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Angle Z was introduced in 2007 as "Angle Zero". At the time, Daniel didn't realize the true power of the effect. He taught it in a mere 5 minutes and gave no subtleties or further instruction.

Over the next five years Angle Z was discovered by a who's who of magic and added to their performance, due to the extreme power and simplicity of the effect.

 Daniel began to get comments from friends and acquaintances in the business, many of whom shared striking routines and effective subtleties with him.

He decided to teach all that he had learned and developed on Angle Zero, and changed the name to Angle Z as an ode to covering everything about the miracle trick from "A to Z".

If you know the trick or perform it - good. If you don't, you should be. It's one of the easiest yet most impactful tricks on the market today. In this new work on the subject Daniel will teach...

•         How to perform Angle Zero with a signed card

•         Cause the torn corner to appear between someone's empty hands as it vanishes

•         The most effective places to reveal the hidden corner

•         How to perform Angle allowing the spectator to ACTUALLY HAND you ANY CARD

•         How to leave ZERO DOUBT that the corner has actually been ripped from the card

•         How to allow the spectator to HEAR every little RIP in the card

•         The correct way to slowly and methodically tear the corner piece

•         Learn David Blaine's take on Angle Zero and the way he performs it 95% of the time

•         How to use Angle Zero as a visual penetration through a glass table

•         See Daniel perform the effect live several times on the streets of Los Angeles

•         Where the torn corner should - and should not - be revealed.

•         1 hour and 20 minutes of advice and rare techniques

You NEED to learn the inside work on this incredible trick, and Madison spills ALL of it in Angle Z. Filmed in Hollywood, you'll also see Madison hit the streets and perform for various groups which is a rare treat in itself. Order today.

A Note From Daniel Madison...

Angle Z has been in my repertoire since I started performing tricks in 1999. The Angle Z principal was first published in a PDF book I released in 2006 and it took no more than a paragraph to both describe and explain, and at the time, I saw the effect as no more than a ‘filler’ for the book. The idea went unnoticed.

In 2007, once again, I used the effect as a ‘filler’ for a DVD project. Both the performance and explanation combined lasted no more than 10 minutes. However, this time, the effect did not go unnoticed.

Since then, Angle Z has become something of a signature effect of mine which has become synonymous with my name. Every magician I meet has their own take on the idea, each as powerful as the last and in 2013 I was overwhelmed to announce that it would be a part of a David Blaine TV special. Blaine feels strongly about the effect.

Despite how well the idea had been received, I always felt somewhat unsatisfied with the lack of personal attention I’d given the effect in its previous publications. During a shoot in Hollywood in 2013, I was given the opportunity to pay justice to the effect, and dedicate an entire DVD to Angle Z. The effect is so powerful, and performed by so many professionals, that I knew I needed to open a door to the true work on this effect. 

This DVD is what Angle Z should have been from the start. It is over an hour in explanation and I have left no stone unturned. The explanation is intricate in both technique and psychology, I have included alternate performances and some of the variations from close friends. Forgive me for not giving Angle Zero the honor it deserves from the beginning.

I am Daniel Madison. This is Angle Z.


David Blaine performed "the torn corner card trick" or Angle Z for celebrities Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde in his special for ABC called ‘Real or Magic’.

The effect is performed by a who's who in magic.... from Dan White (Discovery’s ‘The Supernaturalist’) to Calen Morelli (Magic Consultant to David Copperfield). We hear Dynamo will be featuring it soon.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Chris

    May 2016

    I personally don't understand the other reviews, I can't believe they are even real! Daniel Maddison is a very talented magician and Ellusionist is probably one of the best magic shops there is, but $30 for this??? Seriously, I spotted the entire method from the trailer, 90mins explanation is not required and I truly believe tricks like this are what put beginners off magic and are far too expensive for what they are, for the record I am a beginner I know roughly 5 tricks and struggle to do a double lift. I would advice no one to pay $30 for this trick but DO NOT hold my opinion of this trick against Ellusionist or Daniel Maddison. But save your money for a good book.

  2. by David Rotaro

    Feb 2016

    beautiful piece of art work

  3. by Juan Fonseca

    Jan 2016

    I've been performing Angle Z for quite a while, and it's one of those effects that are extremely simple to do, but mind blowing. If you are a beginner and want an incredible effect, this is for you. If you're a pro and want a ridiculously amazing effect, this is for you.

  4. by Joe Smith

    Jan 2016

    I would highly recommend this to anyone learning magic. Beginner or Expert!

    This trick has such good visuals and it gets the best reactions every time.

    I have lost count how many groups of people i've done this trick for. You can do this trick almost completely surrounded and not give away how it's done.

