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In the Ninja Series you will learn how to create powerful effects that only a small number of people even know about, or do.  Get rid of "white noise" of shops selling stuff that doesn't teach you magic with razor-hot impact.

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Ninja has received ungodly raves from its users.

A card trick either has impact, or it doesn't.

Even if it's a small trick - it must go off like a BOMB in your audience.

It's the one secret to why David Blaine succeeded when so many others failed. Use whatever means necessary to create powerful impact....anything goes. This is what seals your fate as a card trick master - even if you can only do some basic card tricks right now.

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  1. by Robert Cook

    Dec 2013

    This DVD is definitely worth the money. I didn't give it 5 stars because of a few things that bothered me. Brad talks a lot about performing the sleights slowly and smoothly. Then when he shows examples of performance speed he does them smoothly but very fast. Also we could have used some additional angles showing how he gets away with some of the moves. However, criticisms aside, I did learn a lot from Ninja I and it gets a thumbs up.

  2. by michael blau

    Jun 2013

    This dvd has some great stuff. ADD TO CART.

  3. by George Keramidis

    Jun 2013

    The very interesting sequel of Ninja series is here to amaze you!

  4. by Xavier Jerusalem

    Feb 2013

    5 Stars. This is PERFECT

  5. by Steven Johnson

    Jan 2013

    Awesome tutorial, will definitely take a beginners skill to the next level. The first move you learn will take some serious practice to be able to do it faster.

  6. by Stephen Milano

    Jan 2013

    In my opinion, one of the best training videos from Ellusionist yet. Think you'll never master the pass? Think again and get this DVD. I can't wait to get Ninja 2...

  7. by Seth Miracle

    Jan 2013

    Before I got ninja I had no idea what the pass was, after several weeks of working it I was doing it right in front of people and they had no idea. With all the variations you can disguise you pass no one will ever know you are up to something. Brad walks you through and you come out with a knowledge that you can do amazing SOH right under people's noses.

  8. by Matt Adams

    Dec 2012

    LOVE this DVD! Great stuff for card workers wanting to take their basic work to the next level. Highly recommended.

  9. by Jb Bangar

    Mar 2011

    All the basics one needs to get an idea of the world of card slights and tricks work are covered in this DVD. Brad is a great teacher and goes through what are the important bits one needs to focus on of a 'piece'

    Great for a starter but will leave you wanting to know more.

  10. by Jason Morales

    Feb 2011

    This dvd has alot of slieghts at the beging of the dvd that will turn into the vegas card cheat routine. Many versions of the pass that are a great way to get the selected card too the top of the deck. I really like the four ace tricks on this dvd and already see how I could extend it into a longer routine if I wanted too. The slieghts on dvd could be turned into some quick card reveal tricks with some imagination put into them. I will be sure to amaze my freinds at work the next time I see them with all the new stuff I've learned Nija vol.1.

  11. by Kain

    Feb 2011

    My girlfriend got me Ninja 1 as a Valentine's day gift. After spending sometime doing and perfecting the routines, I tried it on my girlfriend and her friends. It worked better than I could have imagined, and now I simply have to do a magic instead of buying roses, cause I can name the trick after her. :)

  12. by Tyler Rouss

    Feb 2011

    Once again brad's teaching techniques are outstanding. ive seen and done a lot of the moves shown in this dvd, i was doing them completely wrong. after watching brad go threw them over and over again my ability to perform each and every one has tripled. im still constantly returning to the dvd for advice on different sleights and moves.

  13. by Pacheco

    Nov 2010

    Excellent material for that beginner that wants to take the next step!

    Ninja 1 is a must have in your repertoire if you are beginner on magic. Please if you love magic buy this one.

  14. by Josh

    Nov 2010

    I honestly couldn't recommend this one more. The Vegas routine is a KILLER, and I just watching this video has improved things I already knew how to do tenfold. Thank you Brad!

  15. by Darrell Upp

    Sep 2010

    Lots of techniques to practice and all different skill levels, but if you're willing to put in the work the benefits are amazing. Used some of the techniques at an after-prom party and the amazement on this one girls face was worth the price of the dvd. Did some impromptu stuff at a dinner party and got a couple invitations to perform at a few upcoming functions. Thanks to you at Ellusionist.

  16. by John Rambo

    Sep 2010

    While it still is a great DVD and very usefull, the dvd is not up to hype and that's why it lost a star. This DVD will teach you the pass, a move that can increase your card magic to the nth degree. A definite buy if your a card magic guy! Be warned though, the move will take a lot of time to master.

  17. by corey dennison

    Sep 2010

    I downloaded this DVD last night, learned the moves, learned the technique, and saw results immediately. You can easily intertwine your ambitious card routine with the Las Vegas cheat for one riveting effect that flows perfectly. I showed some people at my college, one of them continually said, " thats trippy." The effect that this routine has on people is outstanding. Buy it, learn it, use it! You won't be sorry!

  18. by Alan Giles

    Sep 2010

    a Simply outstanding dvd by the amazing teacher Brad Christian. He goes through many sleights, and a few tricks including the 4 Ace tricks, and an awesome trick that can use the bullet deal. which he also shows us in this dvd. The core of the dvd is to get us learning the "pass" he shows us 4 ways of hiding this move and how to make it invisible. Everything you will learn in this dvd is to add in and to make up your "vegas card cheat routine"

    Brad does a really good, solid job of teaching this routine to us. And by buying this dvd you will also beable to access the Ninja 1 forum. where there is some great edvice from Brad, and other owners of this dvd, Ninja 1 is not just a purchase. its an investment.

  19. by Scott Rosochacki

    Jul 2010

    This DVD has given me so much to practice and everything I could have ever wanted from such a risk buy for me thank you guys so much for this download I will forever love it!

  20. by Tim Collin

    May 2010

    After I had watched Ninja 1, I realized a couple of moves in the trailer was missing.
    After watching the preview once more, I realized that there were 3 or 4 scenes missing from Ninja 1.
    One was the first card move seen in the preview, and another was Brad saying "You're worried!".
    I'm not sure if those scenes were meant to be left out, so could someone please explain it to me???

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