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At 2.3 hours, this is our largest and most comprehensive DVD to date. For 8 long years it's been an unchallenged bestseller.

Beginners, beware. This one will take you, shape you, and spit you out a magician FAST. You'll perform your first trick in an hour....

"I got How To Do Street Magic a few days ago and people think I'm a GOD."
- Jamie Matchett, Ontario, Canada

Full Overview

THIS IS YOUR START in being able to walk into ANYWHERE and create illusion: the Street DVD is packed with 20 mindbending tricks and sleight of hand moves you will learn quickly and easily.

FYI, you'll see some quotes you may not think are real on this page. They are, believe it. Real people, just like you, who obtained the information, put in a little practice and then hit the ground running. The kit is backed by a 90-Day guarantee so you can get your money back if you don't like it. It's also coming with a couple of sweet gifts in a limited promotion right now, so keep reading and grab the deal while it's still here...

"As a physician who has been schooled by hundreds of teachers and professors over thirteen years of training, I get a little chuckle out of knowing that Brad has been the most capable instructor I've come across, bar none."
- Marc Miller (Physician), Wisconsin, USA.


THIS IS YOUR START in being able to walk into ANYWHERE and create illusion: the Street DVD is packed with 20 mindbending tricks and easy sleight of hand you will learn quickly and easily.

The dynamic DVD combines gritty, stylized footage with superb, hard hitting tricks that use ordinary objects to amaze anyone. - Learn over 20 tricks and flourishes - Simple step-by-step format - Easy to learn! - Backed by our 90 day, iron-clad money back guarantee.


"The stuff in the package will propel you to "Guru" status."
-Bill Douglas, Augusta, GA


"My girl's father had his hands on his head, her mother stood staring at me with her mouth opened, and the neighbor, well she actually screamed!!!  I mean she SCREAMED..." 
-Fernando Cruz - San Jose, CA. 


So Why Does 'the Package' Work So Well ?

We discovered that people learn in minutes what it takes others weeks to learn when they can actually SEE it being done. It makes a huge difference in your ability to pick things up quickly and easily. It just...'works' way better. It has been proven that people learn better by "seeing it be done".  

The video was shot over 43 days. It involves 22 participants and 7 beautiful 'magic girls' (who introduce each movie).  Pick your favorite.

We considered 552 tricks for inclusion in the Package - but then threw out nearly all of them. Why?

This is worth mentioning: because we don't like "plain" magic tricks. 

We don't like tricks that just "get a smile" from someone.... or gags or practical jokes. Puzzles. All that stuff may have it's place, but not in our videos. We teach only those tricks that can be done anytime, anyplace. WE want you to know the tricks that will stick in people's minds for a LONG time.  

That's why we went to the cost of producing the Package. If you have watched the videos on this site you will have seen the amazing quality of what we do. 

If you find another offer out there that teaches you ALL of these tricks, plus the INCREDIBLE BONUS MATERIAL for this unbeatable price, we would really like to know about it.


"Your CD is the best learning method I've ever seen.
I understood things in a few minutes that I've struggled with for literally YEARS in the books I could find.  I'm a real right-brainer (music major, you know how we are) and it all just soaks in so well with the CD.  Thanks again."
-Rick Merritt, Winston-Salem, NC


"I would like to say, the quality of your videos is phenomenal. I have spent a lot of money on gimmicks and gaffs with other online magic shops. Nothing I have done for my classes (I am a high school teacher) has come close to the reaction I got when I did Trick Switch the day after I received Street Magic. You can only do Ultimate 3 Card Monte so many times before they figure…yah okay it is neat, but the cards must be fixed. With this I leave the cards on the table and walk away….it just blows their minds."
- Thanks, J.H., Ontario, Canada

Why not books?  Why video?


We've never seen anyone, anywhere learn magic so quickly or easily, than with the Street Package. We do our instruction on video simply because books and written instructions just don't work the same way. A book DESCRIBES how to do a trick, but it can't SHOW you how to do it.

Brad takes you by the hand...

