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A Loop is an unseen 'device', nearly undetectable to the eye, that you will carry with you wherever you go. It takes up no room and you will forget you even have it on.

A Loop is a weapon used to shatter normal reality.

Full Overview

Loops are used by top pros like Blaine, Cyril, and Angel to create simple but powerful miracles.

"...the methods are unlike anything I have ever seen ..."
- Chris Schuh, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Before now, no visual training has been available for Loops. Enter Ellusionist's insight and trick-packed 3 DVD Guerrilla Guide.... own all three.

“,,, absolutely blew me away.”
- Brendon, UK

The Guerrilla Guide is taught by experts Daniel Garcia, Justin Miller, and Nathan Kranzo. These three recognized master Loop Artists in the street magic world today will teach you what you MUST KNOW about Loops in order to use them with precision, control, and heightened showmanship.

“All 3 DVDs are gems...”
- Bauer, USA


Fast List


  • •   16 tricks with over two hours of rare instruction
  • •   What to do in any lighting situation
  • •   Reduce Loop breakage by up to 90%
  • •   Key solutions if a Loop ever breaks during a show
  • •   Loop subtleties you never dreamed of
  • •   Taught in detail by experts Garcia, Kranzo and Miller

In The Box

Daniel Garcia's LIFE trick was inspired by Andrew Goldenhersh's signature presentation of Robert Neale's Butterfly fold.

Robert Neale's Buttlerfly fold can be found in his book Folding Money Fooling.

Daniel Garcia's HAIR, a moving psychic/mentalism effect using LOOPS as the catalyst.

Justin Miller's shattering CLOCK BLANK OUT trick.

Nathan Kranzo's version of the HAUNTED PACK... this one will stun you.

In all, 16 killer Loop tricks performed and taught by 3 Master Loop Artists, plus untold advice, interviews, stories and intricate loop subleties.

Nate Kranzo - Volume 1
Daniel Garcia - Volume 2 Justin Miller - Volume 3
(30 Minutes) (60 Minutes) (30 Minutes)
Haunted Pack Life Trapped
Spirit Forces Outkast Revelation Blank Out
Possessed Band Hair Fork Test
Outflow Scud Shadow Reveal
------------------------------ Ring Sting Hinge Reveal
Working Magicians Advice Static Poltergeist
Reduce Loop Breakage ---------------------------- [Various advice from Justin is
Techniques Inside Info Interview scattered throughout the video]
Make Lighting Work for You The Beauty of Loops  
  First Loops Performance  
  Creating Belief in Your Spectator  
  Manipulate Lighting  
  On Loop Glare  
  On Getting Over Nerves  


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  1. by Kieran O'Sullivan

    Aug 2015

    I dont perform many of the effects on these dvds however they give great insight into all the various ways loops can be used. Daniel Garcia's dvd is hands down my favourite and there are a couple of real good workers in there.

  2. by Sebastián Obando

    Feb 2014

    Great DVD, i bought the daniel garcia one and its simply amazing !! All the effects make you good with loops

  3. by Jonathon Fisher

    Nov 2013

    If you own the Loops then this is a must buy. This dvd set has now given me an additional 3 effects that I always perform no matter where I go and it always gets amazing reactions.

  4. by James Mac Arthur

    Jun 2013

    These DVDs provide a great foundation for getting started with loops. The effects they teach you are easy and powerful and open up the doorway for you to create your own effects.

  5. by Brian

    May 2013

    Got the first dvd because that's all that popped up to get.
    Boring as crap for a loop user.
    Save your money, look up Finn Jon and go from there. I think I still have some of his expanded loops from years gone by.
    Also The haunted deck. There was a dvd put out years ago for the best one. In the spectators hand and the card flips face up into there other hand. Your left clean.

