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When initially designing the Madison Dealers, the borderless design was an imperative element for me, not for the single advantage it lends to certain gambling sleights, but also because of how beautiful the deck looks when the design bleeds the side of the entire deck.

When creating a new edition of the Dealers, I didn’t just want to offer a new color, I wanted to do something different. I was very intrigued to see how the Dealers would look with a nice thin border, and when the test deck was printed, I simply had to get these out there.

I love these as much as I love the Green Dealers and think that they compliment each other perfectly, and now, you have the best of both worlds with an edition fit for the table, as well as one fit for magic.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Blatniczky Márton Jakab

    Sep 2016

    Absolutely love it. Daniel, if you read this, your cards are the best in the entire world. Totally worth the money. The stock and finish is great, feels so good. Gold

  2. by Tony Spade

    Aug 2016

    Madison red bordered dealers - the best deck in Madison playing card series.

    Quality allows to use a deck diversely. I use this deck on a regular basis and extremely I recommend it to all. Marking system great and easy.

    As I give my heart to Bee style playing cards, Madison Dealers full my heart with love and deceptive art.

  3. by Krisnapati Bayu

    Mar 2016

    This one is my all time favorite on all Madison Series, the card stock is really good, handle like no other series, the marking system is easy to understand *For magician, this is just deathly weapon by it self buy this a lots...

  4. by Seung

    Dec 2015

    Beautiful deck. The joker design and the reveal is one of the best custom jokers I've seen (I've seen a lot). The thin borders are perfect for DL. Although the back design suits the borderless, it works fine for the bordered too. The markings are coded which will take a while to learn and be efficient at it. But The design of the cards are beautiful. I do wish however that the red be a deeper shade of red. But overall, this is my go to deck.

  5. by Jonah Glunt

    Jun 2014

    This deck did not hit it off with me. I give it 3 stars because although its a high quality deck and handles amazingly, I do not like this look with the borders. To me, this deck feels as if it was cut off at the borders, the design looks like it just randomly ended instead of having a meaningful border. I much prefer my erdnase dealers.

  6. by Corey Werber

    May 2014

    I love these cards. The color is great and has everything we love from the green dealers. They are marked and work very well for gambling routines and magic. I mostly use these for gambling routines because they look so professional. I would suggest buying these cards if you love the other dealers.

  7. by Riley Siegler

    Apr 2014

    This is an amazing deck! I use it all the time. Even though these have borders, they're still great for second dealing and the marking system is great! I never would have found it if it werent for the 15 minute video that the advertisement card has a link to. The video explains the marking system and the other ways you could use this deck. The video is made by Daniel Madison himself so you know that it will be written in great detail and very easy to follow. I suggest this deck to anyone that likes sleight of hand and loves good magic and high quality cards. I love this deck and you will to.

  8. by Terry Ady

    Apr 2014

    Amazing cards, They handle perfectly and the marking system is very easy to pick up on quickly. A beautiful addition to the Dealers line of cards!!!

  9. by Martin

    Apr 2014

    This deck.. wow ! I can't even begin to say how much I love this deck, absolutely amazing !

  10. by Pieter Hofstra

    Apr 2014

    These are absolutely breathtaking! i love the feel of them in my hands and right out of the box they are set up for some cool magic if you do a good farrow shuffle ;) do 2 shuffles and see what i'm talking about so great for an "out of the box trick"

  11. by LJ

    Apr 2014

    This is a nice deck. Although I prefer the green borderless Dealers more. It's nice and clean and the card back with the DM monogram really looks smart. I also like the handsome tuck box.

  12. by Alex Trehoux

    Mar 2014

    I was already a big fan of the green borderless dealers, so this was the cherry on top of the cake. Brilliant, as the borderless were. Now, I have two different decks for my presentations, same "advantage" in both, each one allowing to get rid of the inconvenients of a borderless/bordered deck. What are we waiting for ?

  13. by James Kostelis

    Mar 2014

    This is definitely the best deck there is, red, bordered and marked. Amazing quality as always! Go buy some

  14. by Grant Gunther

    Mar 2014

    The first time I have used the green dealers I was blown away with how smooth and seamless they were. The look and feel was truly amazing. I fell in love with them right away and they became my new favorite deck. Now, with the addition of the border, this deck has taken my work to new levels. I am ever impressed with the quality that comes the combination of Ellusionist and Daniel Madison. I will continue to buy both the border-less green and bordered red and use them "till the wheels fall off". Thank you Daniel and the Ellusionist team for making this happen! I am exceedingly surprised and found wanting more!

  15. by Josh Bowerman

    Mar 2014

    This is my new favorite deck. I love the dealers, but adding the border just took it to another level. Thank you Mr. Madison and thank you ellusionist.

  16. by Brandon Wei

    Mar 2014

    Absolutely a fanominal deck of cards. Handles great in the end, awesome finish. Also comes with the marking system, which I also love about it! Great deck, and I recommend to everyone out there that doesn't have it!

  17. by Mark Blancken

    Mar 2014

    Amazing deck of cards! But this should come as no surprise if you have handled any DM decks before. The green borderless dealers have been my favorite cards for a long time but the borderless design made it hard to do reversed card tricks. This deck solves that problem with an amazing looking deck and a bordered design. Simply amazing! ADD TO CART!

  18. by Jake Trowbridge

    Feb 2014

    An absolutely incredible deck. Handling and aesthetics are flawless. Everything you want with nothing you don't. Once again Daniel Madison and Ellusionist do not fail to impress.

  19. by Hudson Hufham

    Feb 2014

    By far my new favorite deck. I love the design of the original Dealers, but the no borders made them impractical for magic. These solve that. They are smooth and elegant and I love them!

  20. by Ryley Burich

    Feb 2014

    I just got this deck yesterday and I would like to say it is now one of my favorite decks of playing cards. The system in very easy to learn yet very concealed and hard to spot if you are not looking for it. I highly recommend buying this deck just the same as the rest of Daniel's.

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