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You will never need anything else.  This is the final and ultimate package to learn sleight of hand.  You will carry with you amazing skills that will be with you from now on.

Ellusionist has become the most sought after magic training on the planet and with good reason: it’s easy to LEARN with our stuff.

The All-Ellusionist Collection takes you from beginner to advanced as YOU are ready for each step.  The DVDs…

Full Overview

You’ll receive the entire collection of 9 Ellusionist DVDs, encompassing HOURS of footage and training in magic.

During this never-before-seen promotion you’ll receive over $100 in completely free gifts to aid in the magic you are learning.

The DVDs are taught by world class teacher and magician Brad Christian.  Something about Brad’s teaching just allows the magic to “seep into you” so easily – it’s like learning from a good buddy who is teaching you secrets you’ve never seen before.  Somehow you just get it so much faster from Brad.


"... the marking of true teaching revolutionary genius.... a higher level of magic that I only envisioned in my dreams."
- Mike Delbert, Mission, TX


“…. Sets a new precedent of greatness in the field of magic education…”
~ Nate Staniforth, CA

You’ll own the complete collection of Ellusionist training and you will be performing tricks in the FIRST HOUR YOU START WATCHING.

You’ll be able to levitate, make coins vanish at will, make objects float, read minds, change a card from red to black in a blink ---- and SO much more.

You’ll learn about what makes presentation so important, how to speak, how to react, how to MAKE AN IMPRESSION NO ONE WILL FORGET.  You’ll learn how to misdirect attention at will – easily.

It’s time for you to GO FOR IT.  Ellusionist is the largest online magic training center and you simply can’t do any better than this.  The training is visual, entertaining, and proven effective

During this special promotion, you’ll receive over $100 of beautiful free GIFTS included in your package: 6 decks of CUSTOM playing cards to get you started (Black Arcane, Ignite, Vintage 1800 Red, Black Tiger Red, Arcane, Bicycle Ghost Deck) PLUS: invisible thread, custom engraved steel Card Guard [Artifice] to hold your playing cards, custom Ellusionist plated Dog Tag to wear, and our most famous levitation DVD which has sold 10’s of thousands of copies – King Rising Levitation………people will watch both of your feet go off the ground. The value of these additional free products totals $100.70.


-    Pure grade-A Brad Christian on all the DVDs – our best teacher and the founder of Ellusionist

-    A complete training course, beginner through advanced – all you will ever need

-    DVDs that contain state-of-the-art training, multiple angles, voiceovers, etc.

-    The training that is proven to WORK, giving you the skills you need to amaze anyone


Order your set today.  All items covered under the 90-day Ellusionist Refund Policy.  You have nothing to lose – what you gain are skills of illusion that test the boundaries of reality and will be with you for the rest of your life.  Order.  If you don’t like what you find for any reason return the collection in 90 days and receive your money back.  Take advantage of what this set can give to you.

Read full 90-Day Ellusionist Refund Guarantee here.

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  1. by Mark Mitchell

    Dec 2014

    I am returning to magic after a 25 year break. So basically I am starting all over. This DVD set is amazing. It does a great job explaining steps and processes in clear and proper detail. I would be lost without this set. I watch each video and take detailed notes in my performance journal to help keep it all together. I tried several Madison downloads and found myself lost until I sat through these DVDs. It also came with several cards and other small items in the set and that was a nice value addition. As a suggestion, I think shipping the set with a recommended watching order and suggested other Ellusionist site tricks/DVDs/Downloads that are good for additions to this set would make it perfect!.

  2. by Savvas Nikolaides

    Dec 2011

    Bought this bundle a year ago for a friend of mine who wanted to start doing magic for fun. Since then he has not stopped watch the DVD's and has blown my mind with what he has learned. I have introduced him to the web site and weekly we are checking out new and old items to buy and learn.

  3. by Andrew

    Oct 2011

    Let me put it in a nutshell by saying 2 things.

    1. While the promotion is still going you're paying $240 for $350 worth of stuff (did the math myself).
    2. This is the best magic stuff out there.

    Regardless of whether the promotion is over or not when you're buying this it's a BIG discount and it's the BEST stuff you'll find anywhere. Out of 10, I give it a 14. A NECESSITY.

  4. by Eric Lassen

    Aug 2011

    These DVDs are THE BEST way to learn magic if you want to be performing quickly! All are very high quality and the teaching is outstanding!
    I was literally performing magic within an hour of watching these videos.

  5. by christopher zvodar

    Dec 2010

    I've ordered a couple of different products from ellustionist so far, and haven't really felt the need to write a review before.
    I have to say though that I was blown away by the magic collection.
    My parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I told them, all I wanted was the "Ellusionist Magic Training Collection", and I was more then happy to have that as my only Christmas gift, because I'll admit the price tag is a little wavering at first sight.
    As soon as I ripped the box open, I was ecstatic as to the detail and feel of the cards included. A little later after I was able to sneak away from the festivities, and pop in a couple of the dvd's to get an overview of everything that I have the opportunity to learn, and perform.
    I honestly can't say, that I've ever seen an instructor like Brad. He's extremely encouraging and takes everything slow, goes over things again and again, to make sure to drill in the finer points, Honestly I'm running out of words to express how awesome I feel that this collection is, and my growing amount of respect for Brad.

  6. by billy bob

    Feb 2010

    It is amazing.
    I have used all the tricks in the Ninja 2, Crash course 1&2, and inside magic. I havent even looked at the others but i am sure i will do all of them as well. A definite two thumbs up for crash course 1&2 and ninja 2!

