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Used by millions, and now by you.

Bicycle Brand playing cards have been the standard deck of choice for magicians all over the world. The back design of these cards are widely recognizable, by magicians and laypeople. The USPC Bicycle Rider Deck has been used by millions.

Note: These are Poker Sized Decks.

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For card magic this is by far one of the best choices you can make. Unless you want to take a walk on the wild side and try Ellusionist's own Black Tiger Deck, Bicycle Ghost Deck, Masters Edition Deck, Tally-Ho Viper Deck or our Vintage 1800 Deck.

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  1. by Jake Trowbridge

    Jan 2014

    Classic, fun, and incredibly well-known. Great for the price however other decks may be worth a few extra bucks for the extended use that you get out of them.

  2. by Hunter Mayberry

    Dec 2013

    If you don't like these Bicycle playing cards, you will not like any of their deck of cards. This deck is simply the best classic playing cards in the market. The stock, color, design, look, feel, and handling is great. The price of them can not be beat either. For a great deck, $3.50 is an awesome price. Being a magician, I can not live without a deck of cards, so I choose the rider back to please my needs. Even if you do not do magic tricks, this is a great deck to sit down at the card table to play some poker or just to have fun. I love this deck to the fullest just like the other ones I have purchased from E. The only problem I give is NOTHING!!

  3. by michael t

    Nov 2013

    These are pretty much the standard. When you use these the vast majority of people won't ask you "Is that a trick deck?". I actually only like to practice with these though. I use them on people a couple times a week, but at parties I break out the slick ellusionist decks.

  4. by Ian Anchors

    Nov 2013

    This is the best deck for magicians who don't want to spend all that money on expencive cards. This deck has a great finish along with standard Bicycle quality. Very good deck, so BUY NOW!!!

  5. by Reginald Quinn

    Oct 2013

    Seriously, who doesn't love a classic?! These cards are amazing. I just bought two of these, a red and a blue. And boy, they were awesome! Very smooth and classy, perfect for traditional magic and practicing cardistry (if you are learning new tricks and don't want your Artifice to get messed up.)

    Every magician needs at least a two or three of these.

  6. by Bryan Lee

    Oct 2013

    Expertly made cards. Very smooth and easy to handle. Fans great and look very simple and clean.

  7. by Jonathan Keane

    Sep 2013

    Honestly if you are going to buy standard Bicycle decks BUY THEM HERE! This is the only place that offers the high quality CLASSIC rider back Bicycle decks for such a low price.

  8. by Corey Werber

    Jul 2013

    Bicycle decks are the classic. For a standard deck of cards, they are my favorite. I use them every day for practice and they are always reliable. These cards are great for a beginner or practice.

  9. by Kyle Armstrong

    Jul 2013

    I live in Australia, so I don't have the luxury of going out and buying a deck of these when I need one. But ever since i got into magic, I have only used Bicycles. The reason? Quality. USPCC make, hands down, the best playing cards in the world (well, at least better than the local brand). The texture is a delight to work with, the design is fanciful but not 'loud' or attention seeking, but most importantly, they last. Sure, the finish may wear off or the cards might get crimped, but they always last longer than any store-bought deck I can find in Oz.

  10. by tony panozzo

    Jul 2013

    great deck of cards. for a regular deck of cards, in my opinion, these are the ones to get.

  11. by George Keramidis

    Jun 2013

    A must own deck for everyone!

  12. by Anand Tyagi

    Apr 2013

    These cards are what the others build off of so why not pick up these? They are the basic but most trustworthy of them all. The step down from the masters but still the first step taken. In a less philosophical sense they're awesome and you should get them.

  13. by Eric Bailey

    Apr 2013

    The standard by which magic, XCM, gaming, and more have thrived on for years! These are great. Where would we be without them? If you want something classic, yet smooth...I recommend the Bicycle Masters.

  14. by judah

    Apr 2013

    best deck ever invented

  15. by Connor Clarke

    Apr 2013

    The true standard, Bicycle makes great quality cards at a great price. Bikes are just great, perfect for performing because people are used to seeing regular Bikes so suspicion is almost completely lost, regardless if your tricks include gimmicks. A generic design, but still, they're Bikes!

  16. by Richard Brealey

    Mar 2013

    These are the perfect cards for performing in any situation to any audience, they're cheap but still have a great stock and finish as well as a very nice back design. For the price nothing can beat it!

  17. by Jonathan McWhinnie

    Feb 2013

    Great quality cards that everyone needs to have! The most popular and most used cards in the world...... and now I can see why. If you do not have a good quality deck of cards then just buy them. They are awesome!

  18. by Santino Macchia

    Oct 2012

    This deck is superb, all the way from the artwork to the colorful ink design which makes this basic deck a good all rounder whether it be from poker to magic, its a great deck.

  19. by magician

    Jan 2012

    Amazing playing cards! My first deck of cards as a magician my self, was a red backed bicycle deck. I love deck so much. I STRONGLY recommend these cards to any person who is a magician. I hope you can order these cards, you will have endless memories with this deck, and most of all, have FUN with this deck. Other places you can check out some of my favorite decks of cards:,, and Dan&

  20. by Christopher Warren

    Aug 2011

    Well, they're Bicycle cards. Nothing outlandish about them... but that's why they rock.

    If you use some crazy-designed Svengali-deck, most people will suspect that the deck is a trick deck... but Bicycle is a household name, and many people have them at home, so when you use them, no one suspects anything, making your illusion that much cooler!

    Personally, though, if you want a cooler looking deck, I highly suggest going to Bicycle's website and getting cards through them instead. I use their Tragic Royalty deck; looks cool and is completely normal; plus it glows under a blacklight, which makes it cool as hell in a club.

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