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These decks are printed with the exact same Pantone as those used on Wynn Casino decks. Daniel has been a fan of the Wynn style since the opening of the Vegas Casino, and the Brown Rounders are his homage to the classic casino stylings.

A Note from Daniel Madison

I tested over 50 different stocks and finishes to find and create my perfect deck of playing cards.

With both conscious and subconscious influences from the casino industry as well as my own visceral world I believe that I found something in the Rounders that represents who I am and what I stand for.

I have always thought that everything beautiful is either intricate or simple, and I am drawn to the latter, especially in design.

I have stayed true to that idea through every stage of the design and production of the Madison Rounders.

I wanted to create a deck of cards that somehow reflected my style and ideals through simplicity. The Madison Rounders are beautifully minimal in design, they are bold and strong with only three colors used throughout. They host an Ace of Spades fit for any casino.

With help from Jeff Lianza, Peter Mckinnon, the Ellusionist team and my closest friends, I am proud to present the Madison Rounders.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Krisnapati Bayu

    Mar 2016

    an addition color to the rounders, but still the black one is my favorite, i give 3 start because this card is really easy to damage the not last really longger

  2. by Luis Placencia

    Jan 2016

    I cannot recommend these cards enough. Personally I feel they are better than the black rounders, they handle like a dream, the cards look stunning straight out of the box and handle better than the black rounders. I really recommend them.

  3. by Bennett Shulze

    May 2014

    Beautiful deck, handles extremely well, and great art on court cards. I have had many positive comments on these cards and the quality is also amazing.

  4. by Alex Hunter

    Mar 2014

    Out of the box these cards are simply mind blowing. The minimalistic/classy backs really stand out and the finish is remarkable. Would recommend to anyone.

  5. by Blake Mooney

    Mar 2014

    The best cards i have ever had the pleasure to perform with. Simply astounding.

  6. by im

    Mar 2014

    great deck. There is a slight thickness to these cards, in a good way. They also handle great and have a simple but elegant design.

  7. by Gábor

    Feb 2014

    I just opened this deck, and.... wow, so elegant, so sure im gonna get some more!! Thanks a lot!

  8. by Tyler S

    Feb 2014

    Perfect handling. The design is also flawless and I love the beautiful brown color scheme for the deck.

  9. by Jake Trowbridge

    Jan 2014

    Absolutely flawless handling and a wonderfully simple design.

  10. by Jeff Eastman

    Jan 2014

    First off, thank you Daniel Madison, and ellusionist, for a superb playing card. Rounders will now be my "go to" choice of playing cards. I ordered black and brown, and both are out of this world! Weather you're a collector, performer, Player or Dealer, Rounders are a must have! Order yours today. You won't be disappointed.

  11. by William Chow

    Jan 2014

    Red is my favourite colour, but because the red rounders are rare, brown is the next best for me, it has an amazing feel to it and my spectators love this deck as much as i do. So great that whenever i destroy a card for a trick my heart burns.

  12. by Zvi Hassan

    Jan 2014

    My favorite was the black rounders. I loved the dark-black design but then I ordered the brownders and.

    They are so simple, elegant and unique - You MUST have them. you cannot possibly regret it.

  13. by Jonas Miller

    Dec 2013

    Fantastic deck of cards. It feels so slick and is great for card collectors, magicians, flourishes, and your grandma. The back design is simple and perfect and I love it.

  14. by Matthew Whittaker

    Dec 2013

    I wasn't sure about having a brown deck of Rounders, when I received them and started playing with 'um I quickly changed my mind and think they look great!

  15. by Alex Orians

    Dec 2013

    Simply AWESOME!! These are my new favorite cards, something I would never leave the house without. In using the "Brown Wynn" color, you hit the nail right on the head. Another Great deck from Daniel Madison.

  16. by Bernard Mingo

    Dec 2013

    Amazing, simply amazing.

    They Handle after weeks of play and handling, their design is gorgeous, the design is so great in every single way!

    If you don't buy a deck your only cheating yourself.

  17. by Benny Wen

    Dec 2013

    This deck is just everything you love about the black rounders...but brown! If you like a change up of colour to your routines, give the brown a try. You will definitely love them as much as the black rounders.

  18. by Brandon Blankenship

    Dec 2013

    Beautiful. Just like the blacks but offer color change possibilities. D puts great work into his products. Very impressed.

  19. by Corey Werber

    Dec 2013

    This deck is DM's take on the Wynn deck. When I got the black rounders, I was impressed on how well they were made. After 5 months, I'm still using the same deck because they were made so well. This deck feels the same and I am sure it will last a long time. The brown is a good addition to the series. I just wish I could get my hands on some blues!

  20. by Babita Kapoor

    Nov 2013

    It is an amazing deck I just love to do tricks with this deck.
    The deck is very elegant and classy

    BUY THIS DECK!!!!!!

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