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Matthew Mello and Nick V. created Bullet. A plastic bottle is shown unmistakeably empty, then a borrowed coin is SIGNED (if desired).

The coin is slapped against the bottom of the bottle and flys into the bottle like a... bullet.

It is possible to borrow the bottle, the coin, and perform a signed version of Bullet. All of this is taught in detail by acclaimed master Justin Miller.

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There's nothing more to say about Bullet.  The reviews to your right speak for themselves.  Read all the comments people have made about Bullet by clicking READ MORE REVIEWS.

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  1. by Eklezys

    Dec 2015


    - Well explained: This trick is very well explaned. He goes through every step in detail so it's easy to learn.
    - Versatile: Another good thing is that he explains other ways to perform the trick and you can combine them if desired. Some are easy to do, some needs more practice.
    - Impromptu: It requires almost no preparation and it's fairly impromptu.
    - Easy: It's easy to perform. Just be careful with angles.

    - Not really persuasive: Most people easily figure out that there was already something in there since they can't examine the bottle before the trick... So it's not mind blowing. Kids reacts better to this than adults do.

  2. by Jacob Eichler

    Apr 2015

    This is fairly impromptu, but not quite as much as they say. I'd say 90%. Justin goes over the handling and technique with your own coin or borrowed very very well. He explains everything in detail and helps take away your fear of being caught. Now there is a certain risk with everything but if you practice enough you can be very convincing. I think if you are trying to get into coins this would be a good first buy to help you have a very good effect to build your experience and confidence, and help you settle in.

  3. by william ketcher

    Dec 2013

    Justin explains a number different ways to seemingly make make a coin go in a bottle when you have a borrowed coin or a borrowed bottle. He also has a scenario that uses a gimmick and goes over angles very well.

  4. by Tristan Wine

    Oct 2013

    "Borrowing" the bottle and coin isn't really what you think it is. I mean, technically you do, but...
    The effect itself it well thought out though, and the handling is great. It's also very visual, and therefore produces great reactions.
    The only reason I dropped a star was the fact that it isn't as "spur of the moment impromptu" as I expected and I don't think it's practical for street performing: having a bulky bottle with you at all times, forcing a spectator to drink their beverage quickly to get a bottle, having to plant a bottle, needing an extra coin, etc.

  5. by Matthew Whittaker

    Oct 2013

    I love it because it is impromptu and easy to do. The setup is about 2 seconds and can be done right in front of them. I do this trick almost every time someone wants to see a trick and a bottle is near!

  6. by Ahmed Amin

    Oct 2013


  7. by Luke Ashworth

    Oct 2013

    This trick is great - it's really easy to perform! I can do it and I'm 13 and I have only been doing magic for a year.

  8. by Ethan-Kai Robson

    Oct 2013

    I have just recieved the dvd 'Bullet' and have already freaked out my family over and over.This is my story. We went to the shop just like any other saturday and I was thinking over and over in my head that I need a bottle. Eventually I found a perfect bottle and as we got outside I drank it all as fast as I could. When my mum asked why I said "I'll show you" and I performed bullet as soon as I got home. As soon as I handed her the bottle she went straight to the window to use the light to see if there were any holes.I asked for the bottle back and did the second phase.She was blown away. I am only 14 and I learnt this trick in under 1 hour.If your thinking of missing out on this dvd just remember. Bullet = Reactions

  9. by Matt Adams

    Oct 2013

    Great trick and very practical. Several variations given - you'll use this.

  10. by Cody Scornavacchi

    Oct 2013

    It's an very cool trick that has many different techinques to it. Practice is key but when you can do it right is jaw-dropping.

  11. by OLEXII Khomenko

    Oct 2013

    The main reason I bought it was because it said that you could perform it with a borrowed bottle, well it was not taught in the video (it just showed him performing it once for a guy, but the method would not work on more attentive and experienced observers). I am not disappointed, but neither am I satisfied.

  12. by Mark Beshirs

    Oct 2013

    I downloaded this last week; I've performed it twice this week (three times if you count my wife, and she's the toughest critic of them all). I can't believe how much this KILLED! I'm still as dumbfounded as my spectators. Learn it, practice it, and then go out and CONFUSE THE BEJEEZUS OUT OF YOUR AUDIENCE!

    You can't argue with results: I love to do sleights, but there is a lot of fun in doing something that is so simple and yet so effective.

  13. by Dylan Stockert

    Oct 2013

    I love doing this trick for the simple fact "it's easy"

  14. by OLEXII Khomenko

    Oct 2013

    nice trick, but not worth the money.

  15. by Chris

    Oct 2013

    This is one of the best tricks I know. It uses no gimmicks and the sleight of hand is very easy and allows you to focus on your showmanship. Its fairly impromptu, I've done it at basketball games with bottles that I've grabbed from the trash. In conclusion, the idea and secret behind this trick are very simple and that's what makes it so great, it's one of those tricks people will remember you for.

  16. by James Morrill

    Oct 2013

    Seriously well taught and really easy. So visual and direct, this kills if done well!

  17. by Edwin Alers

    Oct 2013

    This trick is great i got it today in the mail and i alerady can do it. mabye not as pro as the video but i can preform it very well. it needs a litle practice but it is very simple to do. i was questioning if i should get it but now i know it was a good idea. This is a tick that will go on with u forever. if ur thinking about geting it dont think no more and get it it is worth it.

  18. by James Vallesi

    Oct 2013

    This is a close second to factory sealed maybe a tie, the fact that it slams through the bottle with the sound makes it explosive and highly impacive, A great trick, get this and factory sealed.

  19. by Sean Kaim

    Oct 2013

    I own both Bullet and Factory Sealed. Get both and you'll never need another coin in bottle trick. I use Bullet every day, it is hands down one of my favorite tricks to perform. You'll have fun performing this and your spectators will be speechless. I truly believe this is the best coin in bottle to ever be invented. Add to cart!!!

  20. by Michael

    Oct 2013

    This is one of the best bottle tricks I have learned. The reactions alone prove it. My friend wont even come near me now whenever im holding an empty bottle cuz I freaked her out so much.

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