  6. by Ivan Herrera Sainz

    Mar 2013

    I only got the first DVD its a great introduction dvd, nice tricks well explained, definitely i'll get the other 2

  7. by Paul French

    Mar 2013

    Excellent DVD set - realy has helped me get the most out of the loops but also on the subtitles involved. The effects I'm getting, particularly card related has been awesome and not only that I can do this with my sleeves rolled up and everyting examinable which adds to it!! On a practical level as I downloaded it I saved the equvilent of $75 if I'd bought the set here in the UK. A really great purchase - thanks guys!

  8. by Patrick Todorov

    Feb 2013

    I´m not very impressed. I bought the 3 set, because i thought, that it is explained, how you make the loops not to break and how to make them invisible. But the DVDs didn´t tell me anything i didn´t know. Just a better end of the haunted pack.
    I give this 4 stars, because if you don´t know effects with loops this is awsome. I knew everything about them. maybe that´s because i´m disappointed. so i tell you: you don´t get mutch more then the effects of the trailer. maybe 5 tips which are very good, but i knew them in advance.

    [Ellusionist's Reply: Patrick, it's a fact of life that Loops break, and they're not 100% invisible, however the tips given in these DVDs are those to make the Loops last longer, and hide them better. The set is a 'Guide' to loops - so it's much more an introduction into using Loops and is packed with a number of effects possible - it's sold in our 'Beginner' section - so if you are advanced at using loops, this is probably not the set for you.]

  9. by edgar gutierrez

    Dec 2012

    there is almost no limits in loops levitate a tissue paper cards pens move empty cans anything!!

  10. by edgar gutierrez

    Dec 2012

    i am a magician who really tries everything in magic to see whats more practical (simple as well).. i have to say once you now how to make your own loops quick ( like me ) this will be a monster! this is my 1 effect .. i dont get out of my house without a loop it.. the teaching in this dvds is great its worth it if you want to make people freak out.. in all loop effect you end clean thats what i love! borrow a deck of cards who cares! -Edgar G

  11. by Matt Adams

    Dec 2012

    Some great stuff in this set of 3. Not a terrible price point either. I'd recommend it.

  12. by Kevin Williams

    Jul 2012

    To be honest I didn't find anything in these 3 DVD's that I couldn't find elsewhere or by working it out myself. Yes it was handy to see the performances but I get the impression that these DVD's were put together just for the sake of it.
    It's a shame really as they had great potential (or I wouldn't have bought them) but after watching them I was left feeling as if half of the video was missing, surely that wasn't all there was to it?

  13. by Samuel Schacht

    Dec 2011

    Nate Kranzo volume 1 teaches you how to make the loop stronger and little detail how to hide your loops.
    Daniel Garcia volume 2 teaches you the best way to hide loops under any lighting and has a good mentalism trick.
    Justin Miller volume 3 has the most mind blowing mentalism effect which even gets better if you use Rich Ferguson's Tagged DVD along with it for the prediction! However they don't teach you how to mix that Tagged DVD in with it. I came up with that on my own. It is still astonishing enough without that though.

  14. by Jason Morales

    Dec 2010

    This dvd gives the basic care and prep for the loop, also detailed instructions for four effcts that use cards matches and a rubberband. The effects are all visual and will nice too have too put into any card or mentalism act. I would suggest that anyone getting into loops get extra because until you get a feel for them your going to break some I got a package of five and already broke two. Using a rubber band too practice will help get the basic parts of the trick down all the effects are easy to learn its just a matter of getting use the loops.

  15. by Ryan

    Oct 2010

    For only $20, I would say that anyone who wants to get started with loops should definitely buy the first DVD. It's a steal. Now granted, it's only got 4 tricks on it and they're pretty basic effects (Haunted Pack, Floating Rubber Band), but the real value comes from Nate's advice. He walks you through using loops for the first time, tells you how to make your loops much less likely to break, good lighting situations, and he does a good job of making a beginner feel more comfortable using them. If you've never used loops before, this is the one you want.

