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Fry people's minds with this trick.  Read a girl's mind.... predict the future... see what no one can.

Note: All custom Invisible Decks Sold at Ellusionist have the same handling directions. Your imagination is the limit.

Full Overview

You hand someone a deck of cards that are still in the box.  Tell anyone in the audience to think of a card --  THINK.  Doesn't matter what it is.  Then you open the box, spread the cards out and ONE card is upside down -- the card they're thinking of.

You can do the trick for one person and blow them away, or you can do it for 500 people and blow them all away.  The trick is easy to do and (many say) is the best card trick in the world.

These decks are made from our custom Bicycle Black Tiger and Arcane decks. These are the highest quality decks that you'll find anywhere, and they are what you should be using to perform this incredible effect.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Samuel Sorenson

    May 2015

    As all magicians will tell you, this is the card trick that you could perform for the rest of your life, and it never gets old. This trick is so simple yet so amazing! A buddy of mine always thinks he knows how a trick, whether or not he is right, but when I performed this trick on him 3 different times, he still has nothing. The first performance was basically 3 minutes after I opened the package. The only downside is that it is not on a "regular" bicycle deck, so a spectator might be suspicious.

  2. by Grant Cloud

    Apr 2014

    This really is the best trick in the world! No one can figure it out and it's super simple to do! I highly recommend getting this deck!

  3. by John Karuntzos

    Feb 2013

    This product is amazing! I get the best reactions with this invisible deck. I hve used a regular bicycle invisible deck but this just shows that i am for real about my magic. The only thing is that you need to buy the black tiger normal deck too so the spectator can examine it and the make the switch and do the trick. Best invisible deck!!!!

  4. by Braeden

    Jan 2013

    I have got my deck it's heaps better that the normal bicycle invisible deck got me about 30 minutes to get it working but now I'm pro at it hahaha I recommend getting this deck

  5. by Alan Lycett

    Jan 2013

    Purchased from U.K dealer (Bond Agency) expensive but
    as long as they work o.k. worth every penny.

    They do work as they should and are excellent quality
    very pleased with my purchase and will now order another
    deck for when the time comes to renew.

    Can highly reccomend these invisible deck

  6. by Evan Gary

    Jan 2013

    Love your cards but the finish of your cards is very poor. Regular bicycle cards last 10 times longer than your cool tiger cards. Love how I can really count on your company when I place orders.

  7. by DonCarl

    Jan 2012

    Although this is a really nice looking deck, this particular deck doesn't function correctly. Not sure if I got a bad batch or what but I have an old bicycle invisible deck that performs better still. This will be the second gimmick deck that has failed me. Thankfully there is a fix to these decks.

  8. by Kedesh Hatton

    Dec 2011

    This deck is completely amazing! It handles better than any deck I have ever owned, and is mystically beautiful. For all those who aren't really into cards and think that it'll just be bendy, bad cardboard, it is'nt. It is made of a kind of fabric/plastic that is resistant to staying bent and resistant to those annoying creases that make your cards look old. I suggest buying this deck in conjunction with a NORMAL Black Tiger Deck and making sure you've bought the same color (all white or white and red. This will allow you to let the audience COMPLETELTY test the deck with a little sleight of hand on your behalf;). The method is also simple once you get it and after a couple of hours practice you'll nail it. Thank you Ellusionist! Very happy, buy this!

  9. by Alejandro

    Dec 2009

    When I buy this deck and see it for first time I was amazed the art work is amazing and the trick soo much more amazing.
    The trick instructions are the best I had never had.

    I higly recomend It
    (Also shadow masters invisible deck)

  10. by Gabe Hartman

    Sep 2009

    This is the first invisible deck Ive had and it is sooooooooooo amazing though you could just buy roughing spray and do it yourself but it totally works I tried it and I can just go right through the cards and they totally work totally AWSOME!!

  11. by sebastian cosentino

    Aug 2009

    this deck is a ellusionist classic and it always gets a great reaction, people always tell "Do that again!", but i cant but overall this is a great deck ,but it is complicated, but i got it in about 20 minutes.

  12. by collin

    Aug 2009

    a little complicated at first but if you read through the instructions a few times it clicks. if you practice enough nobody will ever figure this out on their own.

  13. by isaiah brown

    Jun 2009

    there is no words to discribe how awesome this deck is all i have to say is just get it

  14. by Allen, Tampa FL

    Mar 2009

    I love this effect. The second it came out in the Tiger format I bought two. I still haven't opened the second deck.. that's how good the quality of this deck is.

  15. by Danny

    Mar 2009

    Used this trick on so many people, and every time they are blown away. Very easy to do, but always gets a good reaction. If you want a good reputation, you'll buy this deck.

  16. by Chris Schuh

    Mar 2009

    The Invisible Deck effect was one that I fell in love with a long time ago, but stopped performing when my deck got wet. I never picked up another one and soon I had completely forgotten about how great it was and how much I enjoyed performing it.

    While I was at my local magic shop hanging out, I noticed that they had some Invisible Decks on the shelf and I just picked one up for “old times’ sake.” I took it home, practiced with it, and stuck it into my case. I performed the effect a few times and was instantly in love with it once again.

    When I needed some more Black Decks from Ellusionist, I thought that I might as well order a couple Invisible Black Decks, too. After all, I wrote the insert sheet that comes with the deck, so I thought it would be cool to own one for my personal collection.

    After waiting for what seemed like forever (it always kills me to have to wait for my next magic purchase to arrive by mail), I finally got the package. 3 Cases of Black Decks and two Invisible Decks weighed a lot more than I thought! I paid the customs charges happily and rushed upstairs to open this box and check out this stuff.

    I went straight for those Invisible Black Decks and opened one up. The feel of these cards immediately commanded my full attention. I paused for a second and just held them. Then, I thought of a card and went through the effect for practice. With each time I went through this effect, I noticed that the quality seemed to continually rise. Not only were the cards flawless, but the way that they handled were unbelievable.

    I went back and got my other Invisible Deck and tried it out. I once thought that this deck had some great quality, but now it just seemed pale in comparison. I could still perform the effect, but it just didn’t feel the same. These cards were still in new condition, but they didn’t call to me like the Invisible Black Deck did. I put them down somewhere and went right back to the ones I now loved.

    Even just holding the box made me smile. What really impressed me was when I realized that I could fan the entire deck perfectly. I have always liked presenting the Invisible Deck a little differently. I would go through the cards and show them all face up. Then, I would have the spectator visualize that card turning over in the deck. I would finally go through them one more time to show the only face down card and have it be the right one. I never dreamed of being able to do that first phase with a fan of the cards. However, it is possible with the Invisible Black Decks.

    For those who know me well, they know how picky I am with my props and the quality that I demand. If I’m not 100% satisfied with the quality of something, then I don’t use it. The Invisible Black Deck not only met my extremely high quality expectations, but it greatly exceeded them. – these things are truly amazing.

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