Coinbite Rubberband Replacements


$4 each

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The name says it all. Eventually your coinbite will break and or wear out. You'll not want to get caught off-gaurd when this happens.

Get these now.

Need a new Coinbite? Get the highest quality Coin Bite Gimmick on the market today.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Hunter Mayberry

    Dec 2013

    The coinbite replacement rubber bands are needed if you have the coinbite or going to purchase it. They do break sort of easy. I do believe that $4 is a little much. I think a $1 or $2 is much better.

  2. by michael blau

    May 2013

    Great bands and they work great. If you use the coin bite daily then this is a good buy!!

  3. by Anthony Virelli

    Jan 2011

    First of let me say that I only gave 4 stars because of the price. $4? Really? Should be $1, but anyways. As far as quality goes, they work. I didn't buy my "coin bite" gimmick from, but these bands still work perfect with it.

  4. by Andrew W

    Sep 2009

    Conbite is a great trick if you how to use it my broke recently and i couldnt find any refills so i might just be buying some...........

  5. by kyle hughes, clark, NJ

    Mar 2009

    The coinbite is a great original trick that i use all the time.

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