Brad takes you by the hand and explains not only how to create an illusion in someone's mind but why the psychology works to create the illusion. You will be able to literally make someone SEE things they are not really seeing.  You will go into the studio with Brad Christian to learn step-by-step, how to do and perform each illusion...

You cannot find this anywhere else. And it works.

Bonuses, completely free, due to a flood of constant requests

We recently offered a promotion on VH1 during a television series Ellusionist sponsored called Celebracadabra.  It was a special promotion, one-time-only, for the video product you are looking at, with two very special gifts.

We've had so many requests to bring this back for a limited time that we decided to offer it - briefly - again.

The gifts?

ONE.  King Levitation
(said to be the levitation that looks the most like David Blaine’s mind blowing lift)

Get the King Rising Levitation completely free

Ellusionist Custom Designed Black Deck – the dazzling jet black playing cards the pros use

Get the black deck the pros use, free

You'll be able to see larger pictures of these two gifts at the top of this page in our pictures section.  Also, feel free to watch the 60 second commercial that ran daily during the length of the VH1 Series, here....

How to do Street Magic

Order during this limited promotion, today.  We'll offer the following guarantee as our promise of your satisfaction... NOTE: PLEASE ORDER AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE --- DO NOT ORDER AT THE (OLDER) VH1 PROMOTIONAL WEB SITE STATED IN THE VIDEO - THANKS.


The Win-No-Matter-What Guarantee:

If you are not performing amazing magic within 24 hours of receiving this package at your front door, send back the DVDs anytime in 90 days for a full refund* and  you get to KEEP THE CUSTOM BLACK PLAYING CARDS AS OUR GIFT. 

*Minus shipping costs


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  1. by Dan Coggins

    Sep 2016

    I just did Sick Aces for my wife. (Sick Aces is one of the five tricks you get sent when Ellusionist advertises this package.) She was B L O W N A W A Y ! My wife now wants me to do it at our next dinner party! Brad, you were so right when you said that the best magic is simple, and that presentation can turn a small trick into a giant one. Thank you!

    I'm a beginner at this and it was so rewarding to practice it 103 times and then do it and get such an honest, intense response. I learn about a trick a week from this package and will keep at it. Thanks again!

  2. by james mitchell

    Dec 2015

    I purchased this DVD over a year ago and I still find something to use out of it. Love the DVD. Everytime I review the video I pick up new ideas, well worth the price.

  3. by Raffael

    May 2014

    I'm returning to magic after some 20 years of inactivity (kept it as occasional for friends and family). I ordered the disk to look for something new to incorporate in a routine and found some "oldies but goodies" effects. It was nice to review those effects and to learn some new twists applied to them. I think this is a great acquisition for those new to magic and those returning. Brad shows his skills as a teacher making it easy to learn. His emphasis on presentation makes you understand the importance of it.
    Thank you for a job well done!

  4. by Brian Joseph Matelan

    Apr 2014

    Great DVD...Brad takes the time to explain every trick in a way that even rookies can understand. My 11 year old son and I have been practicing these awesome tricks and are getting the wow reactions from our family and friends...

  5. by Morten Kaarby

    Mar 2014

    Great starter DVD for a greater price. I started to amaze my wife and kids the very next day after recieving this DVD. Thank you ellusionist.

  6. by Fred Paul

    Feb 2014

    Great dvd for anyone who's interested in starting to intermediate magic!

  7. by Magicman29

    Dec 2013

    This is one of the FIRST products that I purchased from Ellusionist over 10 years ago. I attribute my success as a semi-professional magician to the usefulness and quality of such a product and its material. It really jump started my interest in the realm of magic and helped me to overcome my insecurities and fears as a performer.

    I absolutely love the material on this DVD and love the amazing instruction even more. Brad is the greatest!

    To this day I have passed on this material to close family and even to my nephew who wants to follow in my footsteps. He learned so rapidly it blew my mind: he's 8.5 years old

    Cheers to what got Ellusionist it's great name all together!

