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Get immediate results with the rare moves and heart stopping tricks

Prepare for explosive audience reactions.

Ninja-2 teaches the moves a street fighter uses... with cards. It allows you go into battle with anyone and win it hands down.

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In fact, Weapons give you such an unfair edge over your poor spectator - it's almost a bad thing. The moves are subtle though... it's all about being - and looking - casual. Disarm your opponent with your own body language and mannerisms. Watch Brad work. You don't win the battle by beating someone over the head, you win it... all the time, every time - with subtlety.

Ninja 2 - Weapons is, by far, one of the most intriguing, educating, and entertaining videos that you will ever currently own.

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  1. by Mike Eldridge

    Jun 2013

    Brad has captured perfectly the needs of the card conjurer! This DVD will teach a variety of PRACTICAL slights and give some examples of how they can be used. Use these 'Weapons' and the tricks demonstrated, or exercise your creativity to create your own illusions. Brad is the consummate professional teacher. Listen to all of his tips and take them to heart. My favorite example: "slow down your moves". This forced me to improve my method and my handling began to look more natural. Love it.

  2. by michael blau

    Jun 2013


  3. by George Keramidis

    Jun 2013

    Kill the boredom around you with this DVD!

  4. by Seth Miracle

    Jan 2013

    If I had to choose one video and a deck to go with me on a desert island this would be the one! It's so jam packed with goodness you will have a lifetime of stuff to perfect. The best by far in all of Brads videos! Well done E!

  5. by Matt Adams

    Dec 2012

    LOVE this DVD! Great stuff for card workers wanting to take their basic work to the next level. Highly recommended.

  6. by Michael Hembury

    Mar 2012

    if your going to download or buy weather your a new starter or abit more advanced got to get this as it is so simple so easy but so effective and ninja 1 is just as good but the thing i like most is not many gimmicks are needed any deck any where and that is the most effective type of magic

  7. by Dominic Roger

    Oct 2011

    While I liked Ninja 1, this video was a lot better. The bonus trick, Impossible card vanish gets great reactions and is worth the price of the video.

  8. by antanas cesna

    Jul 2011

    If you are looking to improve your card work or you just started learning about card magic,then this is a must.
    Clear and extremely visual explanations make the learning easy and it's packed full of information that even an advanced card magician can learn and pick up something new.

  9. by Jason Morales

    Mar 2011

    Its a must have if your into card magic. Great Ambitous card great for a table version. It links some hot switches and moves together. More pass's Forces's some cool tricks aswell, check it out you can't go wrong.

  10. by Edwin Baghdasarian

    Mar 2011

    the tricks and tutorials on this were very easy to follow and understand. this is a MUST to own for any beginner and intermediate trying to get to the next level or just add some new tricks. GET IT.

  11. by Tyler Rouss

    Feb 2011

    For this review, i'd like to just focus on a single trick taught in this video. Triumph. There are tons and tons of videos out there, especially on youtube, teaching you how to perform triumph and there are tons of difficult or easy to see manuevres for getting the desired effect. After watching brad teach it, not a sinlge other video even makes sense to me. Every technique he teaches for the trick is just so perfect and clean and easy. Everything is so simple. i have now performed the trick hundreds of times and not once has a single person caught me. it's perfect. thanks brad!

  12. by michael sheridan

    Jan 2011

    I learnt alot of amazing card magic...

  13. by Cody Scornavacchi

    Dec 2010

    This DVD teaches you very cool slieghts and some very useful tricks. It's not considered a magic trick DVD where it shows you how to do individual tricks, but it really shows you very amazing little tricks.

  14. by pacheco

    Nov 2010

    Again a must have in your repertoire if you just started magic!

    please buy one.

    it is excellent for guys with big hands...(LOL?)

  15. by John Rambo

    Oct 2010

    This was a great dvd but, like the first ninja, its not up to hype so it lost a star. Aside from that the material is really top notch! The tricks are very nice and slieghts are awesome ( One issue that really diappointed me was that the D.L. was very very poorly explained..i was looking for more instructions on the david blaine style of D.L. but the dvd hardly spent a milisecond on it) but aside from some lacking in explainations sometimes the dvd is a nice purchase for a intermediate level wana-be and above.

  16. by antanas cesna

    Sep 2010

    Awsome dvd with a great tutorial.For anyone who is into card magic this is a must.

  17. by John Arnett

    Jul 2010

    The Ninja 2 Weapons was a great "all-round" teaching DVD. It teaches you how to do many sleights, a couple of tricks, passes for your ambitious card routine (actually teaches you a whole sequence of the 'ambitious card'). It also helps a lot for understanding magic, knowing what to do, and when, plus many other things. On top of it all, there's a super cool and fun bonus! Don't miss it!!! PS: a friend bought it for me and he didn't get Ninja (1). So if you really want Ninja 2 then get it, but it helps to have Ninja (1) first.

  18. by angel gutierrez

    Jun 2010

    i was thinking what if this dvd was to easy for me but ounce i watched it i learned so many tricks that i did not know that was possible

  19. by Abraham Stein

    Apr 2010

    I started doing simple card tricks for my grandchildren, and found the Ninja series a great spring board that allows me to amaze and mystify on a whole new level.

  20. by Michael Bishop

    Feb 2010

    I use the routine Brad teaches at the end of the video with a couple of variants. On the drop I sometimes get an extra card and pull it off by flipping the deck 360 in one hand like it is a chore. If I have dropped an extra card I say "Oh it'll work this time" and wow 'em every time with another rotation.

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