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Used constantly by top pros in hard hitting magic specials.

The Shapeshifter is used in television constantly by top pro magicians, including Blaine. If you watch his Specials, Street Magic and Magic Man you'll see huge reactions when Blaine performs the move.

Shapeshifter / the most stunningly visual card change.

Full Overview

There has never before been an authorized video documenting full instruction of this incredible move by Marc DeSouza himself. Visually WARP one card into another in milliseconds. You'll also learn other useful sleights that can be incorporated into other aspects of your magic and routines.

Truly, don't blink. You willl miss it. But don't miss out on your opportunity to own this DVD.

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  1. by michael blau

    Oct 2013

    Love this. Takes some practice but If you put in the time it can really be a shocker!!!! Get this!!!!

  2. by Anand Tyagi

    Oct 2013

    When I learned this trick I was amazed. Ever since I have performed this it has gotten the most applaud ever. It is a great way to "fix" a "mistake" in a trick and a great visual trick a anyway. Definitely a must-have trick.

  3. by Steven Johnson

    Oct 2013

    Wonderful utility move/card/color change. Some people have had trouble learning this, I was doing it the first day of practice. Successful about 7/10 tries on the first day. If I was going to do an illusion that required this, I would practice a couple times before I was around anyone. Now I can do this all the time. If I mess up, the angle that I do is not noticeable to anyone else.

  4. by Graeme Mckinney

    Oct 2013

    This is a cool effect no doubt but there are three things bringing down my review.

    Number 1 is that everything you learn off this video is also on youtube so there is no need to buy this.

    Number 2 is it is absurdly expensive, $25 for a colour change is frankly ludicrous.

    Number 3 the video is decieving, you can't do the first switch shown without a specific gaff deck.

  5. by Andrew Zander

    Oct 2013

    This is one of the best changes - no - the BEST change I've seen in my life. Marc and Brad teach it slowly, and perfectly. I was doing it in about 10 minutes and I mastered it in about 3 days. A great addition to any arsenal, a great addition to any ambitious card routine.

  6. by Alif Muhammad

    Oct 2013

    Once you master it you rarely do a mistake with this trick. Is one of my favorite card color change. Easy to do, easy to learn.

  7. by Danial Peck, II

    Oct 2013

    This move fits my reverse psychic routine so well it's scary. It's also perfect for transitions, and mentalism sequences. If you practice any sort of card routine, learn the shapeshifter!

  8. by Tyler Rouss

    Oct 2013

    I think ill start with the good first, If this is a trick that you are not already confidently performing, it is an absolute must that you purchase this dvd. for all those utility moves that are said "no Magician should be without," this is the real deal. It is an absolutely essential sleight to have in your repertoire. And besides shapeshifter, the Paul Lepaul Sidesteal technique included in the dvd has become the body of two of my hardest hitting card tricks.

    The bad, Perhaps it should be taken into account that ive known the method for months, but either way, the teaching was not top notch. You will Without a doubt learn the move and learn it well, but the details and nuances were not taught nearly as strongly as i had expected.

    On the overall, If you know the move, but arent happy or confident, stop what your doing now and get the dvd. If you have no idea how to do the move, stop what your doing RIGHT now and get the dvd.

  9. by Hunter Grogan

    Oct 2013

    I have known this trick for over 5 years and i am only 17! i learned this from a friend of mine way before this video came out now for all of you who do not ahve a clue how this is done buy buy buy this!! It changed all of my routines, i will say it took me a good 2 weeks to master this practicing this over and over everyday for around 3 hours a day.

    I have yet to be caught performing this trick, i work in a magic store and do street magic!

    good luck to all you out there and this trick well as i use it ending to most tricks is a sure way to make people remember you as it has for me!

  10. by Gerald

    Oct 2013

    Beautiful and such an easy trick with Huge audience response! Love It!

  11. by Steve

    Oct 2013

    This has got to be one of the best effects where you switch one card into another, right in front of the spectator(s). I have also added it to a lot of my card routines and each time it blows them away, and left scratching their head, wondering how in the heck did that color change happen?! Shape Shifter will be a staple in all of my card routines for each venue I perform for. Brilliant!

  12. by Bennett Thorpe

    Oct 2013

    I perform this trick a lot and I have included this sleight in many of my tricks. Once you learn it you can use it to do a lot.

  13. by danny vincent

    Oct 2013

    wow this is a great trick i do it aT SCHOOL AND GET WONDERFUL RESPONSES BUY IT NOW

  14. by The Alter

    Oct 2013

    I have been performing this effect for 3 years. I recently purchased this DVD and am amazed at the different teachings i have learned from it. the DVD has helped better my presintation and exicution of the effect. A 1 dvd in my book x......The Alter.....

  15. by Joshua Nytch

    Oct 2013

    This is invaluable. Can be used in so many ways, so many places. Thank goodness for Brad Christian on this video, he is what makes it.

  16. by Sean

    Oct 2013

    I actually used this trick when visiting friends back in Minnesota. We were sitting around playing cards, poker mainly. I would randomly pick a card from my hand and ask someone if it was a good card to play. Sometimes they would agree, other times the wouldn't. Either way I would change the card and within minutes the house errupted. Amazing effect and extremely easy once you've practiced a bit.

  17. by Ellusionist Forum Review

    Oct 2013

    ... Brad's teaching fantastic. Simple and easy to follow....

  18. by Ellusionist Forum Review

    Oct 2013

    ..a visual and practical change, worth the price!

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