  8. by Benny Wen

    Dec 2013

    Brad gave me the jump start I needed to understand why I love magic. I had a curiosity for magic growing up and I dug deeper through books. As you know, books can only visually help you to an extent and I struggled, but thanks to Street Magic, Brad put me right on track again! To this day, I still perform with many of the tricks learned here! The most hard hitting tricks are the most simple ones

  9. by The Trickster

    Nov 2013

    Overall it is a great package. The DVD not only teaches card tricks, but a variety of tricks you can use almost anywhere with little to no preparation. The deck of cards that comes with the package is smooth, handles well, and is great for practicing. I would recommend this package to anyone who is looking into doing street magic, as a hobby or as a gig at a party.

  10. by richard devin

    Oct 2013

    The video is great for beginners and the Tally-Ho deck that came with is REALLY nice.

  11. by Scott

    Oct 2013

    I am a futures trader and have many hours of watching doing no trades, I needed something to keep me busy so I purchased the Street DVD and am loving it. As a beginner I have a long way to go with the slight of hand but am getting there. Have tried a few of the card tricks out and getting quite amazing reactions. The details and explanations are fantastic. I look forward to building a suite of tricks that I can master and move on from their. Will never be a pro but enjoy the personal enlightenment and wonder!! Thanks

  12. by mitch

    Sep 2013

    This is a great dvd if your starting out, you will be doing magic tricks in just a few hours. Definitely worth your money.

  13. by Keira

    Sep 2013

    So far I have loved every moment of having this DVD. From the day it arrived I have watched it several times and have been practicing the tricks shown in the DVD. I'm already advancing in my own skills but still have so much to learn from it. It's great! The best DVD I could have bought! Thank you! :D

  14. by A Williams

    Sep 2013

    I'm having so much fun with this product. Learned to do three tricks successfully after watching the video one time. My wife loves the tricks and constantly asks me to do them over.

  15. by Mckay Jessop

    Aug 2013

    Holy cow, this DVD is incredible. I got this for my birthday and this is what established me as the top magician among my friends. I LOVE THIS DVD. The tricks are so incredibly simple (and frankly hard to mess up). None of my friends have figured these out. Brad is a great teacher and shows you everything step by step so that you can do it right after you watch the tutorial. All in all, an incredible buy!

  16. by R.J. Daniel

    Aug 2013

    What can I say about How do to street magic. It was the first DVD I received from E to start my journey into the world world of magic all those years ago, and you can not have a better teacher then Brad. for the price this is an amazing deal the tricks in this DVD will not only get you started but some will stay in your act for years to come. Bottom line if you want to learn hard hitting magic there's no better place to start.

  17. by Mitchell Moore

    Jul 2013

    Again great job going out to Brad Christian. I have not completed the whole video yet, but so far I am loving it. I mean I have a bit of a problem when I'm doing some of these things, wondering how people don't see what I'm doing, but Brad does the most amazing job explaining not only how to avoid being seen, but also why you are not seen doing these things. It has helped me a lot, and I can not wait to see the rest of this dvd!!
    Again great job, and thank you, thank you, thank you for making this easy to learn and to present for people :)

    -Mitchell Moore

  18. by Justin Gilbert

    Jul 2013

    Brad is one of the best teachers you can find. He goes over everything in great detail. One of the best DVD's out there.

  19. by Andrew Osmand

    Jul 2013

    This was my first purchase from ellusionist and it was definitely a good choice. The dvd got me performing magic in next to no time and the tutorials given by Brad Christian are explained and demonstrated clearly. Some of the tricks may be quite well known but are still great to perform and get amazing results. If your just starting out in magic this dvd is worth the investment to get you started.

  20. by Chris smith

    Jul 2013

    Got to say this DVD is great to watch especially if you're like me and just starting off in the magic scene. Clear simple tricks to learn and the card/coin control extras are useful and got me practicing until I perfected them. I could go on for ages about the inspiring and useful things contained in this DVD but I will sum it up by saying it has given me a start an also the motivation seeing how tricks can be so easily performed to carry on the quest to learn more and when I am done with this DVD completely I shall be buying the next.

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