Heritage by Daniel Madison

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A cheating/gambling demonstration where you never touch the deck throughout the whole routine. Four playing cards are brought out of the performer’s pocket and introduced as a partial poker hand - that can only be made a winning hand with ONE specific card from the deck. The spectator is asked to shuffle the deck, and then deal a single card to the performer. The performer show the four cards in his hand to be an inside straight flush - and as the spectator turns over the single card they dealt - it's is incredibly the only one in the deck that could have completed the hand.

Cheating is usually about skill, how well the performer manipulates a deck of playing cards. It’s a demonstration of dexterity and handling, rather than a moment of the impossible. Heritage changes that.

In half an hour of teaching, Daniel Madison discusses the handling, psychology and presentations of this effect, including when and how to take this single effect into a two-phase routine (as seen in the trailer).

Download Heritage now, and cheat - without even touching the cards.

Note: Although not essential for the effect, Daniel does refer to the Gamblers Cop in the explanation, taught here.

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  • by Dulaksha Gimhan

    Oct 2016

    Truely it was so clever and clean and its well worth to what we spend love this effect and teaching is realy good definitely an effect to buy
  • by Juan Fonseca

    Feb 2016

    This went right into my routine. That's how good it is. You just need to know (or learn) the Gambler's Cop and that's it. You won't believe how easy and clever this is.
  • by Trenton Gunsolley

    May 2014

    If you are hesitating to buy heritage.... DON'T! It is one of the best card effects I have performed and it always surprises people. the moves are easy to learn but angles will take some time. Great overall purchase!!
  • by Chris Annable

    Apr 2014

    With Heritage you get maximum effect with beautifully simple methods of execution. This is now one of my favourite go to tricks!
  • by RAV3N

    Mar 2014

    This is one of my favorite effects ever. The method and handling is fair and clean, and it blows spectators away. I prefer to do the second phase only, as i like the idea of a switch rather than "perfection", but both are great, and I had never considered combining these two routines before. I recommend this to everyone.

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