1902 Antique Silver Finish Coins (Half Dollar)

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Over a year in the making, 1902 are premier antique silver finish coins with a ferromagnetic core. All the timeless looks of an aged Walking Liberty or Barber Half without the heavy Silver price tag.

To build the perfect coin we looked to those that had come before. From the Roman Denarius and 16th Century Ducat, through to the Barber Half Dollar and British penny - we studied them all looking for the perfect design and the physical aspects that draw magicians to these small discs of metal.

The 1902 coins feature an unmilled edge which lessens unwanted talk in the hands, but maintains the friction required for effortless palming. The softly burnished faces slide smoothly across each other and won’t catch on a close-up mat when performing a coin matrix.

Shaped to the exact dimensions of silver Kennedy Half-dollars, 1902 coins are a familiar handshake from a good friend.

Full Overview

The coins were designed to look as if they were issued by a secret society from 1902 - perhaps one to which even Erdnase himself would have belonged. A rumoured initiation into such societies was the initiate’s wearing of a blindfold to complete a challenge, representing that until one was granted access to the inner secrets, they were blind.

The Double-Headed Eagle is the Babylonian symbol of the followers of Ninurta, one of the oldest secret societies in known history. In Akkadian mythology, Ninurta was the God of War, who defeated the monster Anzu to obtain the tablets of destiny - tablets that gave the bearer the power to rule the universe.

'Acta Deos Nunquam Mortalia Fallunt' inscribed along the circumference of the coin is Latin for ‘Mortal Actions Never Deceived the Gods’ whilst the opposite side reads ‘Decipimur Species Recite A Falsis Prinicipiis’ - a bastardisation of ‘Deceived by the false appearance of the right principles’.

Fast List

  • •   The exact dimensions of a Walking Liberty Half Dollar
  • •   Antique Silver Finish
  • •   Ferromagnetic Core - these coins will stick to a magnet, and can be magnetised themselves
  • •   Unmilled Edges limiting unwanted talk
  • •   Softly burnished faces allow smooth movement across a close up pad
  • •   Scratch & Impact resistant

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  1. by Isaac Zapata

    Jan 2016

    In my opinion, these are the best coins I've used thus far. I love the look and they feel amazing. The edges are perfect for all the sleights. I would grab these if you were thinking about getting some quality coins to do magic with.

  2. by Karl Fiesta

    May 2015

    These coins are good. I do a lot of coin magic and my only complain with these coins is that it is a bit lighter than regular coins. Compared to Barber and Kennedy halves, they seem lighter. The edges too are not milled but are sharp so they aid in palming. The look of these coin are unique and interesting. I highly recommend this product.

  3. by Rod Carpan

    Jan 2015

    I have experimented with many different coins, both custom made from websites and from actual circulated/non-circulated coins, but this is by far the best coin that I have come across. It's lightweight, it has that perfect half dollar size that just grips your palm, and it has the antique look of a coin that hasn't been touched by human hands in over a century.

  4. by StepheSn Milano

    Dec 2014

    I do coin magic a lot. I generally use actual currency. I decided to try Ellusionist's 1902 coins. I really enjoy using them. The have good balance, sharp, clean edges, and a great old school look. (The steel shim inside is a plus) A nice coin for magic...

  5. by Donald Gifford

    Dec 2014

    One of the things I LOVE about ellusionist is that they make products for magicians, by magicians. You can count on the products quality and have the confidence to put the item through the toughest of tests. The 1902 ANTIQUE SILVER FINISH COINS are yet another product that keeps the performer in mind. It is a visually pleasing coin and it works extremely easily in the hand. I love the size, shape and texture. I have relatively small hands and some coins on the market are just to bulky and heavy to comfortably perform consistently. I only purchased one because I hated to invest too much into a product if it was just going to end up collecting dust. But I'm well on my way to collecting 4 more of these beauties as well as the other sizes of the ellusionist coins.
    I gave this coin a 4 star rating because while practicing with the1902 ANTIQUE SILVER FINISH COIN, it slipped off my hand and fell on the concrete. It must have hit in the edge and put a good size nick in the con. The ONLY complaint I could find with this coin is that it's made from a fairly "soft" metal. That being said, if the performer doesn't drop the coin or works on carpeted surfaces, they would not even know it is a "soft" substance.
    The1902 ANTIQUE SILVER FINISH COIN is a winner in my book and I don't hesitate to use it whenever I can!

  6. by Will Marks

    Dec 2014

    Absolutely stunning. They look amazing, feel amazing, and handle amazingly. Living in a country that uses tiny coins in comparison it feels like a breath of fresh air to have these in my hands. I feel it is also a lot easier to talk off having these than it would be to talk off actual American currency. The only downside is that they do catch on my close up mat a fair bit. Would love to see milled edges in the future, and a dollar size with a similar feel but different tails. Great job.