  7. by Daniel Walton

    Oct 2009

    Ok, so I saw the promos and thought this could be fun but was a little put off by the price tag.
    I ordered the set and when it arrived I went to work. Now I am not saying I am the super card whiz ,give me time. I am saying that the production value and the volume of knowledge is worth the seemingly high price.
    My main reason is the method by which brad addresses even the more complex moves... Relax, go slow, speed comes with practice and performance. That was what converted me.
    When I learned my job, guitar or even to fly everyone was ready to promise how fast and easy it would be. Brad makes it easier YES but YOU need to put in the work to make it your own. I liked his style and the Dvds are well made and encouraging. The extras are nice as well. My only add in that I was interested in was perhaps a gaff deck but that is just me pushing for more goodies.
    If your on the fence I will say I was pleased and it was well worth the money. Skeptic converted and I will purchase again.

  8. by Cody Sallee

    Sep 2009

    Buy it has the best stuff on

  9. by Nate Staniforth

    Apr 2009

    Sets a new precedent of greatness in the field of magic education...

  10. by Ethan Brizendine

    Mar 2009

    "I busted open the packaging, and shoved it into the VCR. To be honest, I was skeptical at first because I didn’t know what to expect. But after watching the first trick, I knew I was into something good... very good. And it only got better.

    "Then, I had to find my “dummy.” Someone that was willing to sit through attempt after attempt, until I was ready for the “real world”. I know that I won't ever forget when the glass on the dinner table disappeared. My dad’s eyes were almost as big as the half dollar that was in my pocket, ready to be used for my next move. I soon found out that this look was common.

    "Anyone who purchases the package should be prepared for heads slamming on tables, and the funniest response I’ve had so far, seeing peoples back as they RUN AWAY! I couldn't believe it.

    "If only they knew how easy it was to do with a little practice...

    "Then I rose off the ground, about 3 inches. I stumbled, almost falling over. “It took all the energy out of me” I replied. They watched, amazed, and the teacher (an educated man of PHYSICS), stumbled just as I did. “I think I may have broken some of Newton’s laws,” I said softly. The teacher looked at me with eyes like those of my father’s.

    "Throughout that day, I performed several tricks I had learned and received similar looks. Those huge, bugged-eyed looks are scary at first, but take my word, you get used to them.

    "The one thing I can’t forget to mention is the green, and I’m not talking about the dollar I made float in thin air.

    "People still offer me cash in exchange for the secrets. It is SO VERY HARD to say no! But that is what makes it fun. Knowing that I know something that others are so crazy about gives you a rush, and once you start, you will not be able to stop. And what is most amazing is that you can do it anytime, with any cards, or any coin.

    "Imagine what it can do for you, just as I did. I promise you that it will fulfill those hopes, and then some. Listen to them talk, as your name is tossed around with respect. They love you, and you in turn love this collection that inspires. I know I do, and am so grateful I bought it. It has changed me, and will change you too!"

  11. by Alter

    Mar 2009

    This package is the best money I have ever spent. The teaching skills of Brad make it easy... very well detailed. I recommend anyone and everyone to purchase this package. x...The Alter...

  12. by Anonymous

    Mar 2009

    Since this review deals with an absolutely HUGE package, I'll try to make it short and sweet without sacrificing important information.

    How To Do Street Magic: There are a total of 14 effects on the DVD, some a little harder than others but all doable after a bit of practice. I particularly enjoyed the Voodoo Zone, also known as Card Warp, in which one card visibly turns inside out, and the flourish section was pretty neat, but not too advanced. This DVD is geared for the beginners but that’s not to say there wont be something on here that you like. 6/10

    Inside Magic: Inside Magic is like the grown up version of Street. Some of these tricks involve sleights but can be extremely effective if done correctly. The Biddle Trick, which I believe has been preformed by David Blaine, is worth the cost of this DVD as a standalone purchase. 7/10

    Crash Course 1 & 2: Crash 1 is a great DVD to start learning Card Magic with. There are several incredible tricks. 7/10

    Crash 2 is all about the Ambitious Card Routine. I’ts nice to have reference material if you ever want to re-learn a sleight. I love the little street talks in-between lessons and performances and whole video flows rather nicely. 8/10

    Ninja 1 & 2: Ninja 1 is my favorite DVD. 10/10 hands down winner. I'll tell you why. The Las Vegas Cheat Routine taught in this DVD is . Once you master the pass, its variations and get your patter down, people will flip when you show them the whole thing.

    Weapons...Triumph is why youd hit up this DVD. This great trick uses misdirection to set up a seemingly impossible effect that i just love. The slights are also very cool, more passes, more fans, yet another Double lift section, plus an entire ACR routine? 9/10

    Kard Klub: For whatever reason this DVD just dosen't do it for me. Yeah theres a ton of great material (be warned, only one trick, 2 Card Monte, is taught) and Brads teaching ability really shines through. The bonus section is jammed with special moves, additional performances and one great cut. 8/10

    Shapeshifter: I'm sure 90% of the magicians in these forums know this move. Still, get this DVD. Marc and Brad both teach their versions in fine detail. Brad teaches his Gypsy Burn effect (im not feeling the Gypsy thing but w/e this effect is great) and how to get "in" and "out" of Shapeshifter. 8/10

    King Rising: This is a wonderful illusion, completely impromptu, devastating to spectators. Personally I haven’t preformed it, but after seeing what the Balducci does to people, I'm sure this will be tremendous. 7/10

    In conclusion, there is plenty of great stuff here for anyone, even a master magician like Brad or Blaine or whoever. If you ever considered getting any of the DVDs mentioned here, go for it, they are well worth the money. The package is great if you have some extra cash and dont own any of the DVDs in it.

    Average Score: 7.8 (....seems lower than it should be.....kick it up to 8.8, the package is that good)

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