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Four cards are shown - cleanly, clearly, and naturally - to your spectators. They're the four aces, the most esteemed cards in the deck.

In your hands, the cards are brought together in one pile. With a snap, the cards are spread once more - slowly. One of the cards, without even a flinch, has reversed itself.

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It happens again. And again, until all of the cards have now reversed in the most direct, fair, impossible manner you can dream of.

That's only the beginning. Just when you think it's over, MERCURY's just getting started. With one more snap, the cards are turned over to reveal that the four aces have instantly changed into four kings.

But where are the aces? In the middle of the deck - in the spectator's hands. MERCURY will knock your spectators out of the park with its unfathomable conclusion

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  1. by Stephen Crossley

    Feb 2013

    I have to admit I gave up on trying to learn this trick after a short while. I found it too fiddly for my skill level.

  2. by Jason Orman

    Dec 2012

    The truth is, even as a beginner this is a pretty obvious trick to figure out... what makes this worth it is the extra sleights and techniques that are taught.

  3. by Charles Gray-Paetkau

    Dec 2012

    Amazing. I bought this trick about an hour ago and I have already got it down. It is visually stunning, spectacular and a absolute croud pleaser. It was not hard to learn and i had a ton of fun with it. Everyone deserves to have this trick. I hope it becomes more popular because it is a great trick. 5 stars

  4. by yu sheng chiam

    Dec 2011

    this is quite a cool trick and i seen most beginners does it but not really suitable for experts

  5. by kyle Randels

    Oct 2011

    this is a very nice trick for beginners, i watched the video for it and worked out the set up within 10 seconds, its easy to figure out if your a magician but i garuntee all audiences will be stunned by it, buy it if yuo cant work it out

  6. by Kristopher Matlock

    Jun 2011

    I already knew how to do this trick but wanted make it more beleiveable. This video shows several ways teaching several sleights that really takes this trick over the edge. Very well done I was very impressed with the video. Even some one new to cards could learn this trick and pick up a lot from this video

  7. by Daniel Christian

    Sep 2010

    I use this trick alot since i got this video.
    Its quite a simple move and technique and has alot to do with angles and presentation.

    Then just use your imagination to come with many possibilities.

    Like changing blue backs to red or to any other colour deck you have.

    In my video i use a Tally-Ho Viper Deck.
    I think the black cards help with the angle problems.

  8. by Parker Franklin

    Sep 2010

    This is not a hard trick to grasp AT ALL! I practiced for around an hour and felt like I was ready to perform! I have showed this trick several times now and it has always gotten an effect of awe! Great magic!

  9. by Griffin Baker

    Jun 2010

    Probabaly one of the if not the BEST card trick on the market. Buy now and wont be dissapointed. I performed this to my most critical fan my brother whos never amazed by any of my tricks but this, FLOORED him.

  10. by michael Neveu

    Apr 2010

    This is great routine at a great price. I am very happy with it. It is not to difficult to perform and has many applications. Beginners should be able to perform with a little practice. Two thumbs up!

  11. by Arkus Fredriksson

    Mar 2010

    This trick was amazingly easy to learn though it got fantastic reactions. A must buy!

  12. by Nathan Cheng

    Feb 2010

    So smooth, so flowy, so easy. It's like a dance!

  13. by kelly fornarina

    Feb 2010

    seriously, it's so easy I had it my first try! easy to perform and VERY effective.

  14. by Hudson Wolf

    Dec 2009

    When I first bought this I was skeptical if it would be hard, or easy. I was shocked when I figured out this trick had no complicated slights, and the slights that were included were very simple. This is defiantly my favorite card trick to date! Strongly recommended!!

  15. by Tong Kai

    Dec 2009

    No reason you would not get this, doesn't require any basic sleight of hand techniques.

  16. by Jeremy Maciel

    Nov 2009

    If your in the middle of a routine and you have one of those people that just want to screw you up, you know, someone who "knows how you did it," and how you "cheated," well instead of punching them in the face, Show them this. As soon as that first Ace flips over, it will shut them up. It's one of those effects that just blows people away when done right. The DVD goes over everything you need to get started quick. Mercury is a perfect mind-blower, and it is one of my all time favorites. The best part about Mercury is how many options there are to performing it, the possibilities are endless on presentation. And for $12 it's nothing but a win win kinda thing.

  17. by Kip

    Sep 2009

    In the video he says it himself, you can mix things up, instead of the Aces turning face down, make the Aces look like they have aged with the vintage deck. Complete Customization!

  18. by Grant

    Aug 2009

    this trick is one tof the best tricks that i have ever spent $12 on. Then again its the ONLY trick that i spent $12 on so yea. This is a GREAT video and i LOVE the trick. The only doun side for me is that you cant use black cards...(Black tiger, Shadow master and Tally ho vipers.) Still one of the best tricks form this site...GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!!

  19. by alexander beltran

    Aug 2009

    Great product. Having a little difficulty keeping the cards from separating so that viewers don't see the cards. A matter of practice, I guess. If someone could give me a pointer in this area it would be good. The video doesn't really address that area.

  20. by Zach

    May 2009

    The first time i saw the video i was amazed at how simple it was. No complicated sleights at all. very easy to do and is a killer. the reactions are great.

    Trick 10/10
    Very great trick. start off with four aces. one after another they turn over.
    until they are all turned over. They think the trick is over and then....
    You do a karate kick to the spectators brain and show the the aces have turned into kings! You or the spectators spread through the deck and find the four aces face up in the middle!

    Teaching 10/10
    The teaching is very good. at first when you see this kid you think i bet hes not gonna teach this good at all....
    but he teaches every move in intricate detail.
    He teaches everything you need to know to be able to perfect this easily in 15 minutes

    Price 10000000/10
    the price is only 11.99!!!!!
    to tell you the truth i would pay 20.00 bucks for this trick

    overall review
    Very easy
    Spectator slayer
    Very visual
    Buy this now!

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