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These decks are priced at $4.99 each - however, when you buy the full set of 5, you'll save $5 - plus, you'll get the Tricks with a Mini Deck Tricks Download FREE, taught by Brad Christian and Daniel Madison. That's a total savings of $12
(Just choose the "Bundle of all 5 Mini Decks" from the dropdown menu above)

SPECIAL NOTE: As of August 2014, we have redesigned and reprinted the Mini Collection to make them even better than the originals. The printers were able to color-match both the pips and court cards of the regular Artifice decks, so the Minis are now a true reflection of their larger counterparts.

We have also worked with our paper supplier to improve the stock, bringing back that snap and feel that you love from Ellusionist Playing Cards. Due to their size, they still don't feel exactly the same - but we're confident we have pushed the production specifications to as close as it's possible to get.

The Artifice Mini Decks have incredible potential for card magic.

* Better finish than other Mini's
* Start creating tricks NOW
* Carry it in your pocket everywhere
* Do all your normal tricks with it too

It's time for something new. Bigger isn't always better. In this case, it's SMALLER. The same high impact visuals that you love from the Artifice deck are still there, now in miniature.

With a crisp feel and stunning looks, these are identical in every way to the normal sized Artifice Decks, except in size! The uses for these cards are as limitless as your imagination, take your Mini Decks and go wild.

No detail was spared in the production of these decks. These look, and even feel just like our standard Artifice Decks - a feat that took 6 different trial-and-error production runs to achieve.

The teaching download features two of our favorite effects with the Mini Deck - a 'Card Stab', where a chosen card is plucked from midair between two red aces, and Brad Christian's 'HeadShrinker' - where a chosen card shrinks to half its size with the wave of the hand.

Add the Artifice Mini Set to your collection today.

Full Overview

Note from Brad: please understand that the texture of the cards, paper stock and finish is NOT the quality of the larger Artifice cards. It's very difficult to get exceptional quality with MINI decks. We use a good printer in China in order to keep costs LOW (if we used USPC you'd be paying over $10 for a deck and the quality wouldn't be much better because they outsource their MINI printing), but the cards are simply not going to be the same quality as their larger cousins. I hope you understand. It's just one of the trade offs we have to put up with. Fortunately the tricks work great, card changes etc. And MINI's are so much FUN to play with!

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Mark Elster

    Mar 2016

    I appreciate the full disclosure that Brad posted with the description of these minis. But I remain less satisfied with these than I've come to expect from Ellusionist cards. The paper stock is inferior and arguably not much improved over so-called standard minis. The printing is sharp sure, but the colors are not true to the full size Artifice decks, appearing subdued and muddy. Same with the case. Worse, I use these in a routine that shrinks both the deck and the case at different phases. This is less convincing when the design of the card case is so distinctly different (the minis have no white border on the case to match the Artifice full size). I had to split a card and laminate it to the case to fix this flaw. Finally, several comments mention how well these minis fan. I've got a very good fan generally, but have significant trouble with these due to the lack of texture. Fanning powder seems to make it worse.

  2. by Joseph Love

    Apr 2015

    Really good handling, thought not as good as regular cards. I bought all five, and I think my favorite is the Tundra, so If you can't pick one, pick the tundra!

  3. by Steven Fyfe

    Jan 2015

    I reviewed these mini decks before the upgrades and was not pleased. Now.....I love them! They feel more like, move like, and look like their bigger counterparts. Like Brad says above, they are not perfect, but darn close. They are fun to play with, get great reactions, and look beautiful. I hope the black club gets mini gold and black arcane decks. (Hint Hint E)

  4. by j becker

    Jan 2015

    I actually got these for my 10 year old, who is into magic; she gets stymied, however, by regular size cards, since, of course, her hand size prevents her from making many standard moves or being able to hide or palm a card. With the mini decks, she can learn all of the motions and moves since they are just her size. When she grows into full size cards for sleight of hand, she will not have to start from scratch. Big hit with her!