    I have seen the spectator's be completely mind boggled by this trick. The day i received it, i performed the trick to one of my brother's friends. That was a year a go. Still to this day every time i see him, he goes into his wallet pulls out the card i gave him and shows everyone we are with and asks how i do it...

    This trick is very easy to learn and fun to perform. I would say this needs to be apart of your magic - Joe Smith

  5. by Matthew Ao

    Jan 2016

    I figured out how this trick was done prior to purchasing it, however it was still worth buying. DM just goes into so much detail about the subtleties of the trick that make it so powerful.

  6. by Felipe Moreno

    Dec 2015

    This is probably one of the best tricks you can do with cards. It feels like real magic! It's so simple that you can focus more on your patter than anything else. I've been doing this for a while and I always get great reactions. This is one of those tricks you can be completely creative with. The download is also great because it fuels you with different ideas. Nothing to think about with this one. Just get it.

  7. by kevin aldridge

    Dec 2015

    This is an A-plus trick. I've been doing magic seriously for about 7 months now and after learning countless tricks this is my closer. The set up is quick and with some practice you'll be able to do it perfectly in a crowded room. Like all the greatest tricks its deviously simple and you will be able to perform it within minutes after watching. Madison teaches this trick super well and teaches some alternative handlings. The better your preforming skills the better this trick will be.

  8. by Kieran O'Sullivan

    Aug 2015

    I was unsure of the method when I first got this, thinking "how is this going to fool anybody?". But from the first time I performed this effect the reactions have grown with every performance. This is hard hitting magic and it blows people's minds. Also, this dvd version gives so much extra detail compared to its other publishings and is well worth the investment.

  9. by Patrik Westerlund

    Jul 2015

    Even though I had the same basic idea before I bought it, the explanation and all the tips and tricks was worth every penny.

  10. by Frank Muise

    Jul 2015

    Easily the best trick for the price. Daniel's explanation and teachings are precise and detailed. The possibilities are endless. Very happy with my purchase

  11. by Jacob Eichler

    Apr 2015

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Seriously this is one of the best effects that I have seen. Great reaction, and absolutely great teaching from Daniel. He goes over so many things and gives you so many ideas just for this one thing. This is awesome. People if you have not gotten this, get now. Not later. Now.

  12. by Noah Ingalls

    Nov 2014

    Strangely enough this trick ends up either being my ice breaker or my whole routine for a party. This is such an easy yet so insane trick! I cannot believe i didn't think of this myself, it has a ton of pluses to it but a bad part of this is the spectator can sometimes back track and see what happened, but take Daniel's teaching seriously because the only way i perform this now is by having it appear on my spectator, you will find the most powerful reactions if you do this.

  13. by ben behrman

    Apr 2014

    Insanely good, one of my favorite tricks. Daniel teaches the method in great detail along with many variations, not to mention the perfect reactions this gets

  14. by Ryan Warner

    Feb 2014

    This is excellent! DM takes you through the trick in so much detail offering so many tips that you can take and run with. Take your time to learn the subtleties and you are good to go. Easy to learn. Easy to perform. Easy to melt minds.

  15. by Davinder Chana

    Jan 2014

    This video is exceptional, the detail and performance tips Daniel gives are just TOP CLASS!

  16. by Charlie Oakes

    Jan 2014

    Love This! Very easy and gets Amazing reactions! Probably my fav trick!!!!!! I would definitely suggest!!!! Thank You Daniel Madison

  17. by Corey Werber

    Jan 2014

    I really enjoy this effect. I knew how it was done before getting the DVD but it really is a good effect. It is taught in detail on where to reveal the missing corner to how to have the card selected. There are also a few different ways to perform the effect that were brought to DM by Calen Morelli, Justin Miller, and a few other people. DM teaches those variations in the DVD as well. You can even use a signed card in one of the variations. I believe that makes a card effect even stronger. I would suggest getting this effect.

  18. by James Mac Arthur

    Jan 2014

    This effect is brilliant and far more powerful than you realize, very simple and it kills especislly with the gaff system. Just buy it.

  19. by Daniel Howard

    Jan 2014

    I absolutely love this trick! I used this with the gamblers cop and had my spectator inspect and shuffle the deck prior to doing the angle z and I had to clean up the mess from the brains that erupted. The video by Daniel Madison was explained overly well but I enjoy Daniel's insights on things so much it was not really a problem for me. Keep them coming Daniel, I'll keep learning.

  20. by William Chow

    Jan 2014

    I knew how this was done before purchasing it, but would like to see how the great DM take on angle Z, something used by great magicians such as David Blaine himself. Angle Z may seem so simple to magicians alike, but it just blows off spectators, i believe this should go into every magicians routine and performance, the reactions you will get are devastating, DM gives great techniques and advice on how to master this. you will need angle Z to give yourself that edge over specators. easy to perform, to master, easy to blow spectators mind.

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