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Three half dollar coins visually, individually disappear into thin air. The handling is fluid and perfected-- it has been tested in every conceivable audience situation over the past 12 years.

Finally a DVD has been created that teaches it all - everything revealed, in elite Ellusionist quality. Each fine point has been examined and spoken for, with nothing left out.

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 Includes extensive, rare lessons on sleeving, with little known tips and subtleties. You think you know sleeving? When you see this, you'll realize you know nothing.

What's the best part? Justin makes this as easy as it can possibly be.

Don't like sleeving? There's a highly effective version taught on the DVD that uses no sleeves whatsoever. That's the gimmicked version.

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  1. by Mathias Nilssen

    Nov 2013

    This routine is so beautiful and so clean it feels like a dream to perform/practice. Everything is planned so well and explained so detailed you have no questions when you're finished watching this DVD. Incredible!
    This is a real piece of magic. If you're into coin magic and starting to get to an intermediate level, get this! It would be a huge lost if you didn't.

  2. by Brett Costa

    Nov 2013

    Great for making a coin routine better teaches alternative ways to vanish coins and is good as a routine in general would recommend to anyone.

  3. by Jim Hike

    Nov 2013

    This DVD has it all. Easy to learn break down of the trick. How to control the audience, through misdirection. Several variations to Taylor the trick to your best strengths.

  4. by Reece Dolan

    Nov 2013

    I find this very effective but needing alot of practice. I ashamed myself in front of my friends by missing the coin into my ****** and dropping it XD Anyways I love it

  5. by Leonardo Cisija

    Nov 2013

    Justin Miller is a great teacher who slowly explains everything you need to know to make your performance the best possible.I had trouble practicing at first and definitely had doubts about the trick. But his encouragement helped me go on and succeed. I give 5 stars to not only the trick, but to Justin Miller himself.

  6. by August Wagner

    Nov 2013

    This dvd is amazing. Justin Miller's teaching is just phenominal and for anyone that wants a good coin routine, this is for you. Justin is amazing with coins. He even fools me when i know the moves and i know exactly what hes doing. Definently reccomended 5/5

  7. by James Morrill

    Nov 2013

    This is my favorite piece of coin magic, I found it much easier to learn than i thought i would as the teaching quality is excellent :) this effect is awesome you should definitely buy it, truly astounding

  8. by Sebastian Leon

    Nov 2013

    Justin Miller has astonished me with his videos, his sleight of hand is godly!!!! he truely is a master, this trick is very hard to perfect, but once perfected, it hits hard.... very hard, unbelievable...

  9. by justin hong

    Nov 2013

    I showed it to my parents when i was done practicing in front of a mirror and it blew them away and it takes a lot of practice but i think that you will get better and better at it it's really good!!!!!!!!

  10. by PAOlo

    Nov 2013

    Speechless. Spectators get knocked off.........

  11. by meir miami

    Nov 2013

    Cool and is brilliant

  12. by Pit

    Nov 2013


  13. by Ellusionist Forum Review

    Nov 2013

    ... Justin Miller is not only a great performer, but he's also a great teacher.

  14. by Jamie Schoolcraft

    Nov 2013


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