    The second DVD with Daniel Garcia has some more creative and subtle uses for loops, such as PK touches (Hair), and it's a great second take on how to look at loops from a different angle. Especially interesting is the breakout session with Daniel where he discusses his advice on loops, on levitation effects in general, and it's really interesting stuff.

    However, if you had to leave off one of these, I'd say the third one is a bit unnecessary. The tricks are almost all card trick variants of the Haunted Pack and Spirit Forces, both of which are included on the first DVD. The strongest trick on the third DVD is Blank Out, and though it ends with an excellent kicker (the deck is shown to be blank), the rest of the trick is really convoluted and not at all to my taste. There are far better blank deck tricks available to magicians who are looking for it.

    But I still highly recommend the first two DVDs for anyone who wants to get started with loops. Even if you just get the first one, that'll be a great starting point.

  16. by William Whitehead

    Sep 2010

    They are both great teachers and the videos help with handling and effects. All the videos I have purchased from ellusionists have turned my magic into a polished and smooth performance.

  17. by Robert Raisch

    Aug 2010

    These three videos are a very good introduction to how loops work and what can be done with them. As a primer from which to build your own effects, I highly recommend them.

  18. by Jared OAKS

    Aug 2010

    THIS product is amazing. The tricks are so simple to learn with step by step instructions by 3 great masters.There isn't one bad thing about it. A must buy for anyone! Thank you Ellusionist Team Another great product :)

  19. by Felipe Furquim

    Jun 2010

    Amazing. These guys have come up with ideas that I didn't even know were possible to achieve with loops. Mentalism, levitation, changes, controls, telekinesis, it's all in here.

    3 words. ADD TO CART.

  20. by Tom Mitchell

    Jun 2010

    Vol. 1
    Good advice on how to look after loops. That's about it. Some of the tricks are variants on the tricks we already know from buying the loops. The variants alter the effect slightly, but greating increase the chances of a loop breaking. However, these simple tricks do bring to light how easy it is to combine simple card tricks with loops and, ultimately, create something amazing. Floating rubber band is a simple effect, but very strong.
    Vol. 2
    Some very strong effects in here: life is hard hitting if you have a viewer with a low IQ; static is a good impromptu effect (probably not best to make this your #1 trick); Hair is a very clever mentalism effect which is similar to one by Banachek (psychokinetic touches) and I would recommend learning this trick to those just starting mentalism; Outkast Revelation is one trick I can't comment on because I never got it to work; Scud is a good, small impromptu effect that I've never managed to perform because of cultural differences between the US and the UK. It does, however, show the simplicity of some loops tricks; Ring Sting is, again, a strong effect with a hint of shock tied in but the method can cause your loops to get tangled or snapped (and that would be catastrophic).
    Vol. 3
    From the guy who, I think, scammed me with bullet (coin through bottle) comes another good set of tricks with loops. Combined with Silver Dream, I think he's redeemed himself... Trapped, a very clever trick using the haunted pack concept. Not much more I can say; it is a very hard hitting trick if you pull it off. Blank out is a superb trick, and it will take a lot of practice before you should start performing this baby. Loops are used minimally in this trick, so if one breaks prior to doing this, it's still possible. Just make a small adjustment to your patter. The shadow reveal is yet another variant on the haunted deck. If I'm starting to repeat myself, it means that perhaps loops are more limited than it has been suggested. Fork test is very simple, very easy to do, and if you don't get any reflections from the loop, you should get a fairly good response. For god's sake, don't use a metal fork... The Hinge Reveal.. That's right! It's another one fo those haunted deck variants, but this one is different. Of all the variants, this is the best because it looks almost nothing like the haunted deck, but you can see where the idea came from.
    Overall, this set of DVD's is good, but that probably the most you can do with loops. I think making us pay for 3 DVD's is a bit steep, considering not many tricks are shown in the trailer and also considering that the 1st DVD is very disappointing. The set gave a general sense of disappointment because a lot of the tricks are variants on the tricks that come with the loops packet, or variants on the 5 free magic tricks you get on here. Long winded, but this deserves a proper review.

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