed easily) and you can easily and quickly take the real clip and stick to magnet and bring back the Shifted one!! Make sure your bends look similar.

    Happy Shifting and enjoy!! :)


  11. by Justin Pogue

    Oct 2013

    This is fantastic... hits extra hard. Keep your eye on it, I've already had someone drop it when it was moving in her hand.

  12. by erik blackwell

    Oct 2013

    i just got this in the mail, and wow! i think this is more believable than the fork and key, only because it transforms into the right shape that it was! This is the must get trick by far for a cheap price on Ellusionist. Plus, this trick comes with an extra paperclip for free, and an instructional download! cant beat that :)

  13. by Derek Buitron

    Sep 2013

    This thing looks and feels normal. An extra item is needed to do it the way the video says. The video is a link that you get in the package, don't expect a DVD.
    But this is Nice.The way I will perform this is to ask if anybody has tried to straighten a paper clip and then put it back to normal. then do what you do best SHIFT into stun mode when you show them how you do it.

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