Madison Hellions Playing Cards


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  • by Ethan

    Oct 2017

    Any cards made by Daniel Madison is worth getting, and these are no exception. I'd recommend you try to find the whole Confessions series, but all I can say is patience favors the bold. Truly and amazing feeling and looking deck alongside the rest of the Confessions series. All great feeling and looking cards.
  • by Tungb0i

    Oct 2017

    I was skeptical when I first saw these cards. And I was even more skeptical when the first batch were sold out even though Daniel Madison put some complicated challenges I wouldn't want to hear. And plus, "satanic" stuff are not my interest.

    But I was wrong, when they revealed the Madison Confessions, I realized that it's not a satanic deck. It's a deck that represents human's darkest side. And to understand the bigger picture, you have to buy the whole Confessions series. This deck, Hellions, went from my least favorite deck to the best deck I've ever seen alongside the Saints, Martyrs, and Confessions.

    The cards are thin. Which is nice that you could handle them better compared to USPCC Cards. The tuck case is also well made, they put nice small details on it. The back design is one of the best, and also they customized the court cards.

    10/10 product

  • by Juan

    Oct 2017

    Beautiful and intricate deck. I love the attention to detail and the thin stock.
  • by Nathan

    Sep 2017

    Great Cards!!!
  • by Gage

    Sep 2017

    Brought a deck about a week ago, used it every day since. Absolutely amazing ordering another 3 today. If you're thinking of buying one, just stop thinking
  • by Marcelo

    Sep 2017

    Sexy devil ;) enough said I would say
  • by Sergei

    Sep 2017

    It's amazing. I love Madison and the Ellusionist team.
  • by Enzo Giordano

    Sep 2017

    When I received my first pack of hellions in the mail I was really excited due to the hype related to the deck and all I can say is believe the hype. This deck is phenomenal from the back design to the handling, there's nothing you can't do (with respect to skill level) with these cards! The artwork on the ace of diamonds is so beautiful it deserves to be its own piece of wall art. Anyway, these cards are a great buy and I couldn't ask for anything more in a deck of cards.
  • by Gabriel

    Aug 2017

    I ordered three decks of the 1st edition thanks to the pre-release, so I'm part of the lucky ones who own a rare version of these.
    I was really hyped about this one since I saw it in the "Sardines" video and couldn't wait to have it in my hands. I'm not disappointed at all! The Madison Hellions look really good, the intricacies of the back design are just wonderful and you can stare at it countless times and still discover new things hidden into the drawings. I very much like the pips on the red cards with the black outline and the fact that they are smaller than usual on the entire deck. The jokers are really pretty, original and full of details, which is nice.
    As far as the handling is concerned, they feel great and handle smoothly. Fans, springs, shuffles or even controls like the Pressure Shift are really easy to perform because the cards are so thin. It is indeed a bit thicker than the Roadhouse or the White Rounders but I found that they handle just as good as these, if not better.
    Finally, the tuck case is really nice with all the details on the printing/embossing and the red is really vibrant. Also, I love the little quotes.
    The Madison Hellions were a really anticipated deck and I think that DM and OJ did a great job in making it unique.
  • by Petr

    Aug 2017

    One of my favorite decks already. They handle so well and the art is incredibly beautiful. If I were to own only one deck of cards I'd definitely choose the Madison Hellions.

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