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After the success of the Limited Edition LTD Red, Team Ellusionist sat down and discussed the possibility of releasing an unlimited version. In that meeting, several designs were quickly mocked up - and after a hard fought battle, the Blue LTD emerged victorious - and was released in early 2013.

LTD designer Peter McKinnon still believed that two other versions of the LTD deck brought up in that meeting needed to see the light of day.

This - is Pete’s vision of those decks realised. The Purple LTD, available now, sports the PM signature on the tuck flap as an homage to its creator, but retains all of the qualities that made the original LTD so hotly desired - a subtle and dignified diamond back, thin white borders and crisp, buttery finish.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Antar

    Sep 2015

    Had better expectations of this deck. Although the design is simple and elegant (among with the box) the borders are pretty thick (which I personally don't like) and the stock feels very thick too. Even after playing with them for a while they are still too stiff for my taste and don't feel as comfortable in my hands as other decks. Fanning does work well, though does not look very nice (in my opinion) due to the big white borders

  2. by Edy Susanto

    May 2015

    This card looks simple but elegant, and the face of the card is really unique cause the black card looks blurred and the red card looks really bright. This is one of my favorite card collection.

  3. by Jaden

    Jun 2014

    Their is only one way to put it when talking about LTD playing cards- they are the best around. The simple yet intriguing design helps misdirect spectators when I perform card tricks and the high quality finish allows fans to flow easily and makes card controls and passes effortless. I only wish I would have known about the red LTD when it came out (which run on ebay for around $50) and I can't wait to buy the new one, which I'm sure will be as high quality a deck as the others. By far my favorite deck and hopefully you order it so ellusionist can satisfy yet another customer.

  4. by Andrew Head

    May 2014

    Subtle and simple, the two things I look for in a deck of cards. You can't go wrong with any of the LTD decks, and Purple is no exception! They feel wonderful and fan like a charm!

  5. by Austin Lee

    Apr 2014

    The mix of the Red LTD and Blue LTD. Purple...a mixture that works well and looks even better.

  6. by John Srivoraphan

    Feb 2014

    You need to get this deck.
    My description of this deck is "Perfectly Subtle" and the only complaint I have is that when i received the deck it had a little bend in the cards but the perfect stock helped me get it out.
    It is one of the best decks on ellusionist and I can't wait to see what other versions will come in the near future.

  7. by Mike Lennon

    Feb 2014

    I don't do Magic, I'm a Poker player. I just wanted some good lookin cards and was not disapointed as the purple LTD deck is seriously pretty, love them, silky!!

  8. by Hudson Hufham

    Feb 2014

    If you own any of the other LTDs and you think this one looks good then get it! Handles great.

  9. by Jake Trowbridge

    Feb 2014

    The deck feels and looks excellent. The silver pips are unique and the overall presentation of the deck is delightfully understated while still maintaining some Ellusionist flash. Very cool overall.

  10. by Benny Wen

    Feb 2014

    Yet another fantastic colour release of the already well known LTD's by PM. I personally am not a great fan of the simple diamond design, but the handling of the LTD's are great. Lastly, what can go wrong with purple!?

  11. by James Mac Arthur

    Jan 2014

    Purple is my favorite color. I really like this deck. Buttery smooth finish and easy to handle. I like simplistic and elegant decks, and this is one of those. Get it.

  12. by Matthew Whittaker

    Dec 2013

    I really like the LTD cards, however the minimal change that were involved between the colors aren't really worth making a bunch of different ones. Right now blue are still the way to go (unless you can get your hands on the limited ones)

  13. by Ryan Gerkis

    Dec 2013

    great deck spreads and fans smoothly overall one of my favourite decks

  14. by Michael Bosker

    Dec 2013

    This is a great deck, really versitale, i love performing with this deck. However when i ordered it there was a spare white LTD card (queen of hearts) with red back in my deck... so that is a nice touch.

  15. by Rainier Benard

    Nov 2013

    Just amazing. I love the jokers, and all of the things you can accomplish. A work of art.

  16. by Chris Sargent

    Nov 2013

    Exceptional deck. I wish the purple was more visible. but overall same great finish as the other LTD's .

  17. by chris shackett

    Nov 2013

    Love the product. I have been buying from here for a few weeks and i'm into my $200 marker for buying cards. I can not believe i waited this long to buy the LTD decks... only one disappointment, the purple deck does not have the gaff card like the blue deck -_- only a double backer.

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