  5. by Lunix

    Jul 2014

    It almost feels like a regular Artifice deck ... yes, I've said almost, it's pretty close but still not enough. Fair to say, the impression that you leave on the spectators when using this tiny deck on a performance it's so outstanding that it doesn't mind at all this small inconvenience.

  6. by Tyler Lashley

    Apr 2014

    This deck seems to leave a lasting impression with the spectators. however they are very hard to handle and don't feel like a real card so I felt let down. they are still a good quality card, but don't feel like a regular sized card.

  7. by Brandon Kwiecien

    Mar 2014

    I purchased the red artifice mini deck and it is great!

    They fan very well and you are also capable of performing other tricks aswell.
    Overall a great buy!
    Well done ellusionist.

  8. by Davis Riemer

    Mar 2014

    These cards have to be fun to play with and mess around with you can fan and ribbon spread them and over all i like them although i was a little disappointed about the pips being black but other than that these cards are fun to play with.

  9. by Andrew Plaster

    Mar 2014

    I love em, yeah I was hoping the pips wouldn't all be black, and the back design printing was a lil meh as far as alignment which is given. I was all hyped still am because they're cool, but you guys should print the hearts and diamonds red, it'd look more presentable. Yeah the cards feel different, but again another given being as they're small.

  10. by Benjamin Woolley

    Mar 2014

    These are by far some of the most entertaining things on this website. As soon as you take them out of the box you have the audiences attention because nobody is expecting it. They also handle beautifully.

  11. by Thomas Robles

    Feb 2014

    These decks are pretty cool. In my opinion they don't feel quite as good as the regular artifice decks but damn near like one. Only troubles you may have is with a riffle shuffle or having unexpected bends in the cards, other than that these cards are worth the bundle deal.
    keep up the good work Ellusionist!

  12. by Matthew Whittaker

    Feb 2014

    The feel of the cards are great. They really do spread and handle like a normal deck, just miniature. However, E's choice to leave all the pips black is one of the worst decisions they have ever made. I've seen mini decks with red pips and they look great on it. This does not do the Artifice line of cards justice. Not worth what is pretty close to the price of a normal deck in my opinion.

  13. by Walter Neese

    Feb 2014

    Last week I bought 1 Tundra Mini , 1 Green & 2 Red . I`m absolutely crazy about the Mini Tundra deck ! It looks exactly like the large Tundra deck ( minus the dbl backer card .) and handles like a dream . I give the mini Tundra 5 stars . Unfortunately The Blue, Red,&Green decks have Black aces to 10s with black pips and indices on the hearts & diamonds although the face cards are just like the original decks . With the Blue & Red Artifices` being what we loved the most ,and what got us started , I can`t help but think that USPCC may have printed them wrong . I saw in a review that the mini Purple Artifices are excellent and true versions like the mini Tundra . So my glass is half full and I have just purchased more mini Tundras` & some Purple mini Artifices too !

  14. by John mcmorrow

    Feb 2014

    Im a big fan of the Artifice Decks they handle well but most of all look amazing i love all ther unique designs so i bought the 5 mini deck bundle just to add to my collection they handle nicer then any other mini deck i used but unfortunately i dont use specialty decks in my walk around or close up (besides Bicycle masters)... they handle very well BUT they dont look as nice as i thought they would be. they are very dull in color and they dont shine like the original decks when held to the corresponding deck the colors dont match and im upset that there wasnt a metallic shine where the "silver" trimming is, not gonna lie the printing looks very cheap but the quality of the stock is great, but if your a deck collector i still recommend this deck and if you want to get these decks to use then defiantly do because they truly handle better then any mini deck i use

  15. by Joey Russell

    Feb 2014

    Man, are these decks just outstanding! I just got them today and they handle just like my regular Artifice decks! They do bend a lot if you bend them though. But overall they fan, spread, and flourish very well! Good work Ellusionist!

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