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The Coin Bite illusion uses an everyday item to create magic that LOOKS IMPOSSIBLE.

Borrow a quarter from someone, bite a piece off and hold it on your tongue.... then blow it back onto the quarter and the quarter is whole again. You can hand it out for examination.

Full Overview

What else can it do?

Make a quarter visually pass through the side of an empty coke bottle. The possibilities are endless. The reactions you'll get with this effect are incredible.

YOU WILL HAVE PEOPLE SCREAMING WHEN YOU DO IT. Then you hand their OWN quarter back to them and walk away. Bingo.

Need extra rubber bands for Coin Bite? Get replacement rubber bands here

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  1. by Hunter Mayberry

    Dec 2013

    The coin bite is a trick that is still great to preform over the months of having it. It doesn't need much practicing unless you have not been into coin swapping. Brad does teach a simple swap in the video that is provided. I suggest getting extra rubber bands if you plan to use it a lot. The bands break easily, but if you take care of it, then it should last a few weeks.

  2. by Ethan G

    Dec 2013

    This is an amazing trick. It is so easy to perform and the look is so stunning. There are also many additional things you can do with this effect besides the bite. I believe I saw David Blaine using this in one of his movie series. From beginner to expert, this is a good trick.

  3. by Joshua Carmel Brown

    Jun 2013

    this is fantastic, there are so many uses, so many possibilities, i really reccomend buying this because you can achieve great reactions with this!!!!!!

  4. by Jamie Roach

    May 2013

    This works perfect everytime, I recommend buying the spare bands and its a little angle restricted but its still.... Just wow

  5. by michael blau

    Apr 2013

    I love this effect. Its easy,small, and portable. My spectators always drop their jaws to this effect. I was unboxing my package when my brother walked into the room. i had no clue how the coin bite even worked, but when I pulled it out of the little bag I performed it right there to him and he went crazy. He is 22 years old. I definitely recommend this to beginners. If you already have this little trick I suggest to only use it in a coin routine because even though its amazing on its own, it will look a lot smoother combined with something else.

  6. by Zakk Shortes

    Mar 2013

    Great trick, easy to do. I love doing this trick, it amazes people all the time. Easily in my top 5 go to tricks.

  7. by Darren Armstrong

    Jan 2013

    It is always fun to experience a magical event where those watching surround you with a chorus of "Oh, Ouch! Aaah!" This simple to do trick gives off that exact response. You can hear the observer clenching their own teeth, as they see you bite into the coin. 'Doesn't that hurt? How do your teeth stay straight?" are often heard questions. Then you get to astound them again as you make it become one piece. This easy to do trick should be a staple in any magicians tool box. It is reasonable in cost, and loaded with fun for the observer.

  8. by Brynden Davies

    Jan 2011

    This trick makes a good opener, but have them going with other tricks. If you leave them to think, they will figure it out

  9. by Jack Naiditch

    Nov 2010

    Like the trick but would like to get the promised download.

  10. by Bellal Ahmed

    Sep 2010

    This trick is very simple to perform, yet you get a great reaction from the audience. You don't have to worry about the angle. and once again people keep on jumping all over the place. It's a must and I always have it ready in my wallet.
    Thanks Ellusionist

  11. by Cody Lawrence

    Aug 2010

    It's fast, easy, and amazes people. The only problem I see is that I would rather it have been a normal American eagle quarter. I suppose just random quarters are made for this. But, that's not a big deal. Otherwise, the the overall effect is great! It takes an everyday item and does the impossible. Plus, you can use it for other effects than just bite it.

  12. by tonya mathis

    Jun 2010

    A nice,must buy trick you can master in just a day.It can complete your magic show.Great street trick too.

  13. by Lunden Carpenter

    Apr 2010

    I got amazing feedback from performing CoinBite in front of friends and strangers. A great opening trick!

  14. by Mitchell Macantosch

    Apr 2010

    When I learned the method to the coinbite, I honestly didn't expect it. As simple as this thing was, the reactions that I had gotten were incredible. I showed this trick to a big burly guy with 2 huskies and he just stared at the coin and started laughing. This coin is not High tech it is just so simple and easy to use that this is definitely a 5 star product

  15. by Lowell Hayenga

    Mar 2010

    "This simple little gimmick has been around as long as I have and that’s a long time! "The Coin Bite" does require some improvements here and there to really let it work it's magic!
    This brilliant little gem can be used in all kinds of different tricks and illusions. The possibilities are endless and its only limits are the imagination! It's one of my personal favorites. Why? Because nobody’s figured this one out! Nobody’s even been close!
    “They can’t see the forest because of the trees!” No wonder this trick has lasted the test of time!
    “The Simpler the Better.” That’s what they’ve always said. You don’t believe that’s true? This trick will convince you it is!

    The Best gimmick for the Best price!
    There’s nothing more to be said.

  16. by jack gradwell

    Jan 2010


  17. by alex son

    Dec 2009

    This is pretty great. I bought this and i showed my friend and he said wow where did I get this. I said, but.. i don't know why he bought it from somewhere else and he never got his order so I gave him mine and I said trust ellusionist .nothing else!

  18. by julio lopez

    Oct 2009

    it is so breath taking to someone when they see me bite off a chunk of their quarter, show them the bite marks are there and then spit out the peice that was in my mouth back on to thier quarter and the best part is that after the trick you are 100% clean.Then you can give them their quarter back and they will be speechless.

  19. by Axel Shade

    Aug 2009

    The Coin Bite is a classic street magic trick. Even today people are still mind blown from this effect. I reccomend this for begginers.

  20. by Chance Bostick

    Jul 2009

    4 years after performing this for a group of 2nd graders at an elementary school, I STILL have those kids (Now in 6th grade) asking me to bite quarters in half. I have had people I dont know come up and ask me to bite their quarter.

    People remember this trick. It sticks in the back of their mind. This effect will make you popular instantly, and its by far one of the easiest to master.

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