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Picking up where David Stone's Real Secrets of Magic Volume 1 has left off, volume 2 continues with enhancing your magical education.

An Ellusionist North-American exclusive, you can't get this DVD anywhere else. You'll learn the ins and outs of performing magic for real people, in real settings. You'll learn some stunning magic, but you'll also be able to get inside FISM winner, David Stone's head and learn the secrets of what it's really like to perform magic tableside in a restaurant or similar environment.

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There are 15 hard-hitting effects on this video. All of them are reputation makers and will leave people talking about you for years. The production quality of this video is so high, you'd swear that this was done in Hollywood. Quality of this type isn't seen often in the magic world.

Lowest Price anywhere on the internet. Buy Volume 1 and Volume 2 together and save an additional $10.00. Get your copy today! (Applies to DVD only)

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