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How do you make a deck look new again?

People know for a fact that if a deck is SEALED, it's new.

It's easy to take the plastic off a deck without ruining it, and use it to wrap the deck up again later. But it's impossible to re-use a seal because it tears when you open the deck.

Until now. There are 20 seals to a package, which means you've got 20 times to fry your spectator.

Full Overview

When you need to prove a deck is new, this is how you do it.

Imagine the possibilities:

• Introduce a stacked deck
• Introduce a trick deck (Invisible, Rising Card, Brainwave, etc.)
• Introduce a forcing deck right out of a new box
• Make your used deck look NEW

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Hunter Mayberry

    Dec 29, 2013

    These are really good for different tricks. The deck seals are great with the Bicycle rider back playing cards. You can always have a deck setup looking brand new when we both know it has been open. Just buy one, two, or even three sets to have when you need them most. =)

  2. by michael blau

    Apr 7, 2013

    If you want to take your card magic to the next level then this is a must buy. With a little set up you can become a wizard. You will never regret buying a deck seal!!!

  3. by Mike Jordan

    Feb 17, 2013

    EXCELLENT!! & @Bobby... the corner tip of a razor blade peels the original seal nicely.

  4. by Jacob Feit

    Jan 5, 2013

    The deck seals are very good and they can be used n your own effects where you can have a deck set up. These are a must buy

  5. by nick Harsant

    Aug 29, 2011

    These seals are GREAT for story-telling card tricks like 673 King Street and Sam The Bellhop. They add an even better effect to the trick once finished. Iv'e had people come up to me and say "Did you just make up that story as you went along?"... For 5 bucks you cant go wrong with 20 deck seals...

  6. by Anthony Virelli

    Jan 7, 2011

    Seems like a dumb thing to own right? WRONG! Just the possibility of setting up a deck of cards, then resealing them only to let the specator open the "brand new sealed" box, that alone is worth the price!

    Wish black was a color option!

  7. by Bobby McHardy

    Apr 6, 2010

    they work good but after you use the seal on the same deck after couple times it gets thick and looks obvious.

  8. by Ricardo A. García

    Oct 30, 2009

    I love these... Ever since I bought JM's Autograph...I've been using them almost every time I do JM's effect. Highly Recommended in my view.

  9. by Zhivka Kostadinova

    Jul 6, 2009

    Anyway for that price of 5 bucks for 20 seals,what can we say-just worthless for making the people a fool out of them.The fact that the deck looks like new,gives you more than just an advantage,it's impossible they would say-to do such things with brand new sealed deck!

  10. by Nick, Melbourne, Australia

    Mar 13, 2009

    Immediately after hearing about the existence of USPCC Bicycle Deck Seals, ideas began flowing in my mind about all the different things you could accomplish with them. I knew I had to pick a few of these up. So I ordered the Regular and Tiger versions of these seals.

    The moment I first laid my eyes on the seals, I was very impressed. They are exactly the same colour, size and print of the regular seals that come on USPCC packs of cards - absolutely identical. I knew these were going to be very useful, and I began really brainstorming and practicing...

    My first performance using the seals was for my mother, father and sister. I produced 2 sealed decks (one Blue, one Red), and asked my father which one we should use. He chose the Blue one, and I left the Red pack in the middle of the table.

    After showing that the deck was in factory order, I allowed him to cut and shuffle this new deck as much as he liked. On taking it back, I spread the deck and told him to pick a card. He selected the 9 of Clubs. After showing it around to my mother and sister, he placed it back inside the deck where he liked. I proceeded to shuffle the deck thoroughly, and he did the same.

    After shuffling the deck a little more, I riffled the deck very quickly, showed my hands to be empty, and told them my father's card had vanished. I allowed them to look through the pack, and it was gone.

    Now for the big reveal. I then had my father open up (and break the seal of) the Red pack, and spread them out. In the middle of the deck was a Blue-backed card. He turned it over, and it was indeed his selected card. The reactions were wild.

    That's just a sample of the kind of thing you can accomplish with these useful things. Make a card vanish from any deck, and reappear in a sealed pack that was in plain view of the spectators the whole time. You can bring out an Invisible, Svengali, or any other gimmicked deck and perform miracles without the slightest bit of suspicion from spectators.

    The thing I really like about the Deck Seals is that they can be used with any USPCC decks - not just Bicycle decks. I use Bee decks for a favourite Gambling-themed effect I perform quite regularly (which requires certain cards to be setup on the bottom of the deck). But this effect is even more convincing when using the Deck Seals, as the seals eliminate all suspicion that there were cards set up beforehand.

    The Deck Seals come in packs of 20, more than enough to get you started, and shipping is free, as long as you have a shippable item in the same order.

    They are very useful and have a lot of applications. I highly recommend them.

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