  7. by Akshay

    Oct 2014

    Best coin I ever used, the design was perfect down to the last detail. I spilled a can of coke over it, it had no effect. The size was perfect for my hands. I liked the coin so much I couldn't put it down for the first day I got it. Best coin ever invented. Get it.

  8. by Garrett

    May 2014

    Upon opening the package for these 1902's I fell in love! Pros: They are lighter than real half dollars, and about as thin as them. They feel great in the hands, great when finger rolling, palming, etc. Cons: I've noticed when they get scratched they get "shinier" which I don't know is what they are supposed to do. But one of my coins is shiny, and the rest have the "Aged" look to them, it's a bit odd. Also, I have noticed there is copper underneith the finish which kinda makes me afraid they will turn ENTIRELY copper after some use. I no longer carry these in my pockets together in fear of the finish rubbing off of them :/

  9. by Patrick Kelligan

    Apr 2014

    I am not a magician. I have been learning tricks and slight of hand mainly to entertain my daughter and at 47, I just thought it would be cool to be able to do some of these things. I ordered one of the coins and I am already going to get more. I love the look, feel and quality. The texture is great and allows me to control the coin better than some of the regular currency I have been practicing with. Thanks for the great product guys!

  10. by Eric Brown

    Mar 2014

    I like the coins. They handle well, they are soft and quiet, and they look great. I did have one issue with the coins though. When I received the coins, they were not all aged the same. I had to do some additional work to get all of the coins to be similar in appearance. I wish someone would have taken the time to examine the coins before just throwing them in the bag. I'm sure it couldn't have been that hard to find six coins that look alike.

  11. by Josh Bowerman

    Mar 2014

    These are great coins. They look good, they feel good in the hands, and you can't beat the price. I only wish they would come in copper too.

  12. by jonathan camp

    Mar 2014

    great coins, good weight, easy to handle, lovely finish over in england we have a saying it dose what says on the tin meaning very good a 5 star product

  13. by Carlos Arthur

    Mar 2014

    they feel funny at first xD, not really smooth like the artifact coin, but i like them <3

  14. by Christopher Storm

    Jan 2014

    Im 36 years old and i have been walking coins across my knuckles since i was sixteen. This coin is one of the best alongside a random coin my father gave me a few years back.its slightly heavy, and so smooth it tends to slip off my hand when im walking reverse towards my thumb from my pinky, but its inspired me to try new things using the one smooth side to my advantage. Perfect size and the weight even comes in handy. If i could change anything, i would prefer the face to be more sullen and not so rounded, i would give it a ridged edge, and i would adjust the metal to make more sound when i flip it to sound more authentic, but thats just my own personal taste. I would still recommend it to anyone, its a great coin.

  15. by Jamie Taliaferro

    Jan 2014

    These will be great for anyone who is in to coin magic. I am not a huge coin person myself, but even I can tell that these palm phenomenally and look great. The magnetic stuff is also a nice touch, although I am not sure how much I would use it.

  16. by James

    Jan 2014

    This coin is absolutely gorgeous and feels great in the hand. The size and weight are excellent. My only issue is the lettering and design are raised a little too high. This causes the coin to scrape pretty badly when using it on a close up mat. A Walking Liberty half dollar slides effortlessly on a close up mat.

  17. by AJ Counsil

    Jan 2014

    Ellusionist has outdone themselves!! These coins were molded from greatness and designed for the workers. First thing I noticed when playing with these coins was the feel, they have the texture of a game token or such but the weight makes up for that and makes them seem just like an old worn out coin. The design is a hit when it comes to a conversation, people can really believe they are old and designed for a secret society only given to an elite. The appreciation people have for these coins is astonishing.

    To the people who have or are worried about the problems with the "flaw" of the protruding face/stacking issue please glaze over that because in all actuality the only frequent reason to stack coins is for a stacked palm in which case i find it much easier to do given the slight space in my opinion...

    KEEP IT UP *E*

  18. by William Chow

    Jan 2014

    the coins are really cool. i do coin flourishing with these and people always ask to look at it because its not your average normal looking Australian coin. i love how they are magnetic. i should have got a bunch of them when i could. instead i only bought 1, but i will definately get more in the future.

  19. by Eric Bailey

    Jan 2014

    Smooth, rich, detailed, comfortable. Feel a bit...light...or something. I miss the grooves, but not a lot. They handle well. Great price. I'm hoping for the dollar size!

  20. by Jeff Schumacher

    Dec 2013

    These coins are amazing!! I can do so much with them. I wouldn't trade them for the world. They have become a huge hit on Instagram. Shoe32

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