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Every journey must eventually reach its pinnacle, and the White Edition marks the ultimate peak of the journey for Madison Rounders. A deck of pure contrast - angelic and pure white backs that belie the serious intentions of the gambler’s hand.

From the initial release of the very first decks of Rounders - shipped to all of our Black Club Members (with a personal note from Daniel) for comment before they were even released, through to Daniel’s personal stock of Reds, the homage to Brown Wynns and the Christmas gifts of the Rare Blue Rounders... the deck has been used and loved by so many top professionals that we felt the last in the series needed a full acknowledgement to honor its design.

No expense was spared in the production of the final edition of Rounders, giving the iconic classic the respect and completion it deserved. We demanded the finest stock that USPC could source, a thicker, luxury linen tuck box and precision foiling - a first for Rounders decks.

Pick up the final deck in the Rounders series today.

A Note to You from Daniel Madison

I’m always amazed at how iconic the Rounders have become and wanted to pay tribute to that in the final edition of this deck.

Rounders are recognizable by their backs alone, so I wanted the box to reflect this; by only printing the back design on the box to allow the design speak for itself.

I have always felt that any card box needs little attention as it's just the covering for the deck inside, so I have always kept mine simple, and although I paid a lot more attention to the box on this one, I kept to the same beliefs. The beauty is inside. I always lean to difference and risk in the marketplace, and never more so than with this deck. It could not be more simple than inverting the original Rounders.

One thing I am glad to have achieved with this, is that although the design couldn’t be more minimal, the deck does resemble a borderless design, and as this is white, I hope that it finds its place in the gamblers hands as well as the magician.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Luis Placencia

    Jan 2016

    This deck has become one of my personal favorites because it handles incredibly well, the low amounts of ink on the back make them great for springing and for performing as well. The back design is nice but more design would have been good, although the handling makes up for that. This is a geat deck of playing cards, I recommend you get one if you haven't already.

  2. by Charlie Nethercott

    Dec 2015

    Absolutely love this deck. Perfect quality and looks incredibly modern. If your going to do some high class performing, use this deck. You won't regret it.

  3. by Andrew Lee

    Nov 2014

    These are pretty. The artwork, finish, and box are all as excellent as they are described above. I remove one star because the large amount of blank white space on the backs makes wear and slight stains more obvious than with a heavy pattern. Great for gambling demonstrations, cardistry, and collecting, not great for street magic or anything else where spectators with dirty hands can get involved.

  4. by RAV3N

    Oct 2014

    Very good. Anyone who has handled white cards knows how smooth they feel. The only reason I removed 1 star would be for the fact that they are confusing for a spectator. They usually can't tell the back from the front. However, for your personal use and practice, they couldn't be better.

  5. by Gregory Johnson

    Jul 2014

    Two words can explain this deck: Perfect simplicity.

    The solid white background gives the same gambling-sleight-hiding effect as a Bee type back or Madison Dealers type back. The face artwork is the same as all of the other Rounder decks so it's therefore, gorgeous. The stock is luxurious and feels excellent. It is like you're handling a broken in deck but it's brand new. They also last a very long time due to the thicker than normal stock.

    Get a brick now! You won't be disappointed!

  6. by J.

    Jul 2014

    Great handling on these cards. The stock is thinner because it has very little ink, and that makes it perfect for DLs and the like. A little odd (mostly for spectators) to see the white backs, but other than that; they are great.

  7. by Jonah Glunt

    Jun 2014

    This was the absolute best way to end the Rounders playing cards. This deck sums up the Rounders perfectly: simple yet beautiful. This deck is absolutely gorgeous, and it handles just as amazingly well as its fellow Rounders. It looks amazing at the card table, on the streets, and in your cardistry. This deck is easily a must buy, and while you're at it buy many of them because you can and it's worth it.

  8. by Matthew Whittaker

    May 2014

    A nice end of the Rounders. I was getting a bit annoyed with all the different releases of colors, when all along the nicest looking one had no color at all. Very elegant looking deck.

  9. by Mark B.

    May 2014

    This is the best Rounders deck in my opinion. The pure white look is amazing especially when you pull them out of a flat black tuck box! As with all the Rounders they have an amazing feel and are smooth as silk. Definitely a must have!

  10. by Neema

    May 2014

    Just want to quickly say that these cards feel more like an art piece to me than a practical deck of playing cards. I will use them in my cardistry, and I won't use them in my magic. Visually speaking, I think there needs to be a greater contrast between back and face e.g. in borders or borderless there is an instant distinguishing factor of the back design. With this deck, the eyes get confused. That being said, I'm obsessed with the box design, and I like playing with the cards (they feel just as great as all the other Rounders), and as an "artpiece" they round up the collection nicely.

  11. by Chris Coulsting

    May 2014

    I can't deny that this is a very attractive deck, the borderless effect it creates could certainly be used to your advantage. It already seems like a blank deck as you spread.

    This is what I had a problem with though, it feels kind of confusing, I kept thinking cards were reversed while playing with it, it may be just me.

    It feels like these are a bit thinner than the others as well. The feel and box are all great, but I think I'll try to find effects the design works well with.

  12. by Zvi Hassan

    May 2014

    I've been working for the past couple of months on a deck that is all white so that they would go along with the books I've been writing.

    When I got the White Rounders I knew that I was going to fall in love with that deck and I did. It is SUPERB! simple, beautiful and elegant. The cards handle just like the other Rounders deck (Superb, again) but they're borderless (sort of.. they're white you know) and don't get me started about the amazing tuck box.

    I love all of DM's decks, but this one surpassed them all.
    Buy a brick, or 12 bricks - before I do.

  13. by Jake Trowbridge

    May 2014

    A very cool and unique take on the Rounders. Definitely makes sleight of hand work easier to disguise. Has a simple and elegant tuck box with a great texture. A must have for anyone who wants the classy nature of the Rounders with a little extra edge.

  14. by Corey Werber

    May 2014

    I think that the box is the best thing about these cards. I think that the cards are cool, but I love what he did with the box. Its very elegant and feels great. The cards are pretty cool and look like blank cards when you fan them. I don't think that I'll use them for magic, but I do like to use them for my gambling routines. Madison's card's (in my opinion) are best for gambling routines and not so much for magic tricks anyway and that's what I love about them.

  15. by Hudson Hufham

    Apr 2014

    They are different but still very nice. The box has no design on the front of it but is a nice black color. The cards handle well and look great. When you spread the cards facedown, it looks like you have a blank deck.

  16. by Steven Fyfe

    Apr 2014

    I love everything about this deck. I love the back design. I love the quality. I love the faces. I love the box. This is one of my favorite decks. I am torn between this deck and the white arcane. I love white decks and this is a must have.

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