Madison Hellions Playing Cards


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Customer Reviews

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  • by Andrew

    Aug 2017

    Just got a couple of V1's, have a couple of v2's coming. The tuck, backs and fronts are beautiful, really well designed and amazing art. The V1 cards handle like a dream right out of the box. Already one of my favorite decks by far. Can't wait to receive the V2's!
  • by Jordan Purol

    Aug 2017

    Amazing cards. The attention to detail is so precise. They just feel great in your hands. All the hidden elements are amazing too. Great work Daniel.
  • by Henry

    Aug 2017

    Great playing cards! If you are looking for a deck to increase in value I definitely recommend this deck!
  • by Rocklyn

    Aug 2017

    I have the V1's and I must say they are absolutely beautiful, they feel and handle great straight out of the box. I'm hoping to get the v2's but I imagine they are very similar.
  • by Mark J

    Aug 2017

    Much drawn out hype about these cards, but was it deserved?

    I didn't have the tenacity to follow all of DM's instructions and challenges in order to qualify for an advanced deck, so I just waited and bought 6 on pre-release.

    Do they live up to the hype?

    I'm fairly sure you won't have another deck in your collection quite like them. The tuck box is wonderful, with an embossed front (or is it really the back...?), with extra wee printed features on the flaps and inside.

    The cards themselves are slightly thicker than Roadhouse, not quite as sleek as Royal Reserve. They handle wonderfully, straight out of the box.

    Court cards are, of course, unique (well, some you'll have seen in other DM decks). But what really stands out from the design is the back of the cards.

    The design really sets these paste boards apart from pretty much anything else I have in my collection. The detail is incredible, while keeping the cards looking like any traditional deck, to the eye of a lay person.

    Very happy with mine, definitely a must-have.

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