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Uniquely designed, the gaff system is the only type of gaff deck in its class. A complete system that can be used across the Tundra (White), Emerald Green or Cobalt Blue Artifice Decks. Never before has something as outrageous as this project been attempted, all three colors together in one deck.

Our first Gaff Deck came from the mind of Justin Miller. The follow-up ‘UltraGaff’ came from the twin creative minds of Wayne Houchin and Daniel Garcia. We knew with The Gaff System, we just had to go one better. Enter Three of the best minds in magic today.


We flew Daniel Madison, Eric Jones and Calen Morelli to Vegas, and locked them up in a hotel room for three days, until they emerged with a notebook FILLED with sketches and ideas - the original concepts for the Gaff System. From there began the process of culling effects OUT of the deck, ensuring only the best ideas from that session remained.

After a full week in Los Angeles, performing for strangers on Venice Beach, refining the handling of each effect until it was FLAWLESS, and shooting the explanations in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, we’re proud to look back and say that this is undoubtedly the best gaff deck ever produced.

Full Overview

This is where the Gaff System differs from other decks; within are 15 separate effects that for any other project would be sold as standalone products - but with our mission to create the most insane gaff deck ever, we combined them all into this ONE deck.

From a torn and restored card that melts back together in a unique and unexplainable way, to a chosen card becoming a chapstick in a spectator’s hands. Each effect in this system is a worker. There is no room for ‘filler’. Each card placed in the deck has been carefully considered against a ‘wait-list’ of other effects to determine whether it TRULY belonged.



When we took the finalised artwork to USPCC we were told that the Gaff System could not be made. The photo realism of some of the cards in the deck used too many colors for the printers to handle, and cards like the ‘Chaptrick’ had them worried - because it looked ‘so much’ like a real Chapstick it sent their legal department scurrying.

Undeterred, we found our own printer who not only matched the feel of the cards in the deck to those in the Artifice Deck - but printed with such high quality that even Mike Clarke, who created the graphics for the deck, was impressed.

15 Unbelievable Effects. 3 Superstars of Magic. 1 Incredible Project. This is, The Gaff System.

The Superstars


Since his first release ‘Clench’ with Ellusionist, Calen’s gone on to do some pretty amazing things. Things like ‘Consulting for David Blaine, David Copperfield and Dynamo’. Serious credentials. Calen's style is organic magic, effects that challenge people’s understanding of everyday objects - and it’s this bending of reality that he brings to the Gaff System.

Taught by Calen Morelli : Mismade Jack | Chaptrick | TRNT | Shadowplay | Meld


As Creative Consultant for Ellusionist, Daniel Madison utilises his creative flair, studies in deception, and hard-earned experience to deliver remarkable effects to our catalogue. Daniel’s signature releases are used by a who’s-who of magic. It's Daniel's unique blend of 'impossible objects' and 'impossible occurrences' that makes his effects stand out in this set.

Taught by Daniel Madison : Angle Z | Half Vanish | Magnify | Peek Box


Although best known for his work with coins, Eric Jones’s card work is finessed and elegant - a trait that underlines the effects Eric brought to the Gaff System. In this DVD, Eric builds on the work of Larry Jennings, Marlo, Erdnase, Hugard and Braue to deliver four effects with style and grace rarely seen in gaffed card magic.

Taught by Eric Jones : Hoarders | Morph | Side Effect | On Point .

In the Box

The Gaff System consists of 2 parts - the Artifice Gaff Deck and the two-disc Gaff System DVD. While they are available separately, the deck by itself is only sold as a ‘refill’ - as without prior purchase of the DVD you will not know how to use the deck.

Containing 54 cards utilised for 15 effects (listed below) and tailored for use with the Green, Blue or White Artifice decks - including vital extras of those cards you’re likely to be giving away - the Artifice Gaff Deck is the backbone of this system.

The two-disc DVD set contains over three hours of performances, teaching, invaluable advice and real world tips from the guys who actually created the effects - and know the potential of these as hard-hitting pieces of magic. Calen Morelli takes to Venice Beach to share the newly created magic of the Gaff System, and astonishes crowd after crowd with these tricks...

The Effects

  MisMade Jack... The printing on a single playing card moves with the wave of the hand - twice - leaving the spectator with an impossible object - a misprinted Jack. This effect is so visual, even Peter McKinnon flipped out during the filming of the explanation.

Chaptrick... When we shared this video on social media, our Facebook exploded - nearly 400 shares and 1800 likes on this trick alone. The card chosen by a spectator vanishes from the deck - only to appear in the Chapstick they’ve been holding the whole time.

TNRT... This is Brad Christian’s favorite of all the effects on the Gaff System. The clearly torn flap of a tuck-box restores with a rub of the finger. Hyper visual - and totally unexplainable.

Shadowplay... Who hasn’t used the light on a camera phone to navigate through the shadows at night? In this trick, Calen uses the light to produce a shadow on a playing card - a shadow that stays fixed, even when the finger that made it is taken away.

Meld...A Torn and Restored Card effect that restores in the spectator’s hands… but not the way you’d think. Four clearly torn pieces are placed in the outstretched hands of the spectator, only to meld together in a misshapen stack.

Hoarders... Four Kings are placed into a card box and three selections lost in the deck. When the card box is opened again - the selections are seen sandwiched between the Kings. With a pinch, the Kings disappear - leaving only the selections behind - and the Kings? Face up, in the middle of the deck.

Morph... This is how a color change really should look. A single card morphs back and forth between a Queen and a Four, with a wave of the hand before being handed back to a spectator, one card - completely changed.

Side Effect... An effect where your imagination is the only limit. The writing on the side of a deck of cards changes with a wave of the finger. Anything from ‘Your Card is’ changed to ’Three of Hearts’ through to ‘Happy Birthday’ changed to ‘(Spectator’s Name)’. Great for conveying a personal message - or using as an ‘Impromptu Magic 8 Ball'.

On Point... A chosen card is lost in the deck, and the Artifice Joker enlisted to help find it. With a flutter of the card, the joker points to wherever the spectators card is located - even when he’s moved away from the deck. Eric Jones breathes life into the deck’s mysterious gentleman.

Angle Z... While Madison devotes a whole DVD to Angle Z- here, this is the incredible Gaff System Version. The corner of a card is ripped off and then gently balanced on the card’s back. Slowly the card is tilted - with the corner defying gravity, staying stuck to the card. Not just stuck - melted.

Half Vanish... Like an Erdnase Change in slow-motion. An out-jogged card slowly vanishes from the deck, visibly dissolving through the top card in the deck, until it’s completely invisible. A gorgeous piece of magic.

Magnify... A picture is taken of a face-up card with a smart phone, and then zoomed in with a tap. When the phone is taken away from the deck the card itself is seen to have zoomed in as well. With a pinch on the deck, it changes back to regular size.

Peek Box... Daniel Madison exposes a trick gamblers use to peek the bottom card of the deck - a rip in the tuck box shows the index. However when a spectator’s card is involved, things don’t go the way you’d expect. A baffling trick hidden in a gambling demonstration.


  Immaculate Reconnect... Adam Wilber teaches his ending for Paul Harris’s ‘Immaculate Connection’ - the centers of three ripped cards used in the effect melt back into the torn cards - only, the wrong centres are used. An unexpected kicker to an awesome effect that leaves the spectators with an impossible object. Also contains thoughts and handling from Michael Weber.

Aquafina... To round out the Gaff System, Adam Wilber teaches a ‘Card to Bottle’ effect that doesn’t go as planned. The label on a water bottle is peeled off to reveal the spectator’s chosen card.

The Gaff Deck and Two Disc DVD Set is currently only available together as package - allowing you to save $15 off the normal price of the Deck and DVD separately. Extra Gaff Decks will be available in 2014 if you need replacements. We've also made a full deck of Angle Z cards available - as it is an effect that's strongest when you hand the card out.

Add the Gaff System to your cart today.

Special Note: While there are one or two effects in the system that use only one card - the majority do require the use of one of the Artifice Decks in conjunction with a the Gaff Cards. Be sure to stock up on Artifice: Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green and Tundra Decks before you check out - or add all three to your cart in a 3-Deck Sample Pack and get a free Deck on the house.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Ben Perkins

    Jan 2016

    No complaints, It's so good!

  2. by Matthew Davis

    Dec 2015

    The Gaff deck is very well made, although on the Tundra peek box card, the pip is red instead of black with red inside. The DVDs are awesome and are detailed. For 75$, it is a great deal.

  3. by Santiago Saucedo

    Dec 2015

    The tricks themselves are aces for all magicians, and even regular people. The quality was great, the delivery, and anything else you can think off, save maybe the fact you need to buy the Artifice deck separate from the actual tricks. This should probably be fixed. Other than that, great job. :)

  4. by Theo quantick

    Nov 2015

    I like the product and it was my first ever from Ellusionist and the pitch in the video is great! I liked the DVD and the quality of the deck, but in some cases you actually have to rip cards and shipping to the UK with Ellusionist cards are pricey! Also I expected more but all in all the price is good and chap trick by Calum morelli is worth the price on its own! I have had people shout at me for that one!

  5. by Levi Larson

    Aug 2015

    What a great purchase this was. Not only do you get incredibly training on the DVD, great gaff cards and concepts, but also a few gimmicks for everyday items that will blow people away. I'd like to see refills for popular tricks like Chaptrick. This was awesome on so many levels. Buy this now if you like gaff cards/gimmick card magic!

  6. by Braden

    Jun 2014

    Well worth the cost. The Gaff System makes possible several mind-blowing effects, a handful of which I now use on a regular basis throughout the week. Sleight of hand is kept to a minimum as-well, which is always a plus in my eyes.

  7. by Nick Michael

    Jun 2014

    ATTENTION ALL MAGICIANS, this product is one of the best things to ever buy. Not only are the tricks super amazing, you also learn sleights that you can use in any card trick. If you are wondering about buying this, don't hesitate! Worth every penny

  8. by Dan

    Jun 2014

    There is just so much you can do with these cards that there is almost no one who couldn't add 2 or 3 of these to their routine.
    (Be sure to get one of the Artifice decks- Blue, Emerald, or Tundra- if you don't have one.)

  9. by Franki

    Jun 2014

    The gaff system it great but I thought there would be more the tricks are good but you can't say that they have melted because it looks like they were printed i think you should actually melt or stick torn cards on it would be better and add more tricks.

  10. by Terry Ady

    Jun 2014

    Amazing gaffs, you cannot go wrong with this system. The dvds have amazing instructions from some of the top minds in magic and the design of the cards are of the highest quality. A MUST purchase for anyone that loves gaffs.

  11. by Anand Tyagi

    Jun 2014

    The gaff system is a great gaff deck. I agree with the fact that gaffs that are like the previous gaffs for bicycle decks are too fake that the spectator knows that the cards just are that way and you probably did a switch or something. However, when gaffs can be used to do a move easier, or gaffs can be used to create true miracles then they are really good. These cards allow you to do that and take your magic to the next level of amazing. The only down part about the gaff system is that some of the tricks are a little to hard to just put into a routine and just don't fit, so I am really just individually using the cards and using them for other things which is fine. Overall, I like the new gaffs but I feel that there should be a gaff deck out there that can just be openly used in a deck till the trick.

  12. by estefan hidalgo

    Jun 2014

    Great effects that are both creative and unique you cant go wrong with this deck and p.s you should get duplicates on the emerald,blue,and thundra artifice deck along with this order cause trust me youll need extras cause youll be preforming this stuff a bunch of. Times

  13. by Trent

    Jun 2014

    The Gaff System has brought my magic to the next level with minimal slight of hand. It's simple moves are capable to all level magicians making amazing effects in reach. Also, the Gaff System is 100% unique. The effects included have never been seen before & can not be achieved any other way.

  14. by Dylan T

    Jun 2014

    Overall,this deck is amazing. There's lots of cool tricks that you can do, but for anyone who is a beginner like me please know that you do need duplicate decks in tundra,cobalt, and emerald. But the tricks that you can do are SO powerful. Good job Daniel Madison, Calen Morelli, and Eric Jones.

  15. by Thomas Tran

    Jun 2014

    While performing with these gaffs Ive learned some new sleight of hand. The ability to making a card change to making a card inside out in those tricks I gain a lot of great reactions so this Gaff System deserve no more then a 5/5.

  16. by Michael Warren

    Jun 2014

    This deck and system is unique, and has sparked my creative juices on a lot of variations to these effects, to work into my routines. I love the TNRT since it's so unexpected, but I'm still a bit uncertain about working gaffs into my repertoire, but I'm warming up to the idea, thanks to EJ, DM, and CM making these look very natural. It's hard to get board with this deck, since there is something for everyone, and at some very basic levels, up to advanced skills.

    One disappointment, and the only reason I'm not giving this a 5 star, is that it would have been nice if for the price, a deck of Artifice cards came with it, or that there was a clear disclosure that said "you will need to purchase a deck of Artifice cards, in one of the following colors....". I lost a week getting up and running, since I had to order them after getting the system.

    [From Ellusionist: Michael, directly under the 'Add to Cart' button at the bottom of the page is a 'Special Note' that says exactly that, and even provides links. As with all our Gaff Decks, the regular, accompanying deck is sold separately.]

  17. by Ryan Hecker

    Jun 2014

    I've seen many gaffed cards, and not a single one will even come close to being as creative as these. The ideas that Madison, Morelli, and Jones came up with are the most creative gimmicks I have seen

  18. by Gonzalo Encinar

    Jun 2014

    Awesome gaff deck!!, this has been my first attempt using gaffs and now i am really happy about my purchase, in the other hand i find this deck a little bit pricely, even considering that i am really paying for the creativity of the artists much more than for the cards, anyways great ideas turned out possible, so i´ll give it a 4/5. Great work ellusionist!

  19. by James Mac Arthur

    Jun 2014

    This is for sure the best gaff deck out there. All of these effects are performable, but some are better than others. They are very outside the box and simple to do. I love all three of these artists and their work, go ahead and buy this.

  20. by Dom G

    Jun 2014

    This deck is pretty cool and has a lot of really unique ideas. However, a lot of the effects involve destroying the gaff cards themselves or handing the gaffs out as souvenirs. Also something I've noticed, on a lot of the cards the colors of the backs don't match the color of the regular decks. The greens and blues are very bright on the gaffs. All in all a pretty